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Health And Fitness Checklist Before You Go For A Trek

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Health And Fitness Checklist Before You Go For A Trek

Trekking in the last few years has become one of the most prominent ways to spend your holidays. However, treks can be tiring as it involves a wailing through upward sloping or rocky paths. You can turn up the mountain treks with nothing but a song in your heart. However, you might be in a state of shock after beginning trekking at your dream destination.

Without having some pre-trek training and maintaining a certain physical fitness level, trekking is really hard. The toll for a superb striking experience is paid in sweat. Aching quads and sore calves are badges of honor with blisters of pride.

However, in return, you get some of the pristine, breathtaking scenery of nature. But there is a pro tip, the more you train yourself with the health and fitness tips, the easier it will be for you. It is crucial to maintain good physical fitness levels, enough hydration, and nutrition that will prepare you to complete the adventure without facing any health issues.

Checklist of health and fitness before going on a trek

  • Begin Your Training

This seems like the most apparent part of your health and fitness checklist, however, most people skip this. The best way to make yourself ready foralong trek is to start walking. You should begin with walking for short distances and work up to the distance you will be trekking on your trip. When you begin your training, spare a day between each walk to let your body recover the energy. But as you get comfortable, try to do to and fourth session every day as it will build your stamina.

Leg Based Cardio
Leg Based Cardio
  • Make Leg-Based Cardio Part Of Your Daily Routine

Apart from doing long walks, you should also start doing some leg-based cardio every day. Cycling is incredible for building up your leg muscles and keeping up with your health checklist. However, football, soccer, swimming, and squash are all great too.

  • Take The Stairs Every Chance You Get

Stair climbing is one of the best ways for building up quads and calves while keeping up with your health and fitness checklist, so take the stairs instead of using elevators or escalators when you are out.

  • Make Sure You’re Walking Properly

You have been doing it since you were a kid, however, it is super important to survey how you are walking and to check if you are doing it correctly. Make sure you are touching the ground with your heel first and then rolling onto your toe. Try to walk while keeping your head up, shoulders leveled up, and eyes forward.

Mix Up Your Training
Mix Up Your Training
  • Mix Up Your Training Terrain

When you are on a trek, it is unlikely that you will be walking along straight roads, so avoid solely on level roads and footpaths. Rather, try to train on upward sloping surfaces that will be similar to the trails on the trek.

  • Be Ready To Walk In All Types Of Weather

It is unlikely that you will get perfect weather on the trek throughout your trip, so prepare yourself withahealth and fitness checklistfor all kinds of weather conditions by walking in rainy, windy, cold, humid, and warm conditions.

Using Walking Poles
Using Walking Poles
  • Try Using Walking Poles

When you are lumbering down on the trail, or navigating trails, walking poles are sure to become your best friends. As they tend to take the pressure off your knees on the downs and provide you extra support on the upward slopes so incorporate walking poles in your training session.

  • Train With A Backpack

On almost all your tweaking trips, you will be carrying a small backpack packed with your essentials. So, with all your training sessions, make sure you are challenging your strength with a weighted backpack

Good Pair Of Shoes
Good Pair Of Shoes
  • Invest In A Good Pair Of Shoes

Your feet are the most crucial part of your body on a trek, and it does not take much to keep them in good shape. First invest in water-resistant, good-quality hiking boots. Then, wear them in on your training runs, to work, on walks to the shop. Also, stock up your closet with good hiking socks that will provide moisture and keep your feet dry while maintaining your physical fitness.

I Knock Fashion Desk

Trekkers often forget about the pre-trekking preparations before going on a trek and end up getting tired at the very beginning of the trek. To make the fullest out of your trip, one of the best and the most fruitful health and fitness tips is to prepare well.

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