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How Is Technology Revolutionizing The Beauty Industry For Consumers?

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How Is Technology Revolutionizing The Beauty Industry For Consumers?

Our world is evolving in terms of industries, economy, employment opportunities, and much more.

The beauty industry is also in the line of evolvement with continuous technological advancements. These advancements are based on customer requirements and their preferences. The recent celebrity looks and beauty ideas 2021 are all inspired and learned from these modifications in the beauty industry.

An important aspect of technological advancements is Artificial Intelligence. It is thrashing its way into almost all the sectors of India. Whether it's science, businesses, education sectors, etc. AI's continuous upgrades regarding its functions have proven the fact about the world moving towards the right place.

In the beauty industry, similar advancements have been made to make sure its customers are happy and satisfied.

Artificial Intelligence: AI helps in choosing your kind of makeup! It can help you pick the exact right shade for your foundation.

  • Now, companies have converted into machines. A machine named the “Colorimeter" and it's hard to believe, but it compares hundreds and thousands of unique shades according to your color preferences.
  • The adjoining machine then mixes the shades and ends up with your shade up to perfection.
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Image Courtesy- @beautyinsider

Try-On Apps: Try on Apps, are funky, and convenient to use. These apps allow people to try out their chosen products virtually before purchasing anything.

  • This technology allows people to experiment with new styles and looks without fully committing; the industries attract more brands timely to increase their variety.
  • The styles and looks include glares, clothing, accessories and evening makeup looks, etc.
Smart Skincare Tools
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Smart Skincare Tools: These apps are undoubtedly the most trending tech advancements by AI. It is specialized in determining your skin's age. It observes features like fine lines, pores, red pores, and wrinkles.

  • It also recommends different skincare products to customers to improve their skin problems after understanding the real situation of the skin.
  • Several companies are developing devices like the “Skin Printer”. It scans the user’s face and put micro-makeup to cover age spots and other skin imperfections.
  • It uses a kind of light to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and acne.

Smart Beauty Devices – Algorithm plays a significant role in the enhancements done in the skincare world.

  • These devices are designed in a way that can determine your skin health in real-time. Also suggesting specific skin treatments and solutions. One of its examples is the hydrating serum.
  • The best time to restore the skin's hydration level is when you use a hydrating serum.
  • When your skin is dry or flaky, it can even lead to premature skin aging, which is of course unacceptable for any woman out there.
  • And if your skin is dry, a hydrating serum becomes kind of a necessity. The beauty device also has software that updates you when your skin requires hydration.
Image Courtesy- @stylecaster

Beauty Voice Assistants – This AI software helps you to choose the right makeup and right skincare products.

  • It also has a feature that teaches you the directions for contouring and eye shadow application.
  • Helps you with millions of queries and offers spring-summer makeup tips as well.
  • One of the examples is Cotywhich works with Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • It contains personalized hair, nail, and makeup looks for brands.
  • It has another software included known as the Clairol – color expert used for hair dying processes.

Biotech Ingredients – Have you've heard about "green beauty products" which are naturally infused with biotechnological ingredients?

  • This is a natural beauty startup considered as a global trend around the beauty ideas 2021.
  • They are comparatively more sustainable. And an example of the same is – “Geltor", collagen both vegan and halal-friendly.
  • The beauty industry is taking an interest in developing a relationship between food and beauty. Ingredients that are added in probiotics products, coconut oil, and turmeric are commonly used in beauty products.

Data (Beauty Industry) – Big brands are related to the entire marketing network. With targeted marketing and personalized content, these specific big brands can improve because of the customer algorithm, its insights, and customers as a whole. Its examples are-

NX Startup, LYCl – This software gathers beauty reviews and insights from the fashion and beauty industry enthusiasts. They ask for their experiences, their feedbacks, and other suggestions that help them improve further with their services.

They utilize a website named 'unpa. cosmetics' that develop new products and launch them under the website.

3D Makeup: This strategy is used by beauty companies to create makeup filters depending upon their products. E- Makeup is created in a way where a person can download different types of makeup and give themselves a digitally enhanced look.

Example – Proctor and Gamble have created a makeup printer named the “Opta Wand" that observes your face and scans the skin. Afterward, it applies the right amount of makeup where it is required on the face and presents it to you as a suggestion.

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This blog contains all the latest technology trends along with the beauty ideas 2021. All the celebrity looks, skincare routines and how is technology are amping up in the beauty industry. Evening makeup, spring-summer makeup, bridal makeup, etc. All of these makeup routines can be applied using these unique technology trends.

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