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Gaurang Shah Introduces A New Khadi Collection 2019

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Gaurang Shah Introduces A New Khadi Collection 2019

Hyderabad based designer, Gaurang Shah, is a master of handcrafted pieces. The designer and his label are known for their expertise in weaving. Specializing in the Jamdani weaving craft, the designer started his label twenty years ago entering into Indian fashion as an art.

Shah has fascinated celebrities pan-India and looks set to wow his audience with his newly introduced Khadi collection. Talking about his passion for Khadi, Gaurang expressed, "I liked Khadi as a fabric because the structure of the material is worthy. As a fabric, it falls better than silk, (is more) long-lasting and affordable than silk."

He added, "I wanted to re-introduce this wonderful material to Indians and the world, showcasing this as a slice of our heritage."    

This new collection is sure to focus on Indian heritage and culture, devised with a contemporary twist. The label has reworked Khadi to make it lighter by using an 80-100 thread count, perfect for the summer season. Those in the sweltering heat of Delhi are sure to agree! The age-old material has also been revamped to keep up with contemporary taste.

"We are at the forefront, introducing Khadi with many new twists; we made Khadi lighter using an 80-100 thread count. Using Jamdani weaves, the lackluster Khadi has been woven to look brighter, with fresh light-to-dark color tones and varying textures blending with natural dyes," said Gaurang Shah.

He further added, "As a passionate campaigner of Jamdani, the label creates my sarees across 150 Khadi looms, with 100 weavers dedicated to only weaving luxurious Khadi Jamdani sarees.”

The inspiration behind his 2019 Khadi collection seems to be Shah’s experimenting outlook on fabrics.

“There is so much to explore in Khadi and I love experimenting. The Khadi legacy is as grand as our heritage architecture, culture, and art forms. For some sarees we’ve used Khadi by Khadi, in others we’ve tried Khadi and MUGA, Khadi and organza. In this collection, we’ve experimented with variation in textures for the motifs. For instance, one floral pattern may use dupion silk and in another, cotton," stated Gaurang Shah.

The designer wants to uplift Indian Jamdani to become a global fashion phenomenon. As the Indian sari is his favorite fashion piece, he wants to widen its appeal across the globe.

The new Khadi collection of label Gaurang Shah is available in Vaya in Mumbai, GAURANG - the flagship store in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Kolkata, United States and will soon be available in the UK.

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