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Ear Facials: New Skincare Routine

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Ear Facials: New Skincare Routine

The new beauty regime of Ear facials is trending among the latest beauty ideas in a beauty world.

A facial is a multi-step skin treatment that includes steam, moisturizing, exfoliation, extraction, massage, creams, facial masks, and peels. There are different types of facials performed to make the skin look healthy and glowing. A facial is a great way to relax and make your skin look younger. It is an essential part of the skincare routine that fixes the unwanted or undesired elements from the face. It is also one of the best ways to get rid of tired skin.

The treatment is a long hour process that requires weekly sessions. After a stressful week of work, treat yourself with some extra love in the form of a facial that makes your skin look flawless and fresh. There are a plethora of facial types available for every skin type, age, and occasion. The general list includes cleansing facial, fruit facial, brightening facial, and more that goes on to newly introduced facials like de-tan facial, chemical peel facial, collagen facial, and now Ear facial.

An ear facial is a process of cleaning the ears and removing all the harmful elements from it, and make it healthy. The newly introduced ear facials are a new skincare routine that is practiced with a lot of care and training. It is a beauty tip that is followed to keep the ears clean and healthy. The newly launched facial is a long and tedious process that includes cleansing, Ear massage, mask, extraction, ear candling, and moisturizing. This useful treatment is performed by beauty salon specialists or therapists, and doctors.

Ear Facial Extraction
Ear Facial Extraction - Source:

Initially, the process starts with the cleaning of the ears. Use a washcloth or put a few drops of baby oil, glycerin, mineral oil, or hydrogen peroxide that softens the ear wax. It helps in the removal of wax very easily. One can also use a cleanser and cotton swab to clean the ears.

Next is to use enzyme gel that exfoliates the surface and makes it softer and smoother. Use an earbud and rub the gel over the ears. It also helps in removing the excess of oil and impurities without making it dry and dull.

The process goes on by applying an ear mask. Gently scrub over the surface of the ears to make it even smoother and moisturized. After 5 minutes of work, remove the mask with a soft cloth and then the Q-tips.

Next, the process continues with the extraction. Extraction helps in the removal of dead skin from inside and outside the ears. It is important to remove blackheads or dead skin to eliminate the irritation to the skin and prevents more bacterial infection. For safety and hygiene purposes, it is always advisable to use a sterilized extractor or extraction tools. To use it, press the metal loop on the edge of the blackhead and gently seep it and extract it. Use carefully as directly pressing the tool onto the blackhead can hurt or tear the sensitive area of the ear.

Another important part of the ear facial is Ear Candling. It is a therapy also known as ear coning. Simply it involves placing a hollow coned-shaped candle with a protective covering into the canals of the ears. The ear candle is lit and the heat creates the suction that pulls out the ear wax into the hollow candle. This process helps in improving hearing problems, and infections. It is also a therapy recommended for sinus, headache, cold, flu, and sometimes sore throat.

Moving on to the next step is massaging your ears with oil. Gently drop the few drops of oil around and inside the ears. Gently rub and massage to get relieved and relaxed. It also helps in releasing endorphin, the feel-good hormone that helps in relieving pain and stress. It is an important step that stimulates pressure points and helps in reducing headaches and sinus problems.

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Ear Facial - Source:


For all skin enthusiasts, the new beauty idea is interesting but is not so easy to perform on your own. It is generally not recommended by the doctors as it can be dangerous if not performed wisely and carefully. One of the steps, ear candling is very harmful and comes with side effects if not done under the supervision of an expert. It can cause various injuries or problems like 

  • burning of the face, ear canal, or middle ear 
  • hot wax can cause ear injury
  • bleeding
  • punctured eardrums causing a problem like loss of hearing 
  • accidental fires

Beauty tips are easy to read and experiment with, but this treatment involves a lot of risk to the ears and body. It is advisable to undergo the procedure after long intervals as it involves high risks. Also, because of the risk involved, do not try this process on your own as it is very harmful. The Ear facial is a complex process that should be performed by certified skin doctors, skin therapists, and herbalists. Skin special clinics or doctor clinics are the best places for this treatment. 

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