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Freakins Introduces 100% Sterilization For Offerings

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Freakins Introduces 100% Sterilization For Offerings

"Freakins" a Superior denim workshop celebrated for its high-end fashion denim offering the latest fashion for women, takes pride in launching products with the 100% sterilization, packaged with specialized sterilized bags. This is making the latest fashion news.

Brief About 100% Sterilization 

The fashion brand “Freakins” mission has always stayed about offering comfortable and latest fashion for women, they are in the latest fashion news as the brand is now embracing the propaganda of "fashion with a purpose" to another level. The fashion brand “Freakins”, apart from providing the latest fashion for women is also concerned about the well-being of their customers, workers as well as the environment. Keeping these priorities in the mind, the fashion brand’s latest solution guarantees 100% sterilization of the product until adorned. 

Looking at the current scenario of COVID-19, from worker’s hygiene and WHO recommend measures to safe delivery, the fashion brand has made sure that each step is precisely followed to avoid the product getting in contact with the virus. The fashion brand has adopted an STW ( Sterilized Till Worn) strategy i.e. Strict Hygiene Norms in their manufacturing house. The best part about this latest fashion news is, Freakins is providing this service at no extra cost. The products will be treated with special sterilization techniques which provide 100% sterilization that is skin-friendly yet completely virus free. Maintaining the safety of the products, each clothing bag comes with a color-coded paper which will indicate the application of sterilization before and after the treatment.  

For future safety Freakins also plans to incorporate a new nanotechnology treatment on all its products in the next few months. The nanotechnology machine provides an anti-viral treatment to the denim that is suitable for everyday use and retains its fundamental properties for up to 40 washes. The anti-viral nanotechnology kills bacteria upon contact to the surface and also minimizes the potential for re-transmission of pathogens from textiles to surface.  

Freakins is in the latest fashion news as it is the first fashion brand in India to introduce and use 100% Sterilized products and special packaging to ensure the safety of the product until worn. The brand offers the latest for women, a variety of denim wearable for women like jeans, skirts, tops, joggers, dresses, shirts and jackets, assuring of high-end fashion quality products at pocket-friendly prices.  

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Commenting on this innovation Chief Operating Officer Shaan Shah says “Given the current circumstances in the world, we wanted to create and offer hygienic products to our consumers and nothing better than clothing that women can wear every day and feel comfortable yet safe. We are very proud to introduce this technology and assure the best during these testing times”.

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