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Everything About The Jodhpuri Suit Outfit in India

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Everything About The Jodhpuri Suit Outfit in India

The Jodhpuri dress, popularly known as the Jodhpuri suit or simply the Jodhpuri outfit is a gorgeous, attractive, and suave Indian attire worn by men for formal occasions, parties, and cultural events. Jodhpuri suits are contemplated as one of the most opulent and regal formal wear suits for men in India however they are not as ancient or traditional as many people think of them to be. The Jodhpuri sherwani is a relatively modern creation that was formulated for Maharaja Pratap Singh of Jodhpur as he wished for an outfit that would incorporate the beauty and splendor of Indian culture with a modern and creative western touch and silhouette. Today, of course, the outfit has got profound demand across India and the globe for its royal whisking look.

A Jodhpuri outfit for men can be worn as a two-piece or a three-piece depending on how elegant the suit is and how the modern look is required. The typical design would include a midst, coat like sherwani or kurta with a closed neck that surpasses the knees, worn over a decent kurta or shirt that is generally not noticeable, and a pair of contrasting trousers incited by the close-fitting Indian churidars. A stole or drape would also sometimes be combined. Nowadays, most men choose to simply go for the closed neck Jodhpuri outfits paired with trousers without any additional under kurta, shirt, or drape. This decent look establishes a much more western silhouette. Sometimes, it is amplified further to enhance the classy yet opulent look of the suit.

Jodhpuri suits encompass a classical and unique heritage of the royal states of Jodhpur, Rajasthan which is popularly known as the land of kings and all royalties, in which the supreme families generally dress in the specific outfit. Normally, the designer Jodhpuri outfits are those which are specially designed for special events and occasions like reception, wedding, and parties, etc.

Jodhpuri suit designs are well admired among people, and especially when we talk about classy suits. Indian traditional outfits consist of an elegance of their own, which is difficult to unearth in western attire. And in today's modern culture, ethnic wear collections are myriad, be it for women or men. Amidst all ethnic outfits, Jodhpuri outfits are a class apart. They exemplify royalty and class. The origin of this ethnic Jodhpuri attire relates to the era of princes and kings, where it was considered as a symbol of status. And it will certainly continue to exemplify as a style statement for the coming years.

What Is Jodhpuri Suit?

Jodhpuri suit designs

A Jodhpuri suit also known as a Bandhgala suit is a formal suit originated from India. It emanated in the Jodhpur State and was popularized during the 19th and 20th centuries in India. The suite comprises of coat and a pair of trousers, sometimes paired with a vest. It brings along a shorter cut with hand embroidery accompanied by the waistcoat. The outfit is best suitable for occasions such as formal gatherings and weddings.

The material of the suit can be silk or any other suiting material. Usually, the material is lined at the collar of the suit and the buttons with embroidery. This can be jacquard, plain, or jamewari material. Generally, the trousers match the coat. There is even a trend to pair it with contrasting trousers to match the coat color.

History Of Jodhpuri Suit

The formation of the first-ever Jodhpuri suit was done by accident. This is quite shocking and difficult to digest. The design of the first-ever Jodhpuri suit design outfit was a result of a wardrobe malfunction of Jodhpur's Maharaja Pratap Singh when his baggage went missing while he was on an excursion in England in 1987 to attend celebrations of Queen Victoria.

These outfits were first popularized by Maharaja Pratap Singh of Jodhpur who was a great polo player on the very same tour.

Jodhpur's Maharaja Pratap Singh went to London in 1987 to attend the Diamond Jubilee extravaganzas of Queen Victoria. The luggage which had Maharaja Pratap Singh's attire went missing on the course of the journey. Even after the luggage tragedy, Maharaja chose not to wear western apparel for the occasion. He designed the new outfit and asked the Savile Row tailor to stitch it for him. When asked what the outfit is called, Maharaja misinterpreted the question and replied "Jodhpur".

Maharaja Pratap Singh along with his polo team was not only appreciated for his performance in the organized polo matches but also was admired for their outfits in the fashion circles.

Jodhpuri Suit Outfit And Its Pieces

Today, the Jodhpuri outfits have gained popularity as a fusion wear. It comprises a bandhgala coat, a vest, and a pair of trousers, which appears much identical to a western-style outfit. It is knitted with comfortable and breathable fabrics like velvet, silk, or cotton. The entire outfit possesses incredible designs and embroideries including the sleeves and the collar. The cuffs of the outfit sleeves comprise elegant buttons, the color of which typically stands in contrast to the color of the outfit. Similarly, the color of the trousers can be in contrast with the coat. Jodhpuri outfits are traditionally worn with a kurta pajama. However, as per modern trends, they are even carried with formal satire, chinos, casual shirts, dhoti pants, and so on. This brings out a modern look to the traditional Jodhpuri suit for men.

