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FDCI Brings India’s First-ever Digital Fashion Week

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FDCI Brings India’s First-ever Digital Fashion Week

The Indian fashion industry has been extremely quick in responding to the pandemic. From making a face mask, aiding in the production of protective gear, fundraising for the artisans to now taking the fashion weeks to a digital platform. FDCI recently announced that they will be taking a digital path for the coming fashion week

Specifications About The Announcement 

Looking at the severity of COVID-19, numerous cities across the world already announced digital fashion week, such as Shanghai went all-virtual with their fashion week live-streamed on multiple digital platforms, London and Paris are opening for a digital makeover, followed by Milano Digital Fashion Week. In the same way considering the deadly impacts of COVID-19, the Fashion Design Council Of India (FDCI) has now decided to step up in the game and is all set to dive into the digital world. The Fashion Design Council Of India (FDCI) will be digitally showcasing their coming fashion week’s collection, it will be India’s first-ever digital fashion week. FDCI on 24th May 2019 took the announcement to their Instagram account through a post and caption- "Announcement | The FDCI is reinventing the wheels and the reset button has been pressed. FDCI goes digital! Stay tuned for India's first-ever digital fashion week. #FDCI #FDCIGoesDigital." The announcement quickly went viral on social media and attained good responses as the fashion industry was proud of FDCI taking Indian fashion week to a new level. 

Famous fashion designers in India
Manish Arora at FDCI

What will India’s first digital fashion week be like? 

The fashion industry precisely understands that there is no ground fashion week possible right now, and the Indian fashion designers and industry have no other option but to go digital. This initiative is being taken solely with the purpose of the business for Indian fashion designers, and the fashion industry knows the fact that business can only take place if they showcase new collections to the consumers. The fashion week will take place without any live audience, there will be no large scale show. FDCI has planned to create digital set design and shoots, all this will be hosted in an enclosed location, which is not yet declared just like the official date. The selection of the model will be chosen from the select pool who will adorn numerous looks while shooting. This initiative of FDCI about taking the fashion week digital is considered a creative and environmentally-sound format of fashion by the industry.  

About FDCI 


In this time of crisis the Fashion Design Council Of India (FDCI) a not-for-profit organization, has taken the lead to help the fashion industry sail through this pandemic. Earlier they even set up a Covid-19 Support Fund (CSF by FDCI) to provide financial assistance to small businesses in need. FDCI aptly stands on its notion to further the business of fashion in India and ensure its sustainable growth.

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