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Gauri & Nainika Did Justice To Lakmé’s #Freeyourlips Theme, Showcasing New Age Feminine Collection

Gauri & Nainika Did Justice To Lakmé’s #Freeyourlips Theme, Showcasing New Age Feminine Collection

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Each and every year, Lakmé Absolute Grand Finale goes out of the way to redefine grandeur and runway trends in fashion and beauty. And this year, Lakmé Absolute Grand Finale took the celebration a notch higher with renowned designers, Gauri & Nainika making a huge comeback as the Finale Designers, showcasing new age feminine collection inspired by #FreeYourLips. And we can think of the one star perfect for endorsing the very initiative, the one and only Lakmé’s Brand Ambassador – Kareena Kapoor Khan!

Richardson & Cruddas’s magnificent venue in Mumbai turned out to be the perfect stage for the showcase of the fun, free, light and elegant collection by Gauri & Nainika. Kareena Kapoor Khan closed the show looking beautiful as ever in a stunning black gown with multiple light layers, flaunting a gorgeous Dynamite Berry lip from the new Lakmé Absolute Matte Revolution range.

#FreeYourLips also reflected through Lakmé’s latest launch of their lightest matte lipstick range, Matte Revolution.

#FreeYourLips was all about lightness with energy and not letting anything weighing you down which resonated with Gauri & Nainika’s design philosophy. Their collection reflected power dressing of the 80’s to the golden era, that are fun and free, having sharp detailing, dramatic and flowy silhouettes, vintage botanical illustrations and intricate embroideries with a touch of shimmer in striking hues. The color scheme was inspired by the bold and striking shades of the Matte Revolution Lipstick range.

The designer duo stated at the show, “Coming back to the Lakmé Absolute Grand Finale was very special as we have started our fashion journey with Lakmé Fashion Week years back. Our collection centered around Lakmé’s theme of #FreeYourLips which means not letting anything weigh you down which we truly stand for. We’ve always stood up for what we believe in and it was exciting to dress up the stunning Kareena who personifies women empowerment herself.”

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Kareena Kapoor Khan also talked about the Finale, “I love coming to the Finale as it always manages to surprise me with the fabulous fashion and beauty trends. Gauri & Nainika are strong women who truly represent the sentiment of #FreeYourLips which is all about being liberated. It was exciting to adorn their stunning collection. This season was also about the lightest matte lipstick, Matte Revolution. My instant favorite from the range is the Dynamite Berryshade.”

Ashwath Swaminathan, Head of Innovations at Lakmé commented on the Grand Finale and the designer duo, Gauri & Nainika as they brought Lakmé’s theme of #FreeYourLips to life in such an incredible way! He said that the mélange of their fluid and dramatic garments, the light setting, the show’s energy and Kareena’s powerful presence made for an extraordinary show!

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