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Do Fashion Influencers Really Need Another Business?

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Do Fashion Influencers Really Need Another Business?

Ever thought of visuals of fashion influencers the minds of people and affecting them in reality for their choices and purchasing power?? 

Trawling the Instagram accounts of fashion influencers has brought the graphs down of an exclusive club of print media and top editors. The revolution in social and digital media has come up with the rise of bloggers, influencers and individual opinions voicing through the posts and stories about fashion but even after the rise of digital media do fashion influencers really need another business?. 

A fashion influencers is a desired personality who has a large number of followers on social media, curates the fashion content and has the power to affect the purchasing power of an individual with their own choices and opinions. It is more like  finding an influential personality who can influence our decisions with right choices and followers rather than just being celebrities.

Fashion influencers have the power to influence the buying pattern
Fashion influencers have the power to influence the buying pattern and decision of his/ her viewers and buyers

Digitalization has changed the perception of fashion worldwide and has become more accessible. Consistently growing social media and digital channels have impacted towards the transition of global fashion industry. Acknowledging the super powers of digital platforms, big brands are directly collaborating with social media heroes like bloggers and influencers who have revamped the face of fashion. Through them unknown brands are also gaining limelight which were left unrecognized. 

Digitalization and social media has made it comparatively easier
Digitalization and social media has made it comparatively easier for influencers to reach their audience

 A laptop and internet connection with good words has escalated the profession of fashion influencers. It is the only industry which saw a dramatic increase with a touch of a screen. Digital channels have enlarged the group of fashion influencers and their scope in the industry, as it becomes easier with fashion visuals delivering in seconds on screens rather than undergoing the whole procedure of magazines or newspapers. Channelizing the designs digitally, have unlocked the closed rooms of the groups of designated people who controlled the hierarchy in setting the trends of fashion earlier. 

Engaging on the social media applications as one of the platforms to exhibit personal styles and fashion, has helped a lot of influencers to evolve and dominate our minds. To be a fashion influencer, one needs to be educated majorly in the field of fashion and photography. She/he must be well read about the fashion trends and colors and hardworking to succeed in the niche and competitive market. Age would never be a barrier as even 19-years-old can be a good fashion influencer, if he/she has ample of knowledge of fashion and its trends.

One does not have to invest a lot to be a fashion influencers. Good network on social media, collaborations with brands of fashion and lifestyle, good sense of taste and personal style along with plethora of knowledge about fashion. Creating a social media platform would invite lot of criticism and trolling too, which should be handled in a positive way by the fashion influencers.

A post with a picture perfect photo can make many follow the influencers style
A post with a picture perfect photo can make many follow the influencers style

It creates a lot of scope for influencers as they get to collaborate with brands which are known or unknown and identify themselves as authentic personalities of style and they start recognizing themselves as brands that are increasing awareness about their products or services. Originally curated content and right targeted posts marks their exclusivity and makes them a more desirable choice for a particular brand. In accordance to the followers, fashion influencers are hired by the agencies of food, travel, beauty, lifestyle and brands for the display of work. Freelancing or working with one’s desired brand increases the scope for them to work according to one’s own wish. To be an influencer through Instagram, YouTube or Twitter, one requires a lot of hard work to shine and build up an impactful account. But in return, remunerations received are according to the work and association of the brands. Some might get $250,000 for a YouTube post and can be minimized at $30,000 only if you are a big name or a brand. Newcomers might receive a very minimal amount for a post. Incentives are received by influencers from their collaborators only if you are able to sustain in the industry and gain a lot of recognition. It is all a play of engagement of audience and targeting the right customer for the purchase. 

Brands either barter or remunerate the influencers to promote their products
Brands either barter or remunerate the influencers to promote their products

Being paid in lakhs is considered a lot for the survival but still there exists an urge to start up something new and unique as their side business, especially for those who are earning in thousands only. Coming up with their own clothing line, jewelry and beauty products help them to expand their earnings and value as they are more passionate about it and it can be long lasting too. It also helps them to connect to people globally as reaching up to million followers does not happen overnight. 

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One has to make the audience believe in one’s own style and choice for fashion. Thus if we ask that do fashion influencers really need another business? the answer of most would be yes. Fashion Influencers have a huge following along with the power of influencing purchase decision, this enables them to become great sellers not only supporting their living but also    creating new brands.

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