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Corporate Careers In Fashion

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Corporate Careers In Fashion

Fashion isn’t just restricted to glamour and clothes. There’s a whole lot that happens behind the scenes which we don’t know about. Of course, people working closely in fashion get to do the major work, in terms of analyzing trends, picking themes and design concepts, silhouette selection and much more. But there’s so much more to fashion than just that.

People who don’t work closely in fashion are needed to perform a variety of tasks like visiting retailers, convincing them to buy certain clothing lines, creating layouts for magazines and newspapers on computer software, working in wholesale factories, hiring and firing employees, tallying accounts for departments, fixing deals with VIP people in fashion, etc. And this is just a very small list!

If you’ve always thought of working somewhere in fashion but possess the skills and expertise to do more of a corporate job in the industry, here are some corporate careers in fashion you can try your hand at :

  • Wholesale & Retail Buyers

People working in wholesale and retail, especially buyers specialize in purchasing clothing for other companies for it to be resold to customers. In terms of what they should know about fashion, they should keep themselves updated with the current fashion and market trends to choose pieces that consumers would want to buy. The business side of the job requirement comes as they evaluate suppliers, analyze prices, negotiate contracts and deals, monitor financial records of the company. Entry-level wholesale and retail buyer jobs usually need a bachelor’s degree.

  • Representative/Business Manager/Agent of Artists, Models, etc.

Ever wanted to work in the fashion modeling sector? This might be it! Some fashion models work with an agent company or a representative who understands both the fashion industry and possess certain business skills to manage their clients. These managers handle a variety of business deals for their clients, which includes contract negotiations, payment terms, and more. They also schedule different events or opportunities for their clients and offer consultation. These people usually need a bachelor’s degree and previous experience in the respective field.

  • Marketing Managers

Jobs in advertising, promotions, and marketing require the skills to work on several campaign projects to promote and sell clothing and other products through various means. These managers should be able to coordinate between day-to-day activities of other departments to plan such campaigns, survey the market to understand consumer preferences and then develop pricing accordingly. They’re also required to meet up with potential clients, negotiate contracts, hire and supervise the staff. People working in marketing are required to have prior work experience in the area and need a bachelor’s degree.

  • Finance Sector

Another corporate role to be pursued in fashion is in finance. This ranges from retail accountants to accountants in textiles who ensure that a strict budget is adhered to when buying materials for the company. This role lets you be involved with designers and the garment process, at the same time keeping the finances in check. Math and accountancy are highly important if you are looking for this sort of job in fashion.

Additionally, there are other jobs in fashion that you can take on under these categories itself- Assistant Buyer, Assistant Merchant, Sales Associate, Sales Manager, Store Manager, Account Executive, Area Brand Coordinator, Brand Strategist, Marketing Coordinator, Sales Inventory Analyst, Fundraiser, Prototype Analyst, Human Resource Executive, IT Executive, and the list is ever-expanding!

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