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Ellora Creations PVT LTD- Pioneering Export House For High-End Fashion Brands

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Ellora Creations PVT LTD- Pioneering Export House For High-End Fashion Brands

A legacy of decades, Ellora Creations PVT LTD established by the founder Imtiyaz Ahmed in 1988, has marked itself in the garment manufacturing and export industry of India. Since its inception, Ellora Creations PVT LTD has grown and expanded, building an international clientele base across UK and USA. Continuously evolving and adapting to developments, it has believed in a balanced approach between the state of the art technology and the indigenous talent of India. With an experience of nearly five decades, it is appreciated globally for the finishing, textures, quality, and services to the clients. Based on the foundation of dedication and determination the organization is globally recognized by fashion brands such as Oasis, Reiss, Toast, Nicole Farhi, etc.

About the Founder & Managing Director- Imtiyaz Ahmed

Founder & Managing Director- Imtiyaz Ahmed
Mr. Imtiyaz Ahmed- Founder & Managing Director – Ellora Creations PVT LTD


Mr. Imtiyaz Ahmed hails from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. He settled in the National Capital, New Delhi in 1975 and worked towards acquiring experience and skills on manual embroidery machines. Having been from a family involved in garment manufacturing, Mr. Ahmed soon ventured into his own business of embroidery through a unit that was first set by him in Govindpuri, New Delhi.

His profound vision to have an internationally recognized garment export house employing and promoting the Indian skilled workmen and craftsmanship of India never made him look back. Mr. Ahmed, currently the Managing Director at Ellora Creations PVT LTD has contributed greatly in the garment manufacturing industry through his determination, hard work, far-sighted vision, and his zeal to move with time, upgrading, and introducing latest technology.

Journey & Milestones

Journey & Milestones
High-End Fashion Manufacturing Unit And Export House- Ellora Creations PVT LTD

Starting with an embroidery unit at New Delhi in 1988 with only 4-5 skilled workmen, Mr. Ahmed soon strengthened with another unit in 1992 to increase the output of production. Setting outstanding service standards and precise workmanship, the reputation of Ellora Creations PVT LTD precedes its people. The well-deserved respect and recognition led to the gaining of momentum in operation and production, drawing a milestone in 2001 with the setting of a manufacturing and embroidery unit at Okhla Phase 2, New Delhi, India.

Introducing the latest technology in garment embroidery in India to cater to the global fashion industry, Ellora Creations PVT LTD was amongst the first few buyers and installers of the Japanese Machine ‘Tajima’ in 2002. This led to a changing scenario as multi-colored embroidery work became easier and faster with precision.

As  2005 saw a boom in fashion education uplifting the fashion industry through skilled labor and formal curriculum designed for designers and merchandisers, Ellora Creations PVT LTD also moved on to creating more and more employment providing an opportunity to those with formal education and the ones skilled through heritage and training.

It then housed a working population of 450 staff members and built a cottage artisan base of more than 10,000 hand-embroiders ensuring to contribute to keeping the indigenous skill alive through village adoption and continuous flow of work for the villagers and skilled workmen especially for the ones belonging to Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh.

Broadening Outlook

Broadening Outlook
Latest Technology and Up Skilling Workmen

The entrepreneurial journey of Mr. Imtiyaz Ahmed, along with the achievements and operations of the organization was entrusted upon his son Mr. Imran Ahmed.

Mr. Imran Ahmed joined Ellora Creations PVT LTD in 2010 and soon became an eminent member of the organization. Broadening the horizon, since 2010,  Ellora started focusing on leveraging technological developments to catch pace with the ever-changing garment industry.  It closely monitored the changing preferences and priorities of the buyers & researched the International fashion industry developments and market trends. While operations and client servicing are continued to be given utmost priority, networking and relationship building along with uncompromisable quality hold supreme status at Ellora Creations PVT LTD.

Mr. Imran Ahmed in 2010, introduced software such as Tukatek and CAD  to speed up the designing and approval processes. He also upgraded technology by investing in the latest machinery of thread and sequin work. As quality improved and production doubled, Ellora gained a name as an industry specialist in high- end fashion garment manufacturing and exports. Under the new generation, work increased and the organization created an opportunity for migrant laborers to upgrade their skills along with setting up new premises at Okhla, New Delhi, India.