A modern and fashionable design observed in the Jodhpuri suit is the traditional Jodhpuri Sherwani. This comprises a jacket with a closed neck and a matching pair of trousers. It acquires exquisite embroidery design. Handcrafted designs like zari, Resham, jamewari, cut dana, crystal, ektaar, beads, or zardosi are generally found in the traditional suit. Jodhpuri sherwanis are evolving as the talk of the country and a widely chosen attire for festive occasions and weddings. They are further available for semi-formal, or formal occasions, which are knitted with simpler fabrics like cotton, silk, crepe, cotton-silk, or georgette. The embellishments and artwork are even brighter sides.

The recommended colors for carrying a Jodhpuri suit in traditional and festive events are tan, beige, blue, honey, gold, forest green, maroon, deep red, etc. Their garish appearance perfectly goes with the festivities of the occasion. On the other hand, decent colors like brown, black, white, or grey are recommended for less formal or jovial use.

Jodhpuri outfits are undoubtedly the modern trendsetter when it comes to men's ethnic wear. Their luxury and timeless class set them apart from the other modern or traditional attire. Therefore, one should not compromise the integrity when purchasing a Jodhpuri outfit. Many Jodhpuri outfit lovers prefer custom stitched Jodhpuri dresses from boutiques. Customized suits are another way to bring out an elegant appearance in your outfit, which will make you shine like the cynosure of everyone's eyes.

How Have They Turned Into A Perfect Marriage Outfit

A majority of grooms prefer to play it safe with classic ethnic suits however with the arrival of modern culture, youth is willing to experiment with new looks. A double-breasted Jodhpuri jacket paired with matching pants and shoes has significantly gained popularity among grooms.

The best part about the Jodhpuri outfit is that it can be styled in any solid color for an effortless classic charm. Eventually, Indian grooms have begun to acquire an utmost interest and liking for wedding outfits and this is why new trends are emerging every season.

To compel a wedding as a memorable event, Jodhpuri suit for men has gained popularity in appending a delicate look to your personality. The traditional Jodhpuri suit possesses a similar look to a western three-piece suit imparting an elegant look. Jodhpuri suits have a tremendous mix of Indian taste along with a blend of western touch which makes them worth appreciating. Traditional Jodhpuri outfits bring excellent hard work, contemporary trend, and also the legacy of cultural Indian craft.

If a groom wishes to mix and match traditional Indian outfits with western validities attached to them, the Wedding Jodhpuri suit is the forever choice. The best aspect of Jodhpuri suits is that they can be handily customized to meet the needs of the groom. It is more like a jacket open in the front followed by a Nehru or open collar. One can even pair it with a shirt underneath it. In today's era, Jodhpuri suits are gaining prominence in functions due to their agility in being chiseled as per the groom's desire.

A wedding is an occasion when one desires to not just look good but feel good too. Picking the right outfit is equivalent to half the battle won, so make sure you grab an outfit that's comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Famous Fashion Designers Who Make Jodhpuri Outfits In India

It will be extremely biased to say that only women rule the fashion industry as men in Indian attire can set the stage on fire. Indeed, the blaze is about the designer Jodhpuri suits for men which are setting a new trend. The Indian hand-embroidery work and the western pattern make it the most promising choice for men to wear on various occasions. We have covered top designers for you to slay the festivities with your dashing outfit.

Raghvendra Rathore Jodhpur

jodhpuri suit design
Image courtesy

The "Raghavendra Rathore Jodhpur” brand designs bucolic elegance with traditional panache formulating dynamic synergy that threads classic refinement with modern chic. Inherently inspired by aesthetics conferred upon him by rich cultural and historical heritage, Raghavendra Rathore Jodhpur” has become a well-known brand.

Rohit Kamra

jodhpuri suits
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Hailing from the land of Kings, Jaipur, Rohit Kamra offers Regalia from classical heritage to men's wardrobe. The idea emanates from Indian cultural lineage, epitomizing the real traits of royal blood. Rohit Kamra has reinvented the look of traditional silhouettes and has given a new face to Jodhpuri Jackets.


Royal Jodhpuri suit for wedding designed by Samyakk is contemporary outfits that men of any age can opt for, which propels the wearer to look like no less than a fashion icon. Samyakk has been serving a large group of customers from India to the USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, UAE, and Canada.

