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Easy Nail Art To Do At Home

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Easy Nail Art To Do At Home

The nail art trend doesn’t seem to stop! From applying different colored nail paints on each nail finger to adorning fake nails for trying cool nail art designs, the nail design and nail art sector in beauty just keeps growing.

As per the data shared by Statista the nail segment in India that includes products and services stands at $1071.3m in 2021, only to see an increase of 6.56% CAGR between 2021- 2025. Nail design and nail art are also a growing profession in the Indian market.

Following the lockdown and COVID 19 pandemic many nail art lovers took to trying nail paints and experiments with home available products to create nail designs. Here are a few easy nail art designs one can totally try at home.

Moisturize your hands and nails properly
Moisturize your hands and nails properly

Preparation Of The Nails

Before picking up the tools for nail paint design or nail art design ensure the following are ticked

  • Remove old nail paints from the nail surface and edge
  • Apply cuticle oil onto your cuticles and gently massage, use a cuticle pusher to push back the cuticles
  • Give your nails a similar shape and buff
  • Wash your hands to remove the leftover particles
  • Moisturize your hands and massage the cream around the cuticles and let it soak
nail paint
Apply nail paint perfectly

Applying Nail Paint

The easy steps to applying a nail polish or nail paint are-

  • Cleanse the excess oil with a nail polish remover
  • Apply a base coat this would not let your nails get stained
  • Choose the nail paint of your preference
  • Stroke the paint first from the mid of the nail go downwards to upwards
  • Take to one side of the nail from a downward to upward stroke
  • Fill the paint on the other side in the same motion and finally blend with easy and light strokes.
  • Wait for a few minutes
  • Apply another coat
  • Cap the edges in the same motion from left to right and right to left
  • Apply a topcoat

Easy Nail Art Designs You Can Make At Home

Nail art design
Nail art design- pinterest

1. The Beginners Design

  • Apply nude or pastel tone nail paint
  • Take a thin brush and nail polish- black or white or any complementing or contrasting color. Take to one side of the edge and draw a diagonal line carefully, fill the paint within the art drawn.
  • This nail paint design is all set to flaunt
  • Let it dry and apply a topcoat
Dotted Flower Nail Art
Dotted Flower Nail Art- source- @revelist- pinterest

2. The Dotted Flower Nail Art Design

  • Apply a dark nail polish
  • Take neon or bright colors
  • Keep a toothpick ready
  • Once the base is dried, dip the toothpick's backside into the neon colors and create flower designs on the nail with dots.
  • Let it dry

You can also create polka dots all over the nail or concentrated on an area with the same technique.

Newspaper nail art
Newspaper nail art- image source- pinterest

3. Newspaper Nail Art

  • Apply a light or pastel shade nail polish (preferably white)
  • Take a piece of newspaper, dip it in alcohol and wrap it around the nail
  • Press it and carefully remove it
  • Let it dry

You can layer up words on the nail paint design

I Knock Fashion Desk

Start with these simple and cool nail polish designs and nail art designs. Experiment and create various patterns on the fingernails with colors and tools easily available at home. Earbuds can also be used to make designs along with match sticks and bobby pins.

The nail art and nail care industry is demanding and growing, these cool art designs at home may make you explore whether or not this can be taken up as a profession or a side freelancing business. 

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