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DHI Explains Sustainable Fashion & Everyday Wear!

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DHI Explains Sustainable Fashion & Everyday Wear!

“Sustainable fashion is an ethical circle of yarn to apparel. A cycle that starts from the locally sourced yarn to handspun weaves and eventually into apparel that is soft to the feel and easy to wear,” explains Anjana Bhargav the veteran Indian fashion designer and Founder at DHI

DHI founded by  Indian fashion designers Anjana Bhargav and Ankita Bhargava Meattle is a sustainable label that amalgamates ancient Indian practices with global trends to craft the latest fashion and contemporary pieces that can be worn for occasions as well as everyday stylish wear.

Sustainable fashion is the talk of the town! but to understand the true essence of sustainability in fashion it is important to know it’s significance and relevance in the fashion culture, party and everyday wear, and lifestyle. Thus the Indian fashion designers at DHI opened up about their philosophy and drive for sustainable fashion in today’s stylish era.

What Is Sustainable Fashion?

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Collection: TITLI- The Surreal Butterfly @getdhi

When we create a garment without disrupting the environmental cycle along with integrating respectful practices towards the people involved in the creation of the garment, we practice sustainability in fashion.

However, the process does not end here explains the designers, sustainable fashion also extends to the wearer, as these fabrics and garments come with longevity, the wearer must use, reuse, pass on and consume the garment to its fullest until it is decomposed completely to nurture the nature.

 “Sustainability in fashion can be achieved in many ways and we at DHI use natural handwoven materials like cotton, khadi, and silk along with patterns that create zero waste for global women. Natural materials are sustainable as they are made from natural fibers which are  biodegradable unlike synthetic material” Indian fashion designer  Ankita Bhargava Meattle 

Can Sustainable Fashion Be Worn Every Day Or Is It Only For Special Occasions?

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Churidar Palazzo Pant @getdhi

A common misconception that people follow is that sustainable fashion practices cannot be integrated with everyday living and are bound to only special days, however, this is untrue!

“Contrary to belief sustainable fashion is easy to wear. Many of the handspun cotton weaves are easy to wash and wear.”  verifies Anjana Bhargav  “Sustainable fashion can be everyday wear and can be adorned during celebrated days , from fabrics such as hand-spun cotton to khadi, all of these  can be worn, washed and reused, they are environmentally friendly and can be carved into contemporary or traditional fashion with ease.” Adds the famous Indian fashion designer.

Further elaborating Ankita Bhargava Meattle says that” Sustainable fashion practices and garments are a wise choice for the wardrobe as they can be worn multiple times for a longer duration, can be passed on from one generation to another and can also be possessed as a prized piece(kept aside to be worn for special occasions) to be mixed, matched and worn with any other garment type”

Sustainable fashion gained momentum in the 20th century when mass production and machine manufacturing led to a noticeably increased carbon footprint.  However, sustainable fashion practices have forever existed in some or the other form like the handloom industry of India, Second Hand Wears, One Mile Wear, upcycling and recycling of fabrics, etc.

The Indian fashion designers and Founders at DHI, mother-daughter duo founded their label in 2019 with the core philosophy of promoting the sustainable fashion drive by carving, crafting and creating slow fashion, in zero waste pattern garments for global women who believe in timeless pieces.  The famous Indian fashion designers since then have been climbing the ladder in the sustainable fashion culture, breaking various myths about sustainability in fashion and its wearability in the modern life.

DHI Designers- Busting Myths About Sustainable Fashion 

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Collection: TITLI- The Surreal Butterfly @getdhi

1. Anything made on handloom is sustainable fashion!

“True, handloom weaves are pure cotton or any such pure material with no mixture of polyester, also handloom does not lead to a carbon footprint so we can say that pure fabrics with ethical and fair trade values attached to the making and selling of the fabric and garment are sustainable fashion”- The famous Indian fashion designer Anjana Bhargav

2. The creations of sustainable fashion are for special occasions only!

“It is a myth that sustainable fashion is not wearable. It is wearable on an everyday basis too.  It has a thoughtful exclusivity to it. The fact that it is made ethically and responsibly with no chemicals makes it comfortable and easy to wear, At DHI we keep in mind that we have to cater to the clientele who would come to wear DHI for special occasions as well as everyday wear. Hence we ensure to have a collection that would boost of selectness (Like you know, a designer piece meant for me!) and edgy designer pieces that can be integrated in n everyday sustainable wardrobe to add style. “- DHI designer Anjana Bhargav

3. Sustainable Fashion is expensive!

“Sustainable fashion is not expensive instead it is a smart investment, it doesn’t get torn or blemished or damaged so easily! Hence, it comes with a tag of longevity, the investment is made once but can be worn for a longer duration. This ensures that you have utilized every penny invested in the garment”- Indian fashion designer Ankita Bhargava Meattle   

4. Sustainable fashion is dull and is for older people only!

“If one really thinks so, then I truly feel that our designer label DHI will be able to break this myth as it speaks of style and globality! Sustainable fashion is not dull or unstylish, people think of it to be boring because of the various terms associated with it like eco- fashion, ethical, fair trade, etc, our clientele mostly involves young women, they prefer DHI because of the edgy cuts and silhouettes along with smart and global designs that are in sync with the latest of the fashion culture.”- Indian fashion designer Ankita Bhargava Meattle

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Collection: TITLI- The Surreal Butterfly @getdhi

5. We cannot integrate sustainable fashion completely in everyday life!

“Somewhere or the other we all integrate sustainable practices in our everyday life globally. Be it wearing clothes from sibling’s closet, cutting a pair of jeans to make shorts out of them, passing on of clothes from one generation to another, choosing a sustainable fashion designer label  etc. “

“Sustainable fashion can be integrated if you decide to opt for seasonless fashion, smart, classic and timeless pieces”- DHI designers

DHI – About The Label & Designers

DHI  which translates to ‘a thought ‘ in Sanskrit is a sustainable fashion brand that preserves the Indian ancient sustainable tradition in its functional and contemporary silhouettes. The Indian fashion designers are setting a fashion culture through sustainable techniques giving a completely different outlook to the new era of ethical fashion.

Founded by veteran designer Anjana Bhargav and her daughter Ankita Bhargava Meattle in 2019, DHI is a sustainable brand making the everyday living and  celebrated clothing a beautiful and confident experience. The mother-daughter duo brings a perfect blend of classic and modern collections broadening and adapting to perspectives of all generations.  

Anjana Bhargav 

Designer Anjana Bhargav
Designer Anjana Bhargav

A veteran Indian fashion designer with a formal degree in Textile Designing and a course in styling from St. Martins College, London, she launched her first collection in 1994, followed by several shows in New York, London, Germany, Hong Kong, Kathmandu, Delhi, Mumbai and the most notable at the UNESCO Hall in Paris.

She brings a unique and astonishing blend of ancient Indian craft in global silhouettes representing women of identity and strength.

 Ankita Bhargava Meattle 

indian fashion designers

An Indian fashion designer and Co-Founder at DHI, Ankita Bhargava Meattle has studied fashion at the London College of Fashion followed by a degree from Cass School Of Business. She is the strength at DHI collaborating tirelessly with designers, artists, artisans for expansion of the label DHI.

Get DHI!

Redefining sustainability, DHI has created a place in the fashion culture globally by introducing edgy and sharp classic pieces that can be worn at all places and time. The designers have blended their experience, knowledge, and latest fashion to launch collections that are comfortable and represent timeless fashion with the zero-waste pattern. 

Check it out at @getdhi (Instagram)

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