How To Style The Jodhpuri Outfits

Jodhpuri dresses or suits for men are in trend these days, they rejuvenate the ethnic look with comfort. Designer Jodhpuri outfits complete the code of ethnic look with a light modern touch. A pair of trousers and coat from the Jodhpuri outfit is sometimes carried with a vest. Jodhpuri jacket is generally short in length and is knitted to hip length and trousers are specifically fitted. Due to the explicit neck collar and its design, these outfits are popularly called Bandhgala suits. These dresses show a charismatic look and are comfy as well, they become perfect outfits for every occasion.

Nowadays, Indian men prefer to go with ethnic or Indo-western looks rather than opting for completely western attire for special occasions like weddings. One can wear a Jodhpuri outfit in any season, as they flawlessly go with distinct occasions. If your choices for colors differ with different seasons then there is no need to worry as the outfit comes in everlasting blue, black, red, and many more. These royal Jodhpuri suit for the wedding is available in various fabrics as well including brocade, banarasi silk, silk, velvet, khadi, jacquard, and others.

These days Jodhpuri outfits are not curbed to solid colors. One can browse for the latest design in vastly offered collections which include floral design, multicolor printed, zari, Swarovski, embroidered, and many other detailed types of work and designs. These outfits are a perfect match for parties, weddings, formal gatherings, get-togethers, and other traditional occasions too.

Pair up your classic Jodhpuri suit with either mohair of shoes depending upon the style of your outfit, if it is ethnic or indo-western. According to the latest trends, pair your Jodhpuri suit for boys with a vibrant colored safa, and it will intensify your festive look. Pin an elegant clip or brooch to your coat to intensify the dazzle of your look. These days instead of dhoti, pants, baggy breeches, and loose contrasting trousers also take along a Jodhpuri jacket. Indian Jodhpuri suits are becoming popular with variations in designs. Printed jackets, asymmetric jackets, jackets comprising side slits are gaining more popularity. Grooms too yearn for modish designs as their wedding suits instead of going for traditional dresses.

Where Can You Buy Jodhpuri Suit Outfits Online

Men across the globe love these Jodhpuri suits for their distinct look and charming style. The demand for these suits is extremely high not only in India but also in London, UK, New Zealand, Fiji, Australia, and many more. One can easily explore the modern styles at the best prices in prominent quality.

Browse these brands and their websites for the latest stylish Jodhpuri suit for boys and pick your favorite outfit to slay every occasion. Do not forget to buy a pair of matching shoes or mojari to jazz up your outfit.

Body Line Store

Body line store is considered one of the best clothing stores when it comes to online shopping. Bodyline store consists of the largest collection of different kinds of suits including Jodhpuri. The online store offers the most prominent Jodhpuri outfits at the most reasonable prices which can be bought online and are delivered across the globe.

Utsav Fashion

Utsav Fashion has been offering the best Jodhpuri outfits since the year 2000. With years passing, Utsav Fashion has become the world's preferred choice for Indian classic and ethnic fashion. It is a one-stop web shop that offers the widest range of trendy and authentic fashion. If you wish to buy a classic bandhgala suit online, there is no need to look further than Utsav Fashion. The online shop offers Indian Jodhpuri outfits for men in various varieties to suit all aesthetic preferences and tastes. Utsav Fashion has a wide variety of Jodhpuri suits crafted from poly-cotton, linen, Terry cotton, jute cotton, satin, art silk, woven cotton, brocade, poly-wool, etc in varied patterns as well as prints.

Jade blue

When it comes to matching the trend with a classy Jodhpuri dress, Jade Blue is a prominent choice to slay any occasion. Jade Blue offers the latest designs of Jodhpuri suits with elegant and vibrant colors. Also, its Jodhpuri blazers or jackets make the look dapper in moments with designs and patterns that play with the buttons and cut slits of the garment. Jade blue is often known for its Jodhpuri Blue suit and Jodhpuri Suit Black. Form the whole new glamourous look by wearing the Jodhpuri wedding dress with statement men's contrasting trousers and formal shoes with a touch of elegance added by a turban or pagri. One can buy a Jodhpuri suit black for a classic Indian look online with utmost ease with the help of Jade Blue's super easy-to-use shopping platform.

Manyavar is another famous platform for men's ethnic wear one can explore.

Jodhpuri Suit Blue

I Knock Fashion Desk

The best part about these classy Jodhpuri suits is that one can pick any solid color for an elegant charm. These stylish outfits originated from royal families will sort your outfit requirements for any of your occasions as you can easily figure out which styles you intend to avoid or wear. Along with pulling the right Jodhpuri suit for an occasion and accessorizing it right, pair it with your glam and confidence to revamp into a dapper look. Style yourself in Jodhpuri look for your next occasion and get ready to turn every eye towards you.

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