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Everything About Manicure And Pedicure In Beauty Culture

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Everything About Manicure And Pedicure In Beauty Culture

When it comes to skincare, the most important thing is to take care of your hands and legs. Nails are one of the most attractive parts of the body, and to keep them clean and glowing requires certain techniques that enhance the essence of the beauty culture


What is Manicure?

Manicure is a beauty treatment done on the hands and fingernails. Derived from the Latin language, the word ‘manicure’ can be split into two parts, ‘manus’ which stands for hand and ‘cura’ which stands for care. The process of manicure includes nail filing, giving them shape, and applying nail varnish.

Manicures use a special liquefied substance for the softening of nails so that filing and cleaning the nail bed becomes easier and less hurtful. After that, moisturizing lotion is applied.

If necessary, manicures may require the use of artificial nails made of acrylic materials, as well as the application of artificial gel nail color. Currently, nail art is trending for decorating the fingernails as it includes the additions of fine, intricate details and designs. 


What is Pedicure?

Pedicure focuses on feet care, by enhancing the looks and presence of the feet and the toenails. It can also be called as a manicure, but for the feet. Like manicure, the word ‘pedicure’ is derived from the Latin language as well. The former part of the word ‘pedis’ translates to foot, while the latter part ‘cure’ translates to care.

A pedicure is an essential technique to keep the feet clean and healthy, and free from the risk of catching possible nail infections as well as nail diseases. Pedicure uses a soap-like structure known as a pumice stone which is used to gently and effectively scrub off the dead cells on the bottom of the feet. Thus, the process of pedicure helps maintain the natural beauty of the feet by protecting it from disorders and dust particles entering the crevices in the skin and nail beds.


Difference Between Manicure and Pedicure:

The beauty culture comprises of a number of cosmetic treatments for the skin and nails. Not just ensuring the choice of the best treatment but making sure you have attained sufficient knowledge of how these techniques work on the hands and feet is important. Below, we list the differences between manicure and pedicure based on their process and their effects on hands, feet, and nails.

-Procedure: As the word suggests, in manicure, the main focus is the hands and fingernails. The fingernails are trimmed, filed and shaped to perfection. While in pedicure, the treatment is given to the feet and toenails. The toenails are formed and cleaned, as well as the base of the feet is scrubbed off of any dust.

-Rubbing: While pedicure requires a harsh brushing with a pumice stone to get the bottom of the feet free from dead skin cells, pedicure uses softening agents like lotions and moisturizers.

-Nails: The treatment given to fingernails is more detailed and elaborate as compared to toenails because of the visibility and use.

-Benefits: The massage procedure of hands gives relaxing feelings to the muscles and allows better blood circulation. Additionally, it improves the growth of nails, makes them flexible and shiny, and enhances the overall appearance of the nail. Whereas pedicures are mainly done to keep the feet and toenails clean and to prevent the feet from getting nail infections or diseases associated with toenails and retains the natural beauty of the feet. 


3 easy ways to do Manicure and Pedicure at home:

Manicures and pedicures can be experienced both at home and at a spa. But if you are too busy or simply want to stay light on the pocket, you can easily treat yourself with an incredible meni/pedi session at home, by following these 3 easy steps.


-Step 1: First, use a nail polish remover to smudge off the current nail polish by placing your palm on a flat surface, and wash your hands after that. Cut your nails short, if needed, and file them to give them a round or square shape. Use a cuticle stick to press the cuticles back to the skin.

-Step 2:Next, exfoliate your wrists and hands using a brush and then apply moisturizer in a massaging manner, gently and slowing, for the muscles to loosen up and relax.

-Step 3: Lastly, apply the base coat of nail polish. Wait for a minute to apply the fist and top coat of your favorite color. To protect your nails from chipping, don’t forget to apply a topcoat. And let it dry.


-Step 1: First, fill a tub with lukewarm water and add detox soap, and soak your feel in to feel comfortable. Use a soft brush to scrub your feet, the bottom, your ankles, and your toes gently.

-Step 2: Next, press the cuticles back to the skin. Always avoid cutting them. Trim and file your toenails starting from the corners towards the center, and moisturize afterward.

-Step 3: Apply your choice of nail polish and finish it off with a top coat to make sure the pedicure stays intact.

Manicure Pedicure Tools
Manicure Pedicure Tools

Natural beauty tools for At-home Manicure/Pedicure:

This is a list of the most basic and handy tools needed for a home meni/pedi to help you keep your natural beauty wholesome and complete.

-Nail Cutter

-Cuticle Pusher and Cuticle Nipper

-Nail Filer -Buffer

-Pumice Stone

-Nail Brush

-Toe Separator

-Mild Scrub

-Callus Remove

fish pedicure
fish pedicure

Fish Pedicure:

Adding an improved version to the pedicure experience, the technique of fish pedicure is now very talked-about in spa treatments.

What is Fish Pedicure? Garrarufa, known as the ‘doctor fish’ and found in the Middle East, is believed to have an appetite for dead skin cells of a human. For this technique, a tub is filled with water containing these fishes and you are to soak your feet in them to soften your skin, cleanse it and boost circulation.

History of Fish Pedicure: Used 400 years back by the Turkish, Fish Pedicure entered the beauty culture only as recent as the 2000s and was introduced in India around 2008.

The controversy surrounding Fish Pedicure: The trend took a downfall when tests were taken to find the fish, GarraRufa, were infected with bacteria responsible for causing various chronic diseases. This sighting also inspired other procedures and research.

Why is Fish Pedicure banned in India: Because of the controversial matter regarding the hazardous side effects of Fish Pedicure concerning the overall health and hygiene, is has been banned in India.

Is Fish Pedicure safe? Fish pedicure poses threats of possible skin infections as the fish might be infected, and sometimes pick on the blood of the person. The fish also chews on the living cells along with the dead, ultimately retaining all the moisture.

Benefits of Fish Pedicure: A fish pedicure is said to initiate blood circulation and give you a rejuvenating feeling for the feet. They are also known for smoothening ankles and hard skin on the base of the foot.

The price range for Fish Pedicure: The cost of getting a Fish Pedicure ranges from INR 500 to INR 2000.

IKF Desk:

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