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Easy Work From Home Hairstyle Trends That Will Make You Look Office-Ready!

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Easy Work From Home Hairstyle Trends That Will Make You Look Office-Ready!

Work from home has become the new normal. As with all new adjustments, your mind is probably swiveling about what are the new hairstyle trends in 2021. With a few modifications, it is easy to throw your hair into a messy bun for your everyday hair care routine. If you are bored by the thought of another messy bun, we motivate you to have fun with your hair and try on new hairstyles and give your work from home experience a new vertical. This said, be sure to keep on reading this blog to get a little inspiration from our round-up of some of the best work from home hairstyle trends for women to slay your everyday look over zoom call.

5 Easy To Make Hairstyles For Work From Home

  • Do Some Quick, Easy Beach Waves

Making a few casual beach waves will provide your hair a quick upgrade, especially if it tends to be limp or fine. These waves look way better when they are imperfect so do not worry about getting everything just so perfect.

To get these beach waves, simply halve your hair into vertical sections. If your hair is thick in density, then separate the bottom and top first and curl half of it. Start with inserting the flat iron at the top of each section with the iron closed, keeping the iron rod on a diagonal with the tip pointed upward. Wind the top section once around the closed hot iron, then open the iron and wind the hair once again between the iron plates. Now close the iron and pull out the hair through. Here is one of the best hair care tips, once you are done curling all your hair, mist hair with a texturing spray for definition and hold.

Half Top Knot Hair style
Half Top Knot Hair style
  • Easy Topknot

When done rightly, a sleek top knot can look super elegant and stylish. Perfect for all the boss ladies out there who are looking for home hairstyle trends that stays in place throughout the day. Before you start creating the top knot, apply some serum to prevent frizz. By far, the top knot has been seen as the best and easy-peasy hairstyle being in the top hairstyle trends for 2021.

This style takes just 5 minutes to be done, and it is a half-bun bun. So let your hair take a twist and only tie this tiny knot on the top of your hair.

Braided beauty bun
Braided beauty bun
  • Braided Beauty

If you are good to experiment with something new with your quarantine hairstyles, try a braided bun, this bun is detailed and will keep your hair away from your face in this hot summer weather. Begin with dividing your hair into two sections, braid the hair into a regular braid, once done with this make a bun of it. Secure the bun with a bunch of bobby pins to keep it in place. This is also one of the best beauty tips for women as and when you will be open your hair the next day, voila, you will be welcoming a wave of curls.

Summer Scarf Hairstyle
Summer Scarf Hairstyle
  • Summer Scarf hairstyle

When in doubt, always use a scarf. Transform your basic everyday hairstyle into a chic style with just a scarf. As for us, a scarf seems like the best go-to hairstyle to try, a little chic which adds a twist to a ponytail or bun. All you need to do is tie your hair into a bun or a ponytail and add in your favorite scarf and tie it up for a sophisticated yet classy look.

hairstyle trends
Banana Bun- source@purewow
  • Banana Bun

The Banana bun has been gaining immense popularity and has been seen as the new hairstyle trend 2021 over social media according to beauty websites, this bun is going to be a super favorite hairstyle of yours. It is fascinating because it is just a twist of your everyday messy bun but strangely a banana-shaped bun. It is comparatively a low bun so there is no need to take your bun out on your forehead and let the wispy hair run along.

You can even call it a messier version of a French bun which will perfectly go with your haircare routine. So everything you need to do is to hold up your hair, pin up the loose ends with the help of bobby pins or slides and let it dwell vertical- the longer, the better, you don't need to worry about getting a perfect round bun. Just sprinkle a little bit of shine spray and it will hold its shape. One of the best pro haircare tips - You can even add a bit of dry shampoo to give these DIY hairstyles some grip.

I Knock Fashion Desk

We hope you love these work-from-home hairstyles! Which hairstyle suits you better in this work from the home arena? Get inspired and try these top hairstyle trends for 2021 and slay your everyday WFH look.

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