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Here’s How You Can Style With Fur

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Here’s How You Can Style With Fur

The majority of Celebrities, Models, and Fashionistas from all over have voiced their opinions against wearing or manufacturing of fur in regards to the latest fashion trends. There are some who have boycotted it all together and the rest protest by wearing fake fur aka faux fur. Faux fur has become the rage and you’ll see the top stars donning it, on frequent occasions in winters. The animal-friendly trend has become a street style movement after top fashion houses like Gucci, Givenchy, Burberry, etc. parted ways with real fur. 

Not only is faux fur a blatant copy of the real thing, but its also affordably chic and cozy. So, here we’ll talk about how fashion bloggers and influencers have explained their styles for you and styling with fur will inspire your winter closet. 

Celebrities styling with fur

Starting off with a member of the Kar-Jen clan, Kendall Jenner, with her exquisite looks, has always been a source of inspiration for all of us. America’s favorite model has been spotted by the shutterbugs several times wearing a vintage faux fur coat and pairing it with jeans and chic heels for a touch of sophistication. 

World’s topmost influencer, Chiara Ferragni also paired a Nina Ricci fur coat with a leather beret and dress to match her persona. Selena Gomez went for a monochromatic look as she paired a nude-toned fur coat and dress from Coach for a red-carpet event. Bella Hadid, another famous model was also spotted wearing a Marei 1998 fur coat, signature patched Re/Done jeans and statement ankle booties from iRi. 

Rita Ora gave in to the drama as she channeled Jamiroquai in a furry hat from British designer Emma Brewin. A couple of other big stars like Charlie XCX, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian have been captured rocking the faux fur trend too.

Fur v/s Faux fur

A good fur coat is like a piece of armor, something that protects us from the cruel world outside and makes you feel fabulous. To the ones who love wearing a real fur coat or accessory, you need to get a reality check and see how these furs are manufactured. The video clips will horrify you! According to the latest fashion trends, there are some super-stylish faux fur options in the market and the synthetic process used to create faux fur just keeps getting better and better – so much, that it has become important to follow strict guidelines to make sure you are actually buying faux fur. Some coats, vests, and jackets that are labeled faux (or synthetic) aren’t always 100% synthetic so chances are you might be getting the real deal.

In terms of what is preferred more, faux fur is something that has been in the market for a while now, considering the animal protection laws becoming stricter by the day. As time moves on, there is no escaping fur’s nature. Barbara Coignet, founder of Paris-based 1.618 Sustainable Luxury says that there are a few alternatives in terms of clean fake fur, so the question is how to collect and recycle, or upcycle what already exists. Burak Cakmak, dean of fashion at Parsons School of Design, NY says that “We’re still not there with lab-grown leather as a viable material and fur is vastly more complicated. Nobody seems to be working on it as well. It isn’t a top priority when compared to medicine and other biological research that is seen as more important and lucrative.”

The real choice isn’t between fur or faux. Those who really care but still look for satiating their urges should know how to style with fur by either opting for vintage fur or synthetically made, high-quality faux fur.

How to style with fur?

There’s nothing like wearing a faux fur coat in winter. Indeed, there are other options like a classic trench or a sporty bomber but there’s something fabulous about putting on a fur silhouette. It’s the nature of fur that keeps your ensemble lit and amps up your basic look in minutes. From classic neutrals to animal prints, a faux fur coat adds a touch of luxury to any outfit you wear. You can wear it with classic or ripped denim, leather pants, leggings/tights, etc. 

With talented fashion bloggers and influencers, here’s how you can style your fur coats, without looking extra. You can go for a – casual, sporty, eclectic, hobo-chic, granny-style, normcore or retro look when donning fur. Pair them with jeans, t-shirts, ugly sweaters, combat/motorcycle boots, ankle boots, sneakers, hoodies, leggings and more. And if you do want to look the extra mile, team up your fur with heels, stilettoes, over the knee boots, vinyl, leather, midi dresses, evening dresses, bold lips, or an all-vintage look. 

From the IKF desk 

Fur has definitely been doing the rounds for several centuries, faux fur doing it for lesser. Whether it’s paired as an accessory or as a statement piece, it is sure to stay in the industry. With many fashionistas and A-listers rocking this trend so effortlessly,  natural fur will always be a luxury and a timeless piece but faux fur seems to be what will dominate the future of fashion.

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