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FDCI To Celebrate 6th National Handloom Day With A Digital Campaign!

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The latest fashion news is The Fashion Design Council Of India and numerous other organizations from the Indian fashion industry, under the guidance of the Ministry of Textiles, are celebrating the 6th National Handloom Day with a digital campaign, starting August 7, 2020.

FDCI'S Homage To The Multicultural Ethos Of India!

National Handloom Day
National Handloom Day

There is no denying that handlooms have been an integral part of both our culture and the Indian fashion industry. After the outbreak of COVID-19, the Indian government emphasized even more on the 'Made in India' sentiment.  The latest fashion news is, the Indian fashion industry is also deeply involved in the "Made In India" sentiment and has decided to pay homage to the multicultural ethos of India. 

The latest fashion news is that this campaign will not just focus on the handloom heritage of the country and fashion industry in India but will also celebrate and highlight the warriors. These are the true warriors of the Indian fashion industry as they tirelessly work with Indian processes to looms, never stepping back from the aesthetics of what is rooted in India. As the National Handloom Day is celebrated on August 7, to commemorate the Swadeshi Movement launched in 1905, the initiative also starts on the 7th of August. This initiative by the Fashion Design Council Of India and the Indian fashion industry is to create awareness and acceptance towards the craft sector producers.  


The latest fashion news is the Fashion Design Council Of India this morning posted on their Instagram official account, the official hashtag for the initiative- #vocal4handamde.

All of you must be aware that handloom weaving is one of the largest economic activities in India after agriculture. Handloom weaving provides direct and indirect employment to more than forty-three lakh weavers and workers.

The Fashion Design Council Of India, the Indian fashion industry, and the Ministry Of Textiles takes pride in bringing up this initiative. The Fashion Design Council Of India urges all to promote this initiative by sharing a picture and story of your engagement with any weaver/karigar or the handloom sector on your social media, using the Ministry’s official hashtag. 

The other major latest fashion news is to support the handloom makers, Fashion Design Council Of India is also opening the third tranche of Covid-19 Support Fund (CSF) for the weavers, to provide them financial assistance by buying unsold stocks from them.

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