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Consumer’s Choice – Organic and Natural Beauty Products

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Consumer’s Choice – Organic and Natural Beauty Products

In today’s age, makeup is one of the most heard, seen, and discussed topics in the world. The beauty industry is growing faster and evolving with changing trends and demands. The recent consumer's choice - Organic and beauty products are one such category that is winning the hearts of makeup enthusiasts everywhere.

History of makeup

Cosmetics have been a part of history for centuries. They have been highlighting the visual and personal statement of women since ancient times. Scented oils and essences have been traditionally associated with many civilizations. 

Egyptian Civilization:

Queen Cleopatra’s time glorifies the use of natural and organic makeup in Egyptian history. Women used to apply lead, ore, and copper minerals as makeup on their faces, and kohl made from burnt almond to highlight their eyes. 

The Greeks:

Ancient Greek women were also makeup enthusiasts. Cleverly using crushed mulberries mixed with white led as a rouge to paint their faces along with attaching artificial eyebrows made of oxen hair. 


Romans on the contrary made makeup a 'bloody affair' by painting their nails with blood to give color to them. 


Apart from beautification, makeup has also been used to denote social status. The higher social classes in China used to paint their nails with Arabic gum, gelatin, egg, and beeswax. These gold, silver, black, and red-colored fingernails used to distinguish them from the rest of the classes. 

India’s first 100% vegan beauty brand

As the world is moving towards organic and vegan beauty brands, India has also become very ingredient-conscious. This has created a huge market for many brands to leverage our ayurvedic history and cater to the market’s demands. Kama Ayurveda and Forest Essentials are a few of the organic beauty brands of Indian origin that have created their place in the world. 

Plum is India’s first and only 100% vegan brand that stands against the cruelty of cosmetics being tested on animals. Its mantra – ‘Inspired by the goodness of nature, and driven by the desire to be good and do good’ is getting the brand a lot of attention. 

Going all-natural

The big fishes of the cosmetic industry are slowly losing their share to small emerging organic and natural cosmetic brands. Once only sold at health food stores and farmer's markets, natural products were not taken seriously by the mainstream cosmetic industry. Now, packaged in beautiful boxes, these natural products positioned themselves as cleaner alternatives and are proving to be a tough competition. 

The consumers are becoming cautious and aware of the ingredients of the products. After many high-profile lawsuits like Johnson & Johnson ovarian talc case, Wen hair fall case; a rage against chemicals is being built amongst consumers. 

This competition has alarmed mainstream companies to move towards organic and natural products. Many brands are discontinuing the use of paraben and introducing natural lines of products. Sephora launched its “Clean at Sephora” initiative in order to understand the customer's point of view. The research revealed that 54% of Sephora’s skincare shoppers think it’s important for a brand to have a point of view on clean cosmetics. 

The biggest market of natural products

North America is the largest market for organic skincare products. Whereas, the Asia Pacific including India is the fastest-growing market for the same. Increasing at a CAGR of 8.52%, the Global Organic Skin Care Products Market is forecasted to reach USD 7.15 billion by 2024. 

Keeping the changing trends, market data, and preferences in mind, the cosmetic companies are closely monitoring the consumer's choices and behavior, thus diverting their course of action and creating awareness about natural products its extracts and effects. 

Fusing the same in their brand is definitely a smart way of catering to those consumers who believe in the application of organic and naturally derived substances.

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