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Do You Really Know Everything About Hair Color?

Do You Really Know Everything About Hair Color?

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The latest fashion trends demand lot of prompt changes so as to look stylish. Every field is exacting something new and fresh to try hands on. Considering clothes, accessories, shoes or hair, hair becomes the most prominent sector to experiment with. Trying –out different techniques and styles and analyzing different hair colors in accordance to one’s own look, hair color becomes one of the most challenging tasks to take on.

Hair Color Tips 

Hair color is the art of practicing hair with different colors. It can also be associated with the cosmetic term which is used to hide white or grey hair. Particularly hair color is a dye or tint of the hair which are either used for cosmetic purpose or is used for fashionable purpose.

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Many go for chemical treatment from salons while others use home remedies to colour their hair

In the contemporary time, hair color has become an essential part of the beauty for both men and women. Every one is keen to experiment with colors so as to look different and unique. But the extraordinary history of hair color is something to be read in depth about. The vibrant and beautiful hair holds an ancient history of hair color.

Looking back at history especially at the Egyptian civilization (3100 BC) where they used to camouflage their grey hair by dabbling them into henna. Considering it natural and good for hair, henna is still used by people to have a natural effect. Later, Greeks and Romans used extracts of plants for coloring their strands. History of hair color is to be associated with the assigned professions too like prostitutes were supposed to have yellow and vibrant hair colors.

Hair coloring is a multi purpose technique. It is admired by everyone to look good and fashionable according to the current times. It solves the basic purpose of hiding grey or white hair, else everything is cosmetic and done for fashionable reasons. Matching the celebrity standards or competing with the friends in college would be some of the other reasons for opting for hair color. Following the latest trends and experimenting with cool colors could be one of the coolest reasons to play with the hair.

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You can opt for temporary or permanent colouring

There exists a complete hair color guide which talks about different ways of hair coloring:

  • Temporary Color: Silver strands and pastel colors are good for pictures but this bold and experimental step is not every one’s cup of tea. These are the wash out colors and fade out with every wash.
  • Permanent Color: Want to stick at one color, permanent hair color would be appropriate to choose. With lot of chemical processing, deep penetration helps color to lasts longer.
  • Semi-permanent color: This color only lasts for eight washes and fades out. They are good and recommended for temporary look.
  • Highlights: Placing the color on different segments to have different shades and tones of the color and does not require an overall spread.
  • Ombre: It leaves the natural color at roots and slowly fades into a lighter highlighted tone.
  • Balayage: This technique involves painting of highlights and allows the hair to hit the natural light to give a more glowing look.
  • Lowlights: Introducing darker tones to the hair instead of coloring the strands to lighten.
  • Textured Highlight: It inculcates different shades of highlight to have multi dimensional look.
Image - Hair Colour
After care of hair is most important after colouring

Choosing the salons for hair color is the easiest way but trying it at your home naturally and getting prone to less chemical treatment is also another method undertaken by many. Henna is best used as the home made or natural technique for coloring. It has a natural look and benefits organically while lasting longer.

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There exists a lot of companies which promote colors or dyes but Garnier and Lorèal are the two most trusted ones. Both of them have their complete range of products for every hair type and skin type. Garnier Naturals, new range of colors promises to provide no chemical and no ammonia treated products. It helps to retain the hair quality even after coloring. People prone to skin diseases or hair fall, should opt for no ammonia products which Garnier and Loreal promote. Wella professionals and Revlon’s complete range available in salons also aim to achieve good and natural results which are not harmful.

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While taking on any treatment, natural or chemical one should be ready to undertake preventive measure to protect the hair from damaging. Timely oiling, hair spas and proper and right choice of products can help your hair to shine brighter and have a voluminous effect. There are chances of damaged hair, frizziness and split ends at the back of hair color which could prevent the hair from further growth. Drenching your hair into proper solutions could redeem the chances for bad and brittle hair.

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