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Hey Man! Looking To Style Your Hair?

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Hey Man! Looking To Style Your Hair?

Every man understands the power of a good hairstyle. A good hairstyle can make an ordinary look more attractive. It can charm people around you and enhance your look. You can stand in a crowd and your hairstyle can make you stand apart. This is why the modern man is conscious of his hairstyle and so we bring you a guide to make the most of your tresses. 

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It is important to look neat and leave an impression at your workplace. Every day is a new challenge and it requires you to look your best. Here are some stylish looks for you to stand out in your office. 

Side partition 

Well combed side-parted hair is the traditional good boy look. It makes you look decent and adds character to your face. However, the modern-day style has men partly shave their head from one side and have longer hair on the other. 

Back brush 

If you want to ditch your conventional hairstyle, then back brush should be your option. This style enhances your look without any effort. All you have to do is overturn your hair and back brush them nicely. You are ready with a decent office look. 

Slightly raised sleek 

If you want to drift away from the conventional hairstyles and look stylish without going over the top then, this semi-casual hairstyle is for you. This style is all about slightly lifting the frontal part of your backcombed hair and you are ready to grab all the eyeballs at work. 


While ‘what to wear’ must be your biggest concern when invited to a party, you keep wondering how to style your hair at the back of your head. Styling your hair is one of the easiest ways to enhance your look. So, here are a few hit looks of this season to compliment your style. 

beauty tips for men
Comb your hair and let the front be free to show your style

Wet hair look 

These  men hairstyles provide more sheen and can be worn in different ways. This easy to achieve hairstyle requires you to dry your wet hair with a towel and roughly set them in the position you want. Now, apply a hair styling gel to your hair and let it set naturally. 

The curly or wavy look

This hairstyle offers a perfect balance between rugged and refined that offers a textural finish to your hair. If you have straight hair, then you will have to put in a little effort and curl your hair using a curling rod. Once you’ve achieved desired curls, roughly run your fingers through it and separate the curls. But if you have naturally wavy or curly hair, the work is much simpler for you. Just apply any curl-enhancing product and blow-dry your hair. You will be ready to grab all the attention at the party. 

Big hair 

Cut them funky, have a shorter length at the back with a little longer side front

This hairstyle is sure to grab all the eyeballs, making a perfect party statement. Once considered almost impossible to achieve, we will help you create your desirable quaff or pompadour. Start with blow-drying your hair, while brushing it away using a vent brush. This will help you achieve volume while making your hair look smooth. Now apply a styling fudge or dust to stiffen and support your elevated hair. Finally, set it with your favorite hair spray and you are ready to rock the party. 


A wedding is the most special day of a man and a woman’s life. Even though it may look much easier for men to dress up, it’s actually not. They too spend a great deal of time deciding their clothes and hairstyle. Here are a few wedding hairstyles that will help you look the perfect you on your special day. 

Short pompadour 

While long pompadour is a great party hairstyle, short pompadour looks great at a wedding. In this men's hairstyle, the sides are usually short or faded and the top hair is set to linger. 

Textured and tousled 

This is a little messy hairstyle, which actually adds a lot of character to your look. All you need is to make your hair textured and tousled hair a bit messy and compliment them with a groomed beard. 

Ivy league 

As the name suggests, this is the most sophisticated hairstyle. This old school hairstyle is still an evergreen formal hairstyle. All this hairstyle requires is a well-gelled side parting that slowly ends into the faded sides. 

Hairstyling for men 

Hairstyling is not just for women anymore. Men have equally become very conscious of how their hair looks. Therefore, they are more open to trying new things and experiment with their hair. Here is a list of few hair styling products that will help you guys get the best look that you want to achieve. 

beauty and fashion
Whether long or short hair embrace them and wear them with confidence

Ustraa hair wax for styling 

This new brand creates only premium hair care tips for men. This wax has been formulated with natural ingredients and essential oils and above all, this is SLS and paraben-free which is much healthier for hair. This wax gives a natural look by retaining its natural oil. 

L’Oreal Paris Professional Tecni Art Fix Max hair styler

This hair styling product has the quality of protecting hair fiber from damage from the sun. Its quick-drying formula leaves no residue and gives a perfect hold to the perfect hairstyle. 

Organix org anti-breakage keratin oil instant repair weightless healing oil hair styler

Unlike any conventional hair styling product, this is an oil styling product that focuses more on strengthening and protecting your hair. It also defends hair from split ends while giving them a luscious look. 

Wella professional thermal image dry heat protection spray hair styler

Styling hair also means continuous action of blow dryer and iron. This product helps your hair gain protection from all these external factors while letting you keep experimenting with your styles. 

Garnier Fructis style perfect & hold hairspray 3 hair styler

A hair styling spray is a must in every man’s styling shelf. This hair spray provides great hold to your hair by making them a little thicker and non-silky. 

You can play with your hair and create different hairstyles for different occasions using the above-mentioned products. These products are easily available in the market and are a must in every man’s styling shelf.

IKF Desk on  Hey Man! Looking To Style Your Hair?

With the beauty market expanding into the men's beauty, skincare, and hair care tips it is essential for them to use products that suit their hair type and wear their hair according to the event and place. IKF has tried to bring out a few easy hair games that can be done quickly and easily by men.

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