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FKNS By Narendra Kumar Stranger Noises – Communication Of Fashion Through Amicable Words At LFWWF 2019

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FKNS By Narendra Kumar Stranger Noises – Communication Of Fashion Through Amicable Words At LFWWF 2019

The fulsome and sartorial fashion weekLakme Fashion Week Winter/ Festive 2019 has already hit the ramps with ardent inspirations and social messages at St. Reg is, Mumbai from 20th August 2019-25th August 2019. It was jointly organized by the Lakme, the no.1 cosmetic and beauty services brand in India and IMG Reliance Pvt. Ltd., leaders in sports, fashion and entertainment marketing and management. It promises to ‘redefine the future of fashion and Integrate India into the global world’ and aims to provide an uninhibited platform to exhibit unique and free-spirited collection.

designer Narendra Kumar’s

The designer Narendra Kumar’s notable and modish ramp presentation “Stranger Noises” by FKNS by Narendra Kumar which means “Fake News” was the fourth installment from his protesting label which ensures to deliver style and contemporary ideas juxtaposed with social responsibility.

Narendra Kumar

Persuaded by the social events and norms, “Stranger Noises” was a pioneer drama that reflected the conflicting mood and surroundings of the world that we live in. The opening of the show was extraordinary as usual and eccentric and the audience was subjected to eerie sounds, flashing lights, sounds of people running and then a sudden thump of silence. The show was full of bizarre and elegance. It started with a deep discussion on surreal subjects by the models as the lights increased. Models walked down the ramp and delivered the quotes from late Maya Angelou, the African- American poet, singer, memoirist and civil rights activist and turned out to be an inspiration for the collection.

Narendra Kumar FKNS

Narendra Kumar signature style of presenting athleisure, this time offered a relaxed and comfortable clothing line with tints of embroidery and imagery. The silhouettes flowed down from bomber jackets, skirts, denims, jumpsuits, jackets, tailored suits to blazers and sportswear along with knitwear and mesh. The color palette involved soft and pastel shades of pink, blue, yellow and green, which would be the color of the season.

Miss malini
influencer and entrepreneur Miss Malini

The famous influencer and entrepreneur Miss Malini walked the ramp with style in pastel blue mesh blazer, anti-fit sweatpants and black sports bra highlighted with ‘FKNS Mumbai’ sportswear strip detail. Few diverse models from his official social media handle inhaled the opportunity to walk down the ramp.

 “Stranger Noises” by FKNS by Narendra Kumar

The installment of embellishments like sequin embroidery and graffiti stole the show with other key elements like monochrome sportswear strips detailed with the branding of ‘FKNS Mumbai’ written all over. The Graffiti letters revolve around social words like diversity, love, hate, racism, beauty, walls and inclusivity which made the appearance on several garments in the form of digital prints glittered with sequin embroidery. The words had captured the minds of low spirited people. The words were written over the foreheads of the models with a black strip on the lower face of the models depicting the realism of the world.

 “Stranger Noises” by FKNS

The designer’s showstopper does not limit itself to Bollywood cocoon rather hit the ramp with something skillful and stellar choices. This time a woman in pastel green embroidered saree with a hoodie who was sitting with her back facing the audience was the key subject that delivered the spray-painted key words from his collection through his pallav of her sari. The show was closed by the 86-year-old mother, Mrs. Lakshmi Ahmed, who read the famous quotes and closed it with applause.

The designer’s collection was a serious and momentous presentation of socio-economic environment promising to break the stereotypical thoughts from society. It was beautifully mingled with modern yet trendy fashion thoughts.

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