About Imran Ahmed

About Imran Ahmed
Mr. Imran Ahmed- Director at Ellora Creations PVT LTD

Mr. Imran Ahmed is currently on the Board of Directors at Ellora Creations PVT LTD, He has been working and contributing to Ellora Creations for a decade. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion from JD institute, New Delhi, and Masters in International Business Management from La Trobe University, Sydney, Mr. Ahmed has a unique and insightful perspective towards fashion and high-end fashion manufacturing.

Just like his father, he is deeply rooted in the crafts of India. Believing truly in ‘Make In India’, he envisages having an extensive profile, holding high-end fashion brand manufacturing of more than 65 countries. He is also charting plans to be the pioneer in introducing bugle bead technology in India through Ellora Creations PVT LTD. Mr. Imran Ahmed is dedicated to enhancing and enlargement of the scope of work ultimately leading to more and more employment and upskilling.

Ellora Creations PVT LTD – The Organization

Ellora Creations PVT LTD - The Organization
Ellora Creations PVT LTD- Okhla, New Delhi

A high fashion export house spread across an expanse of 50,000 square feet, Ellora Creations PVT LTD has been holding high with an experience of over 50 years in embroidery and prints. It encompasses a multi-product profile involving the manufacturing of high-end fashion in ladies’ garments, kids wear and men’s wear.

It is one of the pioneers in manufacturing sequins garments and exports to more than 40 nations across the globe. With the latest technology and expertise in the field of international fashion manufacturing, the organization has strong connections with process houses and mills to deliver high-quality material. Currently, it employees about 850 people under its premises.  All the operations are conducted and carried on within the premises of Ellora Creations PVT LTD including sampling, designing, tracing, embroidery, sewing, finishing & dry cleaning. The premises are certified with 100% compliance by Sedex (S000000051382) practicing ethical and responsible businesses.

It deals in fabrics of Silk, Linen, Dupion, Crepe, Ramie, Chiffon, Organza, etc, and is well connected within the handloom and power loom fabric industry through mills and other sectors. Ellora boasts of an average capacity of 20,000 units per month well finished due to the state of the art technology with the latest up-gradations and well qualified and experienced managers, coordinators, designers, and merchandisers.

With a separate quality control department, garments are inspected for the fit and quality of the fabric. Inspection starts with initial level fabric and trims through in-line embellished work and make–up process, up to final audit done by independent inspectors within the factory.

Ellora Creation’s clientele includes prestigious and renowned names of the international fashion industry and fashion brands- Needle & Thread, French Connection, Great Plains, Nicole Farhi, All Saints, Oasis &  Superdry.

Future Perspective

Future Perspective
Sequin Work High -End Fashion Garments

Providing unique solutions to high-end fashion industry houses and fashion brands of manufacturing and embroidery with sequin, the Board of Directors at Ellora Creations PVT LTD, seek an elaborate and expansive future for the organization.

As most of the clientele being catered to is of the European continent, the organization is dedicated to providing surpassing services and exploring work opportunities with the USA and other eminent and developed countries of the world. With a vision to set up another unit in New Delhi equipped solely to cater to the fashion industry and fashion brands of the USA, the future perspective of moving forward seems to be very clear in their minds.

I Knock Fashion (Conclusion)

I Knock Fashion
Sequin And Embroidery Work Garments For Global Clients

Ellora Creations PVT LTD is a pioneering high-end fashion manufacturing unit and export house, with decades of experience and generations taking over, it has evolved and developed with time with consistency and persistence.  Founded by Mr. Imtiyaz Ahmed in 1998, today it has expanded its operations bagging the biggest of the fashion world as its clients.

Through dedication and commitment, it is continuing to emerge as a trusted and well-reputed organization aiming to move higher in the ladder through continuous enhancement of technology, extraordinary services, and a well-motivated team looking to expand its operations by gaining clients from the USA and other fashion-forward countries.

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