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How Is Scarf Every Women's Best Friend?

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How Is Scarf Every Women's Best Friend?

Ever wondered how scarf became the high brow accessory of the fashion culture? Originated back in the time of ancient Egypt and Rome, the scarf has come a long way both in International and Indian fashion. Consider the blog as a complete piece of brief about this magical fashion accessory "Scarf".  

'Scarves are a great way to express your personality'

Brief history of scarves

Brief history of scarves

The modern scarf is originated all the way back from Ancient Egypt, it is said that the first recorded scarf was adorned by Queen Nefertiti. The queen was said to have worn a “tightly woven scarf topped with a conical headdress” in 1350 BC. 

Scarves back then had different significance for different people, like for the Chinese Emperor Cheng, scarves made out of clothes were utilized to mark the military ranks. They continued to play a major role and were adorned in accordance to the military rankings, the higher ranked wore silk scarves and the lower ranked soldiers wore cotton scarves. 

It was mainly after 19th century that scarves became a celebrated fashion accessory, earlier the scarves were utilized as a sweat cloth, or to keep things clean, but this notion transformed when fashion designers saw the potential to capitalize on several fabrics and amazing designs voicing out of countries like India.

The first ready-to-wear scarf was designed by the French fashion empire Hermes. Designed in 1837, the ready-to-wear scarf had graphic designs and the fabric was silk. In the same year, the fashion industry of Europe and America embraced scarves after Queen Victoria took her throne and popularized beautiful silk cravats with stellar graphic prints. Here again the designs and fabrics were used to denote class rankings, and served to glorify fashion culture. The journey of modern scarf began from here. 

Progress of scarves!

With scarves becoming popular, manufacturers experimented with different types of fabrics, which included silk, cashmere, chiffon, cotton, wool mixes, and muslin. The natural scarves are designed from wool fibers, along with more shinned versions creating in China when silk was the appreciated fabric. 

Most pieces of scarf featured the same or similar patterns and graphic designs through much of the 19th century. With the industrial revolution in the 20th century, options of new prints and designs came onto the scene. The French fashion designer Hermes once again made the way towards garnished designs printed onto elegant hand-woven silk scarves.   

Scarves & its culture in India

Scarves & its culture

The India fashion is more of an art form than an everyday aspect, it is the perfect amalgamation of functionality with a spin of entertainment. Each garment in India holds a great diversity and depth of meaning. 

In India the scarves are known by varied names like chunni, dupatta, chunari, odhani, and shawls. Earlier ideally it was adorned by Indian women to bedeck their heads while offering prayers to the god or respect to the elderly. Even today women in the rural areas of the country cover their heads with chunari as a symbol of respect. The best thing about the Indian scarves is that you can wrap it around with almost every outfit whether classic ethnic style or trendy Indo western, in fact, they add so much more elegance to the Indian traditional outfits. The earlier designs of scarves had vibrant colors, amalgamated with gorgeous beads and mirror work. In India the first image that pops up in our minds when talked about India scarves is that of lal dupattas of Rajasthan with elegant tie and die prints, globally known as lahariya. Bollywood played a major role in making it so popular, as actresses were spotted wearing them with white kurti, just like Kajol in "DDLJ". 

Indian fashion scarf was more of traditional wear earlier, but today they have transformed from tie and die prints to amazing graphics. Boutique store scarves are widely appreciated and are available in various fabrics such as cotton, chiffon, silk, and etc. The style of adorning scarves has also undergone major changes, draping styles has paved a way making Indian fashion much more modern. 

Different type of scarves 

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With the summer spring coming, it's time to scarf the season up, they can protect you with that scorching heat and also enhance your outfit with wonderful vibrant colors. The best thing about them is they are not gendered biased, and available for both men and women. Read on to know how many types of scarves are available in the market for you to pick from-


These are the cold-weather classics, with a rectangular shape. These are perfectly made out of wool, cashmere, mohair, and some other warm fabrics. The length of these types of scarves can vary from 60'-70' in length.

This category of the scarf can be paired well with pea coats, bomber jackets, and nearly all types of coats. 


These scarves have been trending for a few seasons, these are oversized and a halfway point between a scarf and a blanket. The length is usually 56' square, made out of thick, cozy fabrics that keep the body warm along with maintaining the fashion culture

These type of scarves can be adorned well with streamlined and fashion-forward outfits. 


Fashion and culture

These are the real versatile scarves with exotic roots, originated from Persia, these were traditionally made from cashmere wools, the pashminas can be made from a variety of fabrics.

The Pashmina scarves are really light-weighted and gauzy. The size ranges from 60' scarves to 80' shawls. 

They can enhance the look of your basic Tee and jeans outfit by adding color and extra emphasis. 


These are the retro ones, displaying pretty, elaborate patterns, they have luxurious, lightweight properties, and serves as a gorgeous accent piece of the latest fashion culture. They measure from 26' to 35' square. 

They can be accessorized well by tying it around the neck for a sleek sophisticated look. 



These are the ones creating latest fashion trends, they are long rectangular knit scarf usually featuring fringed edges along with bold stripes, club crests or team names. 

These can be paired well with bombers or puffer jackets. 


These are sleek, lightweight accessories, typically rectangular and ranges in length from 60 inches-70 inches. They gorgeously add sophistication to any outfit. 

They can be worn well over a suit and jacket. 

The uses of scarves 

The uses of scarves 

The scarves play much more important role than just keeping your outfit in check, they makes you feel comfortable, and warm out in chilly winters. They are called out as a girl's best friend maintaining the fashion culture high, and can be easily found out in every women's wardrobe. 

The uses of scarves can be a lot, and here are some of the reasons why women adorn scarf-

1. Scarves in Middle east are adorned to protect head and face from the scorching sunlight.
2. Worn around the neck as a fashion accessory, to show solidarity towards Palestinians.
3. In winters, the scarf is tied around the neck to keep it warmer.
4. Many religions promote tying of scarf on the head as a practice while they recite their prayers.
5. In Indian fashion scarves are used by women to cover their chest and head, and this category of scarf is called dupatta.
6. Arab women uses a scarf to cover their heads, and these are known as Hijab.
7. Now a days, scarves are put in the head to keep the hair intact and in place.
8. Also used as a belt to give a more fashionable touch to the outfit.
9. Used to beautify the women bags.
10. Stripped scarves are adorned as the part of uniforms in the schools and universities of Britain. 

The total market of scarves worldwide  

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According to the latest report given by Market Watch major Players in the global scarf market are:

Calvin Klein
Alexander Mcqueen
Tory Burch
Calslon and many more

According to in the United States, the retail sales value of women's scarves/mufflers in 2017, amounted to approximately 310 million U.S. dollars.

Export data of scarves

According to sources the last verified data of export from India speculated biggest scarf market is of US followed by Europe. 

The speculated total export order updated in the month of November 2016 was 56,841  FOB USD. 


fashion trends

Scarves can simply be someone’s favourite accessory. They do not shrink when you gain up weight or loosen up when you loose some. But the question that arises is how to style a scarf that could go up well with your look. Let us see some different and stylish ways to pair a scarf well with western attires-

1. The Choker

Scarves can be worn like a choker by tightly wrapping it around your neck. This can add a style statement even to your boring office attire.

2. With a back Tie 

This style is old but still alive. A scarf tied at the back goes well with trenched coats and other formal outfits. 

3. As a Belt 

Yes, you read it right, scarves look great when tied on waist like a belt. They are as stylish as the classical belts. Scarves can be worn as belts on any outfit, they go well with a casual dress or T-shirt.

4. Hair Bow or Tie

Scarves when tied up high can liven up your ponytail or hair bun.

5. As a Hair Band 

Tying up a scarf with a bow in front or at back as a hair band is definitely a huge trend this season. Pairing it with a large sunglasses is the perfect look.

Scarves are not only western accessory but can even lighten up the indowestern dresses. Scarves add an indowestern look to a simple kurti by simply wrapping it around the neck or it can also be carried as a dupatta. Scarves can even be used as a knotted necklace over an indowestern attire.

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According to I Knock Fashion, with new technologies emerging, scarves will continue to evolve in design, color, and creation. Their history has taught us that they are here for a long run in the International as well as Indian fashion industry, scarves will continue to be at the forefront of fashion for many years into the future. 

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