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How Can You Change Your Skincare Routine From Winter To Spring-Summer?

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How Can You Change Your Skincare Routine From Winter To Spring-Summer?

Your skin protects you from every unfavorable circumstance the environment offers to you. People face several skin problems in different weather conditions.
At these times, a skincare routine is essential. Taking care of your skin can be a very bumpy time in winters and summers as well.

Skin problems Faced During Winters:

  • Winters are tended to be a rough season, the cold dry air can affect your skin and you may end up with itchiness, redness, and irritated skin. Due to the blustery situations outside, the skin turns raw as the indoor heat traps the moisture from your skin and the air.

Even sitting in front of a fireplace can dry your skin and create patches onto your skin.


  • Acne Problems (Back and Face) – Usually, oil that happens to be on your skin can cause clogged pores, but in winters the water intake of a normal individual becomes very less and the skin becomes dehydrated. Acne occurs on your face, back chest, and other plain areas of your body. Apply all the beauty tricks 2021 to get your desired skincare routine if you face similar problems.

Skin Problems Faced During Summers:

  • During summers, your skin is mostly moist. The skin experiences pricking and burning, pain and discomfort, and lumps start to appear. The skin begins to crack and swell simultaneously.
  • In summers, your sweat glands get blocked which causes serious acne problems.
  • When the bacteria of the air mix with the sweat, it clogs your pores that are the main reasons for acne breakouts.
  • Uneven Skin Tone – Sun exposure could cause hyperpigmentation. The sun triggers the production of melanin cells.
  • The skin oils start to accumulate near the areas of the nose and forehead making the skin pale looking and dull.

Main Concerns To Address The Coming Summer:

The summer season can be beautiful in terms of sights, but also very harmful to the skin. The skin requires essential care in the summertime. It needs to be taken care of according, to all the summer skin routines the beauty tricks 2021 brought to us.

The summer skincare routines of this year include several kinds of brand new products that are introduced in the market for making your skin better than ever before.

  • Body Odour: During summers, our skin sweats, the main cause of sweating is the high temperature the summer causes. Our body secretes water outside from the skin, when the water doesn't dry; it leaves a bad odor over the skin.
  • To avoid body odors, make sure you consume plenty of water during the summer and especially carry a water bottle with you all the time. Water makes your skin glow, and your skin doesn’t lose its charm.
  • Take regular baths to avoid the accumulation of water around your skin. Your skin’s hair entraps the water and it needs to be washed off regularly and every day.
  • Use talcum powders to treat your skin with nice fragrances and some specific talcum powders protect your skin from UV rays and some also come with coolants.
  • Wear Clean Undergarments, Use Clean Socks And Wear Washed Clothes – The area around your body affects your skin's surroundings. Wash your clothes regularly and get organized with the spring-summer skincare routine which states that the clothes around your skin entrap the sweat and cause a bad smell over the clothes.

How To Change Your Winter Skincare Routine To A Summer Skincare Routine:

With the change in your wardrobe from winters to summers, there is a serious requirement of a fresh skincare routine as well. It requires changes like:

  • Gel ToFoam Cleansers: The oil presence on your skin changes from low to high in regards to the weather change. Foam cleansers are best for removing excessive summer skin oil from your skin.
  • No Creamy Moisturizers: Your winter skin requires rich moisture because of the flaky skin the dry air causes. But during the summers, those creamy moisturizers will increase the moisture level of your skin and your skin will appear oily and dull. Instead, use a hydrating serum or gels during the summers, it will maintain the moisture levels of your skin and your skin will appear fresh and glowing.
  • Sun Protection: A thick sunscreen lotion could be oily for your skin. Instead, jump onto a mattifying sunscreen that is a part of the latest beauty tricks 2021. The mattifying sunscreen can be enhanced with a pressed powder or a foundation to avoid the shabby greasy look on the face.
Face Mask
Face Masks
  • Face Masks: In the latest spring skincare routine, face masks are given way more importance than before. This is because of the laze people have gained due to the lockdown. Natural facemasks are the new high in the latest summer skincare routine.
  • Toner: A toner is a come-along product from winters to summers. During the summers, the face secretes excessive oil, which requires a toner to set it off. The toner helps soothe the skin and fresh up your face. Apply it especially near the nose, and your forehead as they are the oiliest areas of your face.
Aloe Vera Gel Image Courtesy sandbetweenmypiggies Pinterest
Aloe Vera Gel Image Courtesy sandbetweenmypiggies Pinterest

Natural Home Care Remedies To Revitalize Your Skin:

  • To Soothe Up An Oily And Itchy Face: Summer comes along with excessive oil over the face, to avoid that, soothe on a plantain cream and to go even more natural, use some aloe Vera, chamomile, or calendula. These natural products have anti-inflammatory properties that protect the skin from harmful sun rays.
  • This beauty trick has the best properties to avoid skin allergies because of high summer temperatures and skin burns: First, mix a tablespoon of baking soda with water to create a thick paste. Apply the paste onto the affected areas of your face; wash it off after leaving it for a complete 10 minutes.This will offer you quick relief and try doing it twice in one day.

I Knock Fashion Desk:

The blog contains the latest spring summer 2021 beauty tricks to the summer skin concerns of anybody. The winters require a different set of skincare schedule while the summers can be very hard on oily skin types and require utmost attention.

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