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Get Roll-On Massage With Facial Rollers

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Get Roll-On Massage With Facial Rollers

The ancient beauty tool is back in trend with some benefits added to the face care routine.

Face rollers or facial rollers is the new craze on Instagram and Pinterest. But what are the benefits, which one is the best, and how it contributes to our face care routine? Let's find it out.  

Face roller is a modish and popular tool used for massaging your face. It seems to be very useful as it helps to contour the skin and improves blood circulation by regular massaging. It is a voguish beauty trick that enhances our look of the skin. It comes with several benefits to the face and the overall well-being of a person. 

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Facials Using Jade Rollers

1. Boost the circulation- Using a face roller to massage your face helps in improving the circulation of the blood of a particular area. Practicing this beauty trick for 5 minutes daily for a few weeks helps in the overall improvement in the circulation. 

2. Reduces puffiness of the face- It is useful around the eyes as rollers help in reducing the puffiness and smoothens the under-eye area. Also, it helps in removing the extra fluid collected in some areas of the face, hence reducing the puffiness. 

3. Skin-tightening - Massaging your face helps in increasing the levels of proteins and makes it look firmer, which further helps in removing the wrinkle effects. Thus,  making our skin look tightened up and contoured. 

With the necessary benefits to the skin, face rollers come with false claims like

• Reduces the face fat- It does not reduce the fat of the face. It is not effective in a  weight loss of the face and neck area. 

• Solving medical problems- It does not cure any medical issue or problem as it is an external beauty idea, followed in a face care routine

Today, there are plenty of face rollers available in the market, which assures different benefits. But which one is the best with maximum benefits? 

Face rollers are made-up of gemstones, crystals, and plastics. But the best one is the face roller made up of gemstones, as it has its own benefits that are useful for skin. Face rollers are made with different gemstones, and they are designed to match the changing needs of the skin. 

Rose Quartz

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Rose Quartz

One of the powerful stones, helps in increasing the blood circulation, calms the skin, and removes the waste and toxin elements from the skin. It purifies and rejuvenates your skin. 

Black Obsidian

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Black Obsidian

This stone is useful in protecting against negative energy and detoxifies the skin. It is a powerful stone that helps in stress removal, balance your skin tone, and also tightens up the skin. 

Green Jade repair

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Green Jade 

This gemstone comes with lots of benefits like balancing your heart,  enhances your confidence level, and increases your spirituality. Face roller made with green jade calms the puffiness, smoothens the skin cells, and smoothens the skin cells. White Jade- This stone is powerful in promoting peace and harmony. It refreshes the skin,  contours the face, reduces the tiredness of the skin, and brightens your skin. 

History of face rollers

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The ancient tool owes its importance since ancient China. The nobility of China or the elite class of China used this beauty trick that would rejuvenate the skin and made it look fresh and cool. The jade stone helped in relaxing the nervous system and removes the unwanted elements from the skin. Also, it is associated with harmony, peace, and prosperity. The rolling action increases circulation and tones the muscles and makes us relaxed. The women of China used this beautiful and colored tool, also known as the "Stone of Heaven" that made them look beautiful and ageless. 

How to use face rollers 

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With so much of crazy- colored pictures and benefits, the use of facial rollers have become a  curiosity and very much a part of face care routine. The face rollers are easy to use.

• First, apply an oil serum, or moisturizer. 

• Start rolling in an upward direction from the neck. Never roll down back and forth use in an upward direction. 

• For a contoured jawline, start rolling from the jawline and goes to the ears with gentle pressure.  

• In the upward direction only, for the forehead, start from the forehead and goes to the temples. 

• Flatten your eyebrows using a roller 

The face rollers are very much part of the face care routine. They not only rejuvenate the skin but also helps in smoothening the oil or serum. With usage, cleaning is also necessary.  Use a clean washcloth to clean the excess oil and cream. One can also use soap or face wash and rinse thoroughly. Also, never put the roller into the hot water or soak it in the water.  Then, dry the roller on a dry cloth and put it horizontally. 

Keep the crystal face roller in cold zones, as they are naturally cold, and using a chilled roller tightens the pores, relaxes the skin, and removes the darkness from under the eyes. It is a  refreshing beauty idea that helps in rejuvenating, adds more oxygen and nutrients to the skin.  It should be used two-three times a week. 


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From where to buy Face rollers 

There are many face rollers available online and offline. The stand-alone stores or shopping websites are the best to shop from, like the Body shop, Revlon, and Sephora. Online websites like Amazon, Dromen & Co, and Nykaa. But the best is Jade rollers and Amethyst roller. 

Roll-on massaging with a face roller is an exciting beauty idea that helps in increasing circulation, smoothens the skin, but it cannot make you lose weight or permanently reduces the puffiness. It is always advisable to use face rollers on a clean face and clean the roller after every use to prevent the bacteria from spreading.

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