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Corozo – Vegan Ivory Presentation With Ka-Sha And Full Circle -A Hologram Presentation By Rooted Objects At The Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2019

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Corozo – Vegan Ivory Presentation With Ka-Sha And Full Circle -A Hologram Presentation By  Rooted Objects At The Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2019

Karishma Shahani Khan’s ‘Ka-Sha’ label is known to work with traditional ethnic crafts and textiles. At the Lakme Fashion Week Winter/ Festive 2019 which was supported by Pro Ecuador, an entity part of the Government of Ecuador, Her collection took inspiration from Nomadic Experiences giving a colourful outlook to the collection.

The ambience created was worth witnessing, raw materials for Corozo Vegan Ivory Buttons was placed at the centre in a glass jar with a visual explaining the importance of it. The models turned the show into a presentation as they moved to the peppy beats showcasing each garment from all sides.

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A variety of vibrant buttons in different shapes and sizes were also showcased to reveal the possibilities of Corozo Vegan Ivory. The Corozo Vegan Ivory from Ecuador that was supported by Pro-Ecuador revamped the ceremonial attire along with embellishments on fabrics woven in Kerela, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar.

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The fabrics included hand spun Khadi, hand loom cottons and chanderis. Colours used were eye catching- red, pink, black, green and grey. The Corozo buttons are biodegradable and can be dyed easily and naturally. Corozo comes from the nut that is found in the tropical forests of Ecuador. Ecuador is the only producer and exporter of this product.

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The overall look of the models was carefree with boho jewellery, braided hair and sheer scarves. Bringing together in sharp focus on the presentation all the elements ‘Ka-Sha’ had, pointed to a folksy look for the garments that exuded a tribal, rural appeal of celebration with multiple layering. The Tagua nut was used for buttons as well as a variety of accents like tassels, beads and surface embroidery.

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Karishma Shahani Khan’s ‘Ka-Sha’

On the same day of the Lakme Fashion Week Winter/ Festive 2019, Full Circle, conceptualised and executed by Rooted Objects, marked the brand’s first and only presence at a major fashion week in India.

Holograms being a new bee at an Indian Fashion Week the luxury sustainable E- Platform positioned themselves not only as unique and different but also as experts in technology and design sensibilities. The hologram narrated the evolutionary chain and the connections of humans with the intricate fabric of life.

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Rooted Objects is a testament to fashion and design that is moving towards being more circular. In a world characterized by large retailers, fast-fashion trends and conformity, Rooted Objects encourages people to look beyond aesthetics and make informed choices that are better for the planet and people. Motivated by discovery, the curation philosophy consists of creating valuable partnerships with differentiated brands that share the ethos of keeping respect for the people and the planet at the core of their business value. The aim is to provide customers with an interesting mix of brands rooted in authentic story, distinguished aesthetics, intriguing products and varied price ranges that provide customers with the ability to make responsible consumption choices.

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According to Kiran Nambiar, Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder “Full Circle is a continuation of our efforts to clearly and consistently communicate our brand message of making independent, bold and responsible consumption choices also present in our first campaign titled ‘Transition 2019’. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to communicate our message, and the hologram was a simple yet powerful way to do this”.

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