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Break Free Fluid Movements With Fashion Aesthetics On The Ramp

Break Free Fluid Movements With Fashion Aesthetics On The Ramp

The Lakme Fashion Week
Lakme Fashion Week 2019
Lakme Fashion Week 2019
Lakme Fashion Week 2019
Lakme Fashion Week 2019 +10
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Lakme Fashion Week 2019

The Lakme Fashion Week Winter/ Festive 2019 has grabbed the socialites, organized jointly by Lakme, the no.1 cosmetic and beauty services brand in India and IMG Reliance Pvt. Ltd., leaders in sports, fashion and entertainment marketing and management. The extravagant week-long show from 20th August 2019- 25th August 2019 aims at ‘Redefining the future of fashion and integrate India into the global fashion world to furnish the talent of upcoming and talented designers at St. Regis, Mumbai. Performance Arts blended with fashion created a big splash of fluidity and floral elements at the Lakme Fashion Week Autumn/ Winter 2019.

‘Poochki ‘by Ishanee Mukherjee and Anirudh Chawla and ‘The Pot Plant Show’ by Resham Karmchandani and Sanya Suri combined the organic aesthetics with fashionable outfits. The duo designer showcase led the ramp with an underwater splash and floral wilderness. ‘Poochki’ showcases its collection ‘Moana’ meaning the ocean and on the other hand, ‘The Pot Plant Show’ presents ‘100% Wild’ innovating the inspiration from flowers and forests.

It was playful to watch how ‘Poochki’ represented the fluidity of water through the break free and unformed outfits. At the same time, androgynous looks combined with the Bandhani and Shibori crafts with twists and turn by ‘The Pots and Plants’ stood as the highlighters of the show. ‘Moana’ by Poochki translated the minds of people, sometimes cool and calm and next minute fierce and raging personified with water. ‘100% Wild’ by The Pots and Plants’ tries to bring the 100 % human back to his normal and carefree life. Both of them tried their hands on the prints but combined different handcraft techniques.

Getting closer to winter vibes, ‘Moana’ experienced the monochromatic palette along with hints of metallic gold, bronze and grey and ‘100% Wild’ embraced the color palette of tie-dye and trans seasonal colors which are free and wild and have got wings to fly for self-discovery. ‘Moana’ inculcated a lot of mandarin collars with addition to jackets, tunics, and coordinates in mid length and voluminous translucent sleeves. Boxy silhouettes like anti-fit pantsuits, comfortable tunics and carefree jumpsuits forming the basis for ‘100% Wild’ stuck to its signatures of unisex clothing. Feminine and fluid structured- silhouettes along with starfish prints and black stripes juxtaposed with silk culottes’ graces the feminine look for ‘Moana’. It was simple yet experimental as makeup was in contrast to bold and fierce opposite femininity.

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Adding freshness of water thrashing the gloomy days, starfish and stingrays were used over the natural silk and organza layered outfits bringing the organic essence. ‘100% Wild’ brings out the beautiful contrast of trans- seasonal colors with rustic, orange and monochromatic hints. Bringing the 100% factor out, the 100% natural fabric of silk and handwoven cotton added the organic mood and feel.

Checks over stripes along with prints of abstract trees, checks and tiger stripes did complete justice to the inspiration. Performances were justified as they involved an inspirational idea to their animalistic movements depicting the idea of being free and search for self-discovery. Ballet for ‘Moana’ and dances for ‘100% Wild’ helped to make a simple idea looked grandeur and perfect. The duo communicated the message of happiness in their own way through the flash of simplicity and some moments of glamour.

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