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Everything You Need To Know Before Getting A Brazilian Wax Done?

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Everything You Need To Know Before Getting A Brazilian Wax Done?

There's no denying that waxing does hurt, and the question many ponder on is 'How painful is hair removal for women's private parts?', 'How must it feel to get a Brazilian wax done?' But guess what ladies it's the 21st century, and it's time to move on from regular shaving of private areas to waxing, I Knock Fashion has gathered all the beauty industry information you need to know before getting a Brazilian wax, from it's pros to cons, to how exactly you can do-it-yourself (DIY) during this quarantine. 

The one thing you should know before diving into the blog is, pubic hair is a personal choice, and there's no right or wrong method of doing it, until and unless you're comfortable. For those who want to get a Brazilian wax done over bikini waxing, we've got you covered, you'll find all the information you need to know in the following blog. 

History Of Hair Removal And Brazilian Wax? 

Gillette Razor Advertisment
Gillette Razor Advertisment

Brazilian Wax is a method of hair removal for women's private parts in which the waxing removes the hair around the vaginal, perineum and anus region unlike bikini waxing that only focuses on removing the hair from the visible bikini area. 

If you think the process of hair removal for women's private parts is new, then we would like to break this to you that it's not! Women have been enduring this pain for a very long time now, although earlier the methods of hair removal were quite less high-tech compared to the lasers the beauty industry has today. The ancient paintings are evidence of this, as the ones found from the 1500s depicts how women were painted with little or no pubic hair. The ancient society was conservative and had terms and conditions when it came to women's appearance, and this is the reason in ancient Greece, having pubic hair was considered as uncivilized. It's believed by historians and archaeologists that earlier they would scratch their skin with sharp weapons to remove their underarm hair and also with the process of sugaring. 

The Middle East originated the concept of  "sugaring", it is the practice involving cooked sugar and lemon which is further utilized to remove body hair. It's hard to believe but this was the first wax, ever. 

⁃ The shaving technologies started back in 1904 when Gillette introduced the first safety razor for men, and later in 1915 Gillette brought the first women’s razor in the beauty industry. The advent of women razor and the appearance of cut sleeves dress in society let them remove their underarms hair. 

⁃ With the coming of bikinis and shortage of nylon clothes after World War II, the fashion and beauty industry emphasized on women to shave not just their armpits, but their legs, too. 

⁃ As the bikini culture began spreading, women initiated efforts for grooming their pubic regions. During this time they tweezed or shaved their pubic hair outside the bikini line.  

⁃ In 1960 waxing strips were introduced in the beauty industry to get rid of unwanted hair. This made the process very easy. 

⁃ The film and fashion industry played an essential role in promoting waxing amongst men, as the bodybuilding craze increased, men started opting for waxing too. 

⁃ Later in the 2000s with the emergence of a TV series called Sex and the City, Brazilian wax became a new and exotic beauty trend.  

Hair Removal Market 

Hair Removal
Hair Removal Market

Brazilian wax gained popularity to the extent that scientists and researchers predicted that pubic lice would become extinct in the coming years. According to a speculated report, the hair removal wax market is estimated to reach a value of US$ 18,814.3 Mn by 2026. The hair removal market was expected to expand at a CAGR of 9.4% during the forecast period from 2018 to 2026. 

In India people have become self-conscious, 90% of wax users are women, but the men waxing their chests, backs, ears, nose, and other areas are also increasing every day. India and China are the two major countries holding a share in the Asia Pacific laser hair removals market. 

How Long Does A Brazilian Wax Last? 

Brazilian wax is the process of removing hair in and around the perineum vagina and anus. If you are planning to get the Brazilian wax done, expect the results to last up to three to six weeks, but to keep in mind it always depends on the individual's hair re-growth rate. Mostly, the hair growth is minimal during the first week or two. It's after the second week that the hair growth starts increasing rapidly. Body hair grows faster in the summers than in the winter because heat stimulates the hair. If Brazilian wax is done regularly the results can lead to sparse hair re-growth over time.

Pros And Cons Of The Brazilian Wax! 

beauty tips
Pros And Cons Of The Brazilian Wax

For the first-timers, getting Brazilian wax done can be a huge task, but I Knock Fashion has compiled all the pros and cons if you are interested in getting it done.  PROS

1. It lasts longer than shaving and leaves you with clean and smooth skin. 

2. The other methods are comparatively time-taking and don't give proper and effective results.  

3. The other methods of hair removal process can often leave one with ingrown hair, but waxing prevents ingrown hair. 

4. You can wear any underneath you want. 


1. Unlike other methods it won't be painless, a Brazilian wax is definitely going to hurt a little, after all, you are ripping your hair off.  

