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Edible Seeds – The Healthy Beauty Routine

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Edible Seeds – The Healthy Beauty Routine

When we talk about switching to a healthier food routine, the first thoughts are about fruits and vegetables. But we forget about the seeds which these fruits and vegetables contain. These seeds are way nutritious and healthier than any of the popular balanced diets. Their effects are quick and efficient compared to regular veggies.

Several scientific studies point towards the benefits these seeds offer to gain healthy skin and hair. These seeds are used to cure many skin conditions. They rejuvenate the skin giving a glowing and naturally healthy look.

Here are the latest beauty tips regarding the top edible seeds which promote healthy skin and hair:

Flax Seeds
Flax Seeds

1. Flax Seeds:

  • Flax seeds can be considered a secret for flawless and healthy skin. Consumption of flax seeds should be a part of every woman's skincare routine as it offers smooth shiny hair without uneven breakage.
  • These seeds are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that are an excellent choice for the skin and hair. It helps in treating and healing the skin from problems like acne, dermatitis, psoriasis.
  • It adds moisture to the skin and gives you baby-like soft skin.
Sesame Seeds
Sesame Seeds

2. Sesame Seeds:

  • Sesame seeds, known as a cooking essential, contain skin and hair-friendly properties.
  • These seeds are rich in essential acids like Omega 3, Omega 9, fatty acids, Vitamin – E, certain anti-bacterial properties.
  • These seeds can fight premature aging and protect the skin from harmful UV rays.
  • Flax seeds are rich in moisture level;hence it helps in moisturizing the skin which treats dry skin problems and flaky scalp.
  • It promotes darkening of the hair color, avoids the growth of split ends, and has deep conditioning benefits for super soft and smooth hair.
  • Sesame seeds also possess hair growth properties.

3. Water-Melon Seeds:

  •  Melon seeds are fully loaded with vital nutrients that are very beneficial for the skin and hair.
  •  It contains fatty acids like thiamine, folate, and certain minerals that uplift the skin for a fresh look. These latest beauty tips are best ensured for your skin and hair.
  • These seeds contain a dense amount of unsaturated acids like linoleum acids that moisturize your skin, prevent the signs of aging degradation, and also prevent hair breakage. It adds up to the latest hair care tips of 2021.
  • Melon seeds promote hair growth and maintenance as it promotes a road to a healthy scalp and adds moisture to the hair, so it doesn't look shabby and lifeless.
Black Onion Seeds
Black Onion Seeds- Image Source- Pinterest- beautyandblush

4. Onion Seeds:

  • Onion Seeds, also known as Nigella seeds are a commonly used household ingredient that is also very effective for medicinal purposes.
  • Black Onion Seeds are an effective treatment for restoring hair fall issues, by strengthening the hair follicles and providing shine to the hair.
  • These black onion seeds are a good source of essential vitamins and minerals with added anti-oxidants for especially treating skin and hair concerns.
  • They are popular for treating skin disorders like:

1. Eczema
2. Psoriasis
3. Boils

  • These seeds possess every possible skin healing agents that ensure better skin texture as per the latest skincare tips 2021.
Chia Seeds
Chia Seeds

5. Chia Seeds:

  • Chia seeds are also known as the powerhouse of essential nutrients for the whole body. This beauty potion is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, zinc, magnesium, antioxidants, and other phytonutrients that are important for maintaining healthy-looking skin.
  • Chia seeds provide nourishment to the skin, prevent acne and blemishes and moisturize the skin.
  • These are highly effective on women around 25-30 years of age as these seeds minimize the growth of fine lines and reduce the pore size of the skin. It also contains rich proteins, copper, and alpha.
  • The presence of linoleic acid and iron keeps the hair healthy and thick.

Where Can You Find Edible Seeds?

A good skincare routine requires a regular supply of essentials. Do not break the rhythm of the routine!

  • You can extract edible seeds from the fruits and veggies.
  • Try to take out some time and remove all the seeds separately from the fruit and keep it in a cool place without moisture.
  • Seeds are also available in a form of packaged products. You can find them in selective grocery stores or you can also get them from online portals like Amazon and Flipkart.
  • You can order seeds from Ayurveda sites that are popular in the market.
Sprinkle seeds on food
Sprinkle seeds on food

How To Consume Edible Seeds?

The latest skin care tips 2021 promote healthy eating for better skin and hair. The following points throw light on the consumption of the seeds.

  • Try to consume 4-5 seeds twice in one day for better digestion.  It will help energize your body. The body won't experience any fatigue or weakness.
  • It will filter the body toxins and make your skin look shinier and glowing. Consume it in the morning before you freshen up and observe the skin’s transformation and hair growth pattern following the hair care tips in the next seven days.
  • You can swallow the seeds separately with water like you take medicines.
  • Some seeds are chewable, extract maximum nutrients from the seeds and drink a glass of water after you spit the seed out.
  • You can work out all the seeds while eating the fruit using your tongue, spit them out before you decide to swallow the pulp.
  • The skin and the seeds have great nutritional benefits to enhance the skin and hair.
  • You can consume seeds after soaking them into the water for an hour or two. Or mix them with soaked sprouts, add some spices and eat them like a salad treat.
  • You can crush the seeds to form a powder, try adding them while making muffins, spicy bread, etc.
  • Seeds can also be sprinkled on food

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The changing climate and degradation of natural resources can cause damage to the skin and hair. We use several beauty products, follow many skincare routines to ensure better skin, but nothing fulfills the concerns. Going back to a healthier lifestyle with the right food might make a difference in our overall skin and hair quality. Explore the seeds for a healthier meal!

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