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Gaurav Gupta At India Couture Week 2020 Celebrates "Name Is Love"!

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Gaurav Gupta At India Couture Week 2020 Celebrates "Name Is Love"!

 Gaurav Gupta's couture collection was showcased on the first day of India Couture Week 2020 along with a beautiful film. It was all over the fashion news, as the Gaurav Gupta Studio was nothing but proud to open the first-ever-digital India Couture Week. The designer not only upgraded the trends in Indian fashion, but he also showcased a film titled "Name Is Love." To know the specifications of the event, continue scrolling. 

Gaurav Gupta's Inspiration For The Latest Collection!

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As soon as the pandemic hit the world, there was a lockdown initiated. The lockdown gave the world a moment to hit pause on the routine lives, break the monotony and take a look around. It won't be wrong to say that the lockdown gave us a moment to reflect on our actions, relationships, beliefs, and values. Apart from this, the lockdown period unveiled the strength of creativity. It's now crystal clear that creativity, art, and fashionspeak the unspeakable. 

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The latest collection not only helped Gaurav to take the trends in Indian fashion to new heights, but it also helped him discover the importance of the most primal human emotion- "love." 

Gaurav's thought behind the collection is trending over the fashion news as for him- love is for all. Love: love for self, love for all genders, love for all body shapes, love for all ethnicities, love for all sexualities. Love for inclusivity.

"Name Is Love"


Gaurav Gupta's film titled "Name Is Love" elegantly showcased the authenticity and captured a sense of rawness that is vulnerable yet utterly endearing at the same time. The designers expressed- how while he and his team were casting, they discovered beautiful stories where differences and sexualities were not just accepted but celebrated. The designer felt enamored by these individuals' sheer optimism, their experiences felt familiar yet bold to him, and he thought their stories needed to be heard.

Gaurav Gupta took pride and honor to represent people's courage, honesty, and interpretation of love in its most raw form. The film showcased the story of Anjali Lama: a trans-female supermodel, Tarun: a non-binary model taking the forefront in International campaigns and owning his feminine and masculine side gracefully in front of the camera, Vee: a trans-male model effortlessly showcasing his true self, two boys in love with each other-Rudra and Anurag, Nitya: a body-positive woman, two girls in love with each other-Manauti and Anjali, who are happily living-in with their parents.


Through the collection and film, Gaurav Gupta and the team celebrated all kinds of love. During the process of making this film, they also discovered models from Jharkhand, Haryana, and Assam, who oozed the potential and confidence to take over the International runway very soon.

The "Name Is Love's" original soundtrack was written and recited by- Navkirat Sodhi, and the music composition was done by- Sahil Vasudeva.

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