2. It can be a little awkward at times. 

3. People with sensitive skin can often have skin reactions. 

4. It’s a bit costly, and in most places can charge from $30-60, even more for hard wax.


Things You Should Know Before Getting A Brazilian Wax Done

beauty tricks
Things You Should Know Before Getting A Brazilian Wax Done

In the past few years of the beauty industry, Brazilian waxes for hair removal for women's privates have become the #1 most requested service. If you’re planning to get a Brazilian wax done for the first time following are the major points, you should keep in mind- 

1. If you have any specific skin condition, consult your skin doctor before getting an appointment. 

2. The appropriate length for hair is about ¼ inch or 6mm if you've used a razor wait for at least 3 weeks before going for a Brazilian wax. If your hair is too short, then there won't be any point in going for waxing. 

3. Go for a warm shower as it will open up your pores, use a loofah to exfoliate. 

4. Avoid moisturizing your skin before getting waxed.  

5. Make sure your skin is free from cuts, scrapes, moles, and skin tags. 

6. If your skin is too sensitive and you can't bear the pain, remember taking a pain killer 30-40 minutes before getting a wax. 

7. Remember higher frequency in waxing would lead to less pain in the future. 

8. Just after getting the Brazilian wax done maintain distance from heat for 1-2 days, as during this period your skin becomes more prone to burning.

Busting all the myths about Brazilian waxing! 

beauty trends 2020
Busting all the myths about Brazilian waxing

Considering all the myths in the market about Brazilian waxing, here is a section unfolding it completely-

Myth 1- Waxing will not lead to ingrowth! Truth- Ingrowth occurs with all types of hair removal methods.

Myth 2- It's fine to tweeze ingrowth Truth-Ingrown hair is the one trapped between the skin's surface, plucking them out can lead to infections.  

Myth 3- Waxing leaves you with wrinkles  Truth- Drink plenty of water and moisturize it properly to keep your skin's elasticity, waxing doesn't majorly impact wrinkles.  

Myth 4- There’s no age to get a Brazilian wax done. 

Truth- In many countries if you’re 12 or under, even with parental permission you won’t be touched for Brazilian waxing. 

Waxing Or Shaving Which Is A Better Option And Why?

fashion and beauty
Waxing Or Shaving Which Is A Better Option

It’s always better to choose what’s best for you by yourself, but we’ve got the benefits of bikini waxing versus shaving private areas, so you can make an apt decision before choosing. 

1. Shaving gets in close cut with your skin and doesn’t pluck out the hair from the roots, but waxing removes the hair from its roots. 

2. Hair removed from razor is expected to come back real quick, as shaving doesn’t remove it from the roots. On the other hand, Brazilian wax can last up to 2-3 weeks. 

3. Shaving is not at all painful, waxing can be painful but worthy.  

Difference Between Brazilian And Bikini Waxing

difference between Brazilian and bikini wax
difference between Brazilian and bikini wax


How To Do Brazilian Waxing At Home?

Brazilian Waxing At Home
Brazilian Waxing At Home

Going out for Brazilian waxing rather than shaving private areas can be a little uncomfortable, and now that all of us are locked down there's no choice but to do it at home, but there's nothing to worry about as you can always DIY. Follow the underwritten steps and see how smoothly it goes-

1. Opt for the right wax- Choosing among so many options can never be easy, but look closely and think about what sort of skin type you have. Try going for organic wax instead of the chemical ones, along with that buy some applicator/popsicle sticks.  

2. Heat the wax appropriately- The ideal temperature for a Brazilian wax is approximately 140ºF, make sure it's not too hot or cold. If you don't have a wax heater or microwave, you can always heat the aluminum container in a shallow pot of boiling water.  

3. The hair length should be fine- If your hair is too short, the wax won't be able to pull it out and it will further create a problem for you. So before going for waxing, make sure your hair length is right, that is around ¼ inch of growth. If your hair is longer than ¼ inch, trim it with a pair of scissors or an electric trimmer.

4. Pre-clean the genital area- Use an intimate wash and water to clean the genital area before waxing. 

5. Double test the wax before applying- Double- triple check the temperature of the wax before applying it on your skin as you don't want to burn yourself there.  

6. Smear the wax on your hair- Apply a good amount of wax layer on the hair and make sure you apply it always in the direction of the hair growth. Let it stay for around 30 seconds. 

7. Rip it off- Pull the section off in the opposite direction of the hair growth, it will be a little painful. There’s no other way to get off the wax, so try pulling it off in one go. 

8. Post wax care- After completing it for the next one day try wearing cotton underneath, skip workouts, steams, and getting in contact with direct heat as all these things can impact your skin.

IKF Desk (Conclusion) 

I Knock Fashion hopes that this blog could be informative and helpful in briefing your specifications about the Brazilian wax. The process can be a little painful but the results are smooth, streamlined, and aerodynamic. 

But again the blog could be concluded by saying that it's up to you to decide what's best, shaving private areas or hair removal through Brazilian waxing. Do you still have any doubts and myths about Brazilian wax? Let us know in the comment section, and we'll come back to you with all the answers you need, till then stay tuned with I Knock Fashion for more beauty and fashion updates.

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