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Highlights Of Day 4: Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week SS'21!

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Highlights Of Day 4: Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week SS'21!

The first-of-its-kind Phygital Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week had both- creativity and craft. However, day four of the event was laudable. The Indian fashion designers set the mood for spring-summer 2021 with numerous shades and loud hues alike. It portrayed a play of summery prints and silhouettes with minimal construction. I Knock Fashion by now has given the in-depth specifications of days one, two, and three, so in case you've missed them, do not forget to take a look.  

The day fourth opened with designer Nikhita Tandon of Mynah Designs launching her collection 'Enchanted' through a film presentation. Keep scrolling to see the highlights from the designs featured at Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2021.

"Enchanted" By Nikhita Tandon

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Nature's beauty is a perfect therapy for charging and enchanting one's soul. The famous Indian fashion designer- Nikhita Tandon got inspired by the beauty of nature, which unlocked her creativity and imagination. The Indian fashion designer unveiled her latest Spring Summer'21 collection at the first-ever Phygital Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week. Her latest collection takes inspiration from the various shades and colors of our mother planet. 'Enchanted' is a collection that showcases the beauty of wildflowers, trees, leaves, and other natural elements. The work is a kind of imaginary forest. The color palette contains- earthy-soft colors. Fabrics in use are luxurious and soft. Nikhita Tandon's signature sequin is also there in the collection with metallic shades. The collection includes body fit gowns with deep necklines.  The attires are beautifully hand embroidered.

"Connected" By Tisharth- Shivani Jain


Tisharth by Shivani Jain, the Indian fashion designer, never fails to give us dressing sense goals. The designer always does her part right to upgrade the fashion in India with her creativity and experimenting with silhouettes and cuts.  The designer unearthed her Spring Summer'21 collection at the first-ever Phygital Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week, which was titled 'Connected.'

Her latest designs represented the women who stay in touch with themselves even in the toughest and most uncertain times. The collection dedicates to the women who stay connected to the world and themselves in any circumstances. It depicts that fashion in India gives confidence to people. It works as an uplifting element in uncertain times.  Her collection is a celebration of people who came out as winners in such an unprecedented period. The color palette includes pop and metallic colors to spread goodwill and positivity.

"Take Me To The Water" By Nidhi Yasha


The Indian fashion designer- Nidhi Yasha and her label work to create fashion in India that is global and edgy, along with staying connected to the Indian roots. Her Spring Summer'21 collection showcased at the Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week was named "Take Me To The Water."

This representation of Nidhi Yasha showcases how humans are craving peace and normalcy after the pandemic struck the world. The designs show the sufferings caused due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and the yearnings of humans for rhythm. Inspired from the sounds of nature, "Take Me To The Water" is nostalgic, gentle, and romantic. With light and sheer fabrics, the silhouettes are dreamy. The designs portray waterfalls by ruffles.

The surfaces are delicate with beaded tassels that are ombre dyed. The color palette took inspiration from mysterious underwater, untouched beaches, and soft mauves of evening skies. The outfits are embroidered with Koi Fish accent embroidery.

'Guzel' By Nikita Mhaisalkar

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Nikita Mhaisalkar's latest collection- 'Guzel' amalgamates fashion in India with the beauteous soul of Turkey. It consists of heavy luxurious fabrics that represent the glamour of Turkey.  It includes vintage corsets, majestic kaftans, masterful jackets, sharply tailored evening suits, and balloon hemmed maxis. The designs are inspired by Aegean Olive groves to eastern steppe, magical minarets, tea gardens, hidden Ottoman Hans, and Labyrinth souk bazaars. The dreamy collection looks forward to showcasing the art of Turkey. Traditional baroque embroidery in gold and bronze is designed with elevating precious color stones. The signature carpets prints and designs are used in the collection to make it eloquent.  Traditional handloom crafts and techniques and sustainable Bamboo jersey add uniqueness to the garments. Travel is something we all missed in the Corona period. Hence, these designs take us to roam around the art and culture of Turkey.

'allogamy' By Bloni

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Bloni, a label that is shifting fashion in India towards a person's personality, launched their Spring Summer'21 collection at Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week Spring Summer'21. The brand believes in promoting sustainability and therefore uses several sustainable practices. The latest designs by Bloni were a presentation of the world where creating hybrids through cross-pollination will be a survival instinct.  'Allogamy' shows the reality where there will be a possibility of altering the anatomy.  It also represents the free, wild, undisturbed growth in nature. Allogamy represents a world where nature rules. It showcases our relationship with mother nature. It shows a contemporary society where hybrids will survive instead of homogeneous identity.

"Indian High" By Virtues

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Virtues the clothing label presented their Spring Summer'21 collection at Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week Spring Summer'21 and influenced our dressing sense. Virtues named it 'Indian High.' The designs promote fun with clothing. It shows how one can enjoy being fashionable. The outfits give gypsy and monochrome vibes.  The collection is created with the handloom techniques of Mashru from Patan. The color palette presents vibrant colors of Mashru with black and white ensembles. It consists of robes, jackets, anarkalis (in chanderi) that are paired along with comfortable trousers, skirts, and jumpsuits. To add shine and, glamour the outfits are decorated with mirror work from Kutch. The apparels have digital prints inspired by Raja Ravi Verma prints. The thread and mirror work from Kutch does the detailing part right. Bead detailing completes the look.

"Bloom In Love" By Geisha Designs

Fashion in India is often influenced by the festive season. The clothing label Geisha Designs by Paras & Shalini have given us some dressing sense ideas for the festive season by presenting their latest Spring Summer'21 collection at Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week Spring Summer'21. The garments under 'Bloom in Love' promote the basics of life that is to enjoy it. The designers feel that we often forget to have fun in life and instead live and see life through other's eyes. The lightness of the outfits shows the carefree and happy essence of life. The floral prints represent the merriment of life. The designs denote that as flowers need sunshine to bloom, we too need love to bloom in life. It promotes the concept of self-love. The dresses are flowy and breezy.

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