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How To Choose The Right Workout Outfit In Activewear?

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How To Choose The Right Workout Outfit In Activewear?

Trendy sneakers, stylish sports bras, cool yoga pants, and comfortable T-shirts are the new normal and the new trend to follow when we talk about workout outfits. But, what is activewear? Let's find it out?

Fashion has become an active ingredient of our lifestyle. Every day, the new trends, styles, and ideas dominate our fashion choices for formal occasions, casual meetings, and workout sessions. Also, the changing trends and the changing habits have made fitness one of our favorite habits. Enjoying our new routine of working out or performing any physical activity, we seize ourselves to the craze and demand for fashionable workout outfits

Today, activewear has become one of the hottest trends of our zestful lifestyle. Different colors, stylish patterns, new technology, and fancy brands and labels are creating more hype for this modernist trend. Workouts make you tired, exhausted, and doused in sweat especially, in summers. But with the perfect summer workout clothes, you can feel better and can enjoy your workout sessions. With multitudinous combinations, you can be a fashion-forward person even in your workout outfit

What is Activewear?

Activewear offers a short and comprehensive meaning to casual, simple, comfortable, and voguish clothing for exercise or playing sports. Activewear is the new spotlight where the idea of workout outfits for men and women has popped with revolution. Now, it is about a perfect balance between style and comfort. They are the set of clothes especially designed for workout purposes. 

With so many transitions in workout outfits, the new trend of activewear is about playing with style and staying comfortable. It also provides sportspeople or fitness fanatics with comfortable and supportive clothing and adds a style element to their personalities. 

Activewear is related to sports, but with dynamics in our lifestyles, it is suitable for casual meetings or hanging out with friends. It is a concept where designs and style meet the functionality. With all this, it becomes a new fashion trend

Some Popular Types And Fabrics In Active Wear

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It's time to look fit but in style with different types of activewear. There are many variations and trends that one can follow in workout outfits for men and women.

Sweat pants, shorts, sports bras, yoga pants, sweatshirts, tank tops, running shorts, hoodies, sweatshirts, bike shorts, pair of joggers, jackets, t-shirts, coordinated sets, and a pair of shoes are popular activewear that can lead to some noted fashion statements. It is all about being practical and comfortable while performing activities. Activewear is convenient, efficient, long-lasting, and minimal and designed to strengthen the workout performance by letting the free-flow of movements.  

They are light, breathable, and soft to carry if chosen appropriately. Activewear is durable and known for its elasticity in fabrics and for not stopping you with your movements. The fabric of activewear plays a vital role. Different fabrics are: 

  • Bamboo and Wool- The natural fabrics are soft and durable. Bamboo keeps the body warm in winters and cool in summers. On the other hand, wool regulates body heat and is used for outerwear like hiking.

  • Artificial Fabrics- There are plenty of artificial fabrics like Polyester, Lycra, Nylon, Supplex, Elastane, Spandex, Tactel, and Silver. Each element in the fabric is providing us with different functions. Spandex is responsible for elasticity and smoothness. Polyester comes with stretchiness, durability, less shrinkage, and holds the shape for a longer time. Nylon is strong and long-lasting. Elastane is responsible for higher elasticity and good performance. Lycra, when blended with other fabrics, provides you support and shape. Tactel is light and soft and dries faster than other materials. Silver, infused with silver threads and help in reducing body odor.

Are You Making The Right Choice! 

Workout outfit for men and women has to be chosen correctly. Unsupportive, non-sporty material or marveled pair of shoes can reduce your workout performance. It should be fashionable but also functional and practical. It depends on some factors like:


  1. Material- It is advisable to choose a fabric material that can pull the sweat from the skin. It should wick away the sweat within seconds and make you feel fresh. Supplex is a good choice when matched with silver. Avoid workout outfits that are rubber-based or plastic-based as they do not let sweat evaporate quickly and keeps the body temperature higher. 

  2. Fit- The right fit is very important to undergo gym training, outdoor workout sessions, and indoor exercises. The workout clothes should be comfortable and not too tight or too loose. Especially, sports bras should be supportive, and leggings should be high-waist. 

  3. Seasons- Seasons are also the deciding factor for your activewear. For hot weather, summer workout clothes should be made from breathable fabrics that allow the skin to breathe and free body movements. For cold weather, layering is essential as body temperature rises while doing the workout. Wear sweat-wicking clothes inside the removable top layer. 

  4. Workout Type- The type of exercise undertaken helps in deciding to choose the correct form of clothing. For running, hiking or biking, do not choose wide or loose pants as they can be tangled up and cause problems. Choose tight fit or body fit clothes for good performance. For yoga and pilates, stretchy material is essential for free movements. Fitted fabrics with a wicking factor pull the sweat away, respectively. Also, it makes you look smart and chic. 

  5. Gender and Body Type- Fancy brands and labels present a wide range of workout outfits for men and women. The difference in the body structure of men and women separates the set of clothing. Also, different body types restrict you from wearing everything. People trying hard to shed off some extra kilos should avoid skin show or too-tight clothes. They should opt for a loose and more comfortable choice of clothes. 

Pair The Workout Outfits Perfectly!

With endless choices, one can go for different workout clothes. They should be fashionable and modish and should serve a functional purpose. Some fitness hacks, covering divergent clothes from tank tops, hoodies, shorts to leggings, coordinated sets, and jackets. 

  1. Tops- One of the primary and most essential elements of workout clothes. They can be team up with shorts, leggings, and joggers. 

  2. Sweat pants- They are worn by both men and women and are comfortable. It comes with elasticity in its fabric material. Sweatshirts and t-shirts can be well-matched with a pair of joggers. 

  3. Shorts- Another fashionable workout outfit gives a chance to experiment. Tank tops, racerbacks, hoodies, and jackets can team up with basic black shorts. 

  4. Leggings- Favoured by everyone, a seamless pair of leggings can fit with t-shirts, crop jackets, tops, and hoodies. 

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Are you ready to make some fashion statements with trending activewear? Fashion is surrounding us and overpowering our lives. Going voguish and fashionable with activewear is a substantial idea