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Fila Fall/Winter 2020 Collection At Milan Fashion Week

Fila Fall/Winter 2020 Collection At Milan Fashion Week


Reinhold Messner- The first person to summit Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen, wearing his unforgettable blue FILA overalls, is celebrated in the heights featured on jackets, sweatshirts, and tops, a nod to the altitude of the summits that Messner has conquered.

Fila Fall/Winter Milan Fashion Week 2020

Ingemar Stenmark – The famous reinforced and tailored, yellow and blue ski jacket that Ingemar Stenmark wore when he won the World Cup in 1978.

Fila's F/W 2020 collection

Mahre Twins-  Among the best American skiers of all time, echoed in color-blocked sweatshirts and trousers with padded 3D detailing.

Fila’s F/W 2020 collection paid tribute to the daring works of these sportsmen, who through their courage, tenacity and determination conquered the unbeatable tasks and made a name for themselves.

Fila Fall/Winter 2020

About Fila

An Italian Athleisure brand in the fashion world, founded in 1911, has evolved as the most reliable sports and lifestyle brand. In 2007, the globally recognized Fila brand was acquired by Fila Korea.

It is one of the well-renowned designers and marketers in the fashion world of footwear, activewear, casual wear and sportswear for men, women, and children. Other Fila products also include inline skates, golf clubs, sunglasses, and watches. Selling its products in more than 50 countries through outlets in Italy, France, the United States of America, Canada and South Korea, Fila has captured a major market share in the athleisure wear industry.

Fila’s mostly looked upon products include its apparel line and footwear line.

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Fila Fall/Winter 2020 fashion world of footwear

Fila at Milan Fashion Week

Fila showcased its collection on 23rd of February 2020, at the Fashion Week of Milan. The collection that was designed to celebrate the legendary achievements of winter sports consisted of neoprene, waterproof and windproof nylon, fabrics that combine wool and nylon, and tops in angora wool and fleece.

The men’s wear and women’s wear collection daunted the Fila colors such as navy, red, white, dark blue and accents in yellow and black, recreating a mark in the fashion world.

The Creative Directors Antonino Ingrasciotta and Josef Graesel through the showcase admired the achievements of the men who wore FILA and have earned a permanent place in the record books of their sport and who fill the pages of the history of the brand. With the brand’s archives as the main source of inspiration for an urban and sporty, functional, high-performance, and stylish collection, Fila unmistakably featured itself as an urban, sporting and high-performance winter wardrobe athleisure wear.

The fashion week’s collection flaunted jackets, sweatshirts, tops, color-blocked sweatshirts paired with trousers with padded 3d detailing.

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