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How Do Festivals Influence Fashion And Consumer Buying Patterns In India?

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How Do Festivals Influence Fashion And Consumer Buying Patterns In India?

Festival Fashion is one of the most celebrated spaces that manifest the creative and artistic ideas of fashion designers encapsulated through the latest fashion trends and also the consumer buying pattern in India,

Festivals are culturally rooted and a way to celebrate different aspects of life. They add happiness, joy, and glister to our lives. It is the time to rejoice special moments with friends and family and get yourself under the best filters and captions for social media, embracing the latest fashion trendsThey do influence our fashion choices and buying patterns in India.

All the festivals have religious significance. The greatness and value of every culture and heritage lie in its festival celebration. Being a part of Indian culture opens up bountiful options to be part of different festivals. The cultural diversification opens the window for every festival to be celebrated magnificently and with grandiosity. Festivals influence fashion as this becomes the best time to explore new fashion ideas and trends.

Festivals influence our fashion choices and thus buying patterns in India as we adopt traditional clothing or ethnic wear. The latest fashion for women and men is best displayed near festive occasions. Festivals play a vital role in the changing fashion styles as fashion designers come up with their latest collections near the festivities. Festivals are a part of fashion, and festivals influence upcoming fashion trends. These are the celebratory events that every individual wants to celebrate in perfect style and with great looks.

In India, the joy of festivals lies in dressing up in the latest fashion trends having cultural connections. Lot many festivals give a chance to experiment with style and trends. Different festivals like Baisakhi, Eid, Navratri, Diwali, Pongal, and many more are celebrated in their traditional clothing styles. It gives a chance to be experimental and creative with fashion ideas. Buy an online dress or get it from stand-alone store festival clothing is highly fashionable that tends to attract people. It brings a change to the consumer buying patterns in IndiaClothing consumption changes with significant figures when festivals are around the corner as they become one of the core reasons to buy clothes. During this time, the fashion market is highly active as everyone tends to experiment with colors, jewelry, and ethnic choices.

Traditional Wear
Traditional Wear Image courtesy @pinterest

Traditional wear becomes the go-to dressing style that is highly favorable during these times. But with the changing times and changing fashion choices, comfortable ethnic wear becomes the latest choice. Traditional wear or ethnic wear like Kurtis, salwar-kameez, palazzos, dhoti pants, shararas, and ghararas becomes the fashion trend during those times. One can find these latest styles at online and offline shopping portals and websites that come up with trending styles along with great shopping deals. Festival shopping fascinates everyone as it is brimming with the latest trends for women and men. 

Also, it is time for fashion designers to bring out their creativity through their festive collections. They tend to design modish and yet comfortable clothing. It can be a runway collection projected through fashion shows, and sometimes it can be exhibitions and stalls put around the festival time. Specifically, near Diwali and Dussehra, fashion labels and designers showcase their latest fashion trends for women by organizing small-scale events at hotels. Designers contrive to special festival discounts and deals that help in increasing sales. Festival fashion becomes one of the biggest headliners during the festival time due to the increased sales. Festivals influence the fashion market in every aspect as it reshapes the consumer buying pattern in India, design ideas, and buying techniques.

The festival shopping becomes effortless when made available at ease with just the click of a button. Festivals are the high-time fashion idea that changes the buying patterns in India. Buying patterns refers to the changing habits of buying products because of time, frequency, and occasion. With numerous festivals celebrated across India, it changes the frequency for festival outfits as people are willing to buy new clothes around the festivities all the time. Every year, fashion markets experience a high-tide graph that shows the increased sales during festivals. Also, online availability has made everything easily accessible and contributed a lot to the changing buying patterns. More accessibility to buy an online dress at reasonable prices is the other factors responsible for the revolution in fashion. The growing digitalization and current pandemic situation have brought hype in the online fashion markets by increasing easy shopping ideas as 50% of the consumers are buying online that change the consumer buying pattern.

The consumer buying pattern changes around the festival time. People tend to shop for festive outfits that relate to more investment in the apparel market. Urbanization can be one of the factors that affect consumer behavior for shopping.

Ethnic wear has become the latest fashion trend in India for festivals as they are more comfortable. They are more occasion-oriented but contribute a lot to the statistics of the fashion market. "The ethnic wear market is also expected to grow at ~7.8 percent and reach nearly USD 30 bn in FY 2025 from USD 20.6 bn in FY 2020", mentioned in one of the reports of the Indian Fashion Market, June 2020. Fashion spurs around the festival time, and the fashion market grows with increased sales of fashionable festive outfits.

How To Dress Up For Upcoming Eid And Navratri Festivals?

The consumption of fashion is always higher during festivities. The upcoming festivals like Eid and Navratri give a chance to dress up nicely. But the ongoing pandemic situation limits us to stay home and enjoy. Staying at home in the latest fashion trends and celebrating the festival is what we are looking forward to.

Eid Outfit
Eid Outfit Image courtesy @pinterest

For Eid, celebrated by Muslims, girls can dress up in a short kurta and pants with different colors like green, red, and gold. Women can go for traditional wear like heavy-embellished suits.  

Navratri Outfit
Navratri Outfit Image courtesy @pinterest

Navratri is a colorful festival celebrated with a dress code of Chanya-choli and signature dance style-Garba with Dandiya. Ditch the traditional styles and embrace the latest ethnic wear for the latest fashionable looks.

  • An orange embroidered jacket with a red-short shirt and two-tone dhoti pants can transmit the energetic and colorful vibes.
  • Heavily embroidered dupatta with white salwar and kameez can be comfortable and yet can look chic. 
  • A black kurta and pants with colorful embroideries can be team up for a celebration. 

I Knock Fashion Desk 

Fashion is everywhere, and it surrounds us every time, but festival-time brings a new fashionable vibe that is enjoyable and likable. Everyone wants to look best and choose their best festival outfit to be part of the festival fashion revolution. The cultural and emotional thread attached to the celebration of festivals changes our mind that follows the idea to dress up in the latest fashion trends in India.  

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