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Finding Your Career In Fashion

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Finding Your Career In Fashion

Fashion is a wide array of multiple career choices. There is a lot on the platter, so choosing a career in fashion can be puzzling to some. To make your choices simpler, let’s break it down into three main categories Fashion designer career.


If you have a creative hunger and feel an urge to create something thoughtful. A career in design is for you. The design has a lot of aspects and offers different career paths such as fashion design, interior design, graphic design, etc. These careers demand a high creative quotient.

You can learn the fundamentals of design – color and visual compositions, surface techniques, and many other interesting elements, that will help in shaping a promising career in design. However, being creative is about boldness and being experimental with one’s perception of looking at things. One can only design when they are experimental and curious in their execution of elements, compositions, techniques, etc.

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If you have an analytical mind meaning you are good with numbers, possess a strong sense of judgment, have sharp decision-making skills, and are an organized planner. The following below can help to find your career in fashion. 

  • Fashion Buyer: Being a buyer is a challenging job that comes with many perks. It includes a lot of planning, analysis, and fashion forecasting. This might put your mind to test as a fashion professional. The judgment of spotting trends and hefty decisions of buying seasonal collections is well-suited to someone with an analytical mindset.
  • Merchandiser: There are production merchandisers who plan and execute the manufacturing of garments and accessories. This requires organizational and planning skills that take the production of a design from start to finish.

Retail merchandisers plan and execute the retailing of garments that you see in a brand’s retail outlets. They must be quick with numbers in order to keep track of inventory. There are also online merchandisers who promote products on digital mediums. They are required to have strong communication and planning skills in order to connect with multiple brands.

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Business Oriented

If you want to get into the business side of fashion, the following fields are worth exploring:

  • Sales And Business Development: Every fashion organization requires professionals who are good at sales and development, growth, brand collaborations, and PR. This requires a set of networking and communication skills such as the ability to conduct negotiations and perseverance. As you will need to convince clients about the commercial viability of your product/brand.
  • Marketing: There are many forms of marketing – both traditional and digital. You could work with the marketing departments of your favorite fashion brands in promoting the company through traditional mediums or through social media and other digital platforms.

Apart from all these career options, the digital field of fashion bloggers has grown tremendously. There are also many fashion stylists who work independently or work full-time in style departments of companies such as Cosmopolitan, Vogue, In style, etc.

All in all, fashion offers a wide variety of careers with a plethora of opportunities today. You need to match your skills with the different sets of fashion careers and see where you can bloom to the fullest. That’s the key to the right fashion Designer career for you.

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