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Exploring "Bursa" With JJ Valaya At India Couture Week 2020!

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Exploring "Bursa" With JJ Valaya At India Couture Week 2020!

Trends in Indian fashion are taking unimaginable turns. Today designers are open-handedly welcoming digitalization in the fashion world. Recently, one of the best fashion designers in India- JJ Valaya, showcased his latest winter collection named after ‘Bursa,' a city which holds a special place in Ottoman history as their founding capital, and also as the birthplace of Ottoman architecture.


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On the 20th of September, one of the best fashion designers in India- JJ Valaya, showcased his glorious collection at the FDCI India Couture Week.

The history enthusiasts must be familiar with the name "Bursa" as it has always been a fascination for historians, medieval explorers, and travelers. The famed traveler, Ibn Battuta, on his visit to Bursa in 1331, was also impressed by the then Sultan as he enjoyed the city. 

Specifications Of The Collection!

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Trends in Indian fashion are taking inspiration from history. For this year's collection, JJ Valaya took inspiration from the famed Ottoman silks, which were among the most artistic products of the empire. 

The Ottoman miniatures, known as ‘Taswir,' painted to illustrate manuscripts or utilized in dedicated albums, and the art of ‘Tezhip,' (meaning ornamenting with gold), a non-figurative painted or drawn decorative art in books or on a sheet, are extremely omnipresent in this year's collection. 

Apart from the gorgeous clothing, the best fashion designer in India- JJ Valaya, has also discovered jewels of the Ottoman Empire, with the ‘Topkapi' palace jewels, that are counted amongst the treasuries in the Islamic world, holding the main treasures of the empire.

This year's collection is enriched with details of Turkish armor, especially the quills used then, as well as a medley of Turkish flora, fauna, and fruits such as pomegranates.

The collection takes the trends in Indian fashion to another level as it beautifully reflects the usage of burnished metallic's and gold's that give an antique aesthetic to the garments, a distinguished signature of the brand. The collection over-all gives a nostalgic yet royal resonance.

About The Show!

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The couture show narrated the Ottoman Saga through a showcase of 48 pieces for men and women and, the entire showcase revolved around the three key silhouettes of Indian weddings and celebrations: The Lehenga, The Sherwani, and The Sari along with the label's latest addition: the IKA jacket, which is a younger sibling to ‘Alika’, one of the labels’ cult and iconic jacket, which people can configure for themselves on screen, signifying a decadent feast and emotional high for onlookers and patrons. JJ Valaya plans to showcase his summer interpretation of Bursa early next year.

You must be aware of the fact that the Jewelry Partner for this year's couture collection is Archana Aggarwal from Timeless Jewels. JJ Valaya this year gave the brand's traditional Indian jewelry a unique expression. Bursa beautifully amalgamated Valaya's vision and Archana's finesse in fine jewelry. Within this inspired collection, Archana Aggarwal has worked meticulously on an assortment of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and hair and hand accessories to complement the collection.  

Words & Views!

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"In our legacy of many endearing firsts over nearly three decades, we once again look forward to being a part of yet another first in India, the FDCI Virtual India Couture Week," says JJ Valaya.

"It is my immense pleasure to showcase this special jewelry line for the JJ Valaya Couture Collection, and I wish him all the best for this show," says Archana Aggarwal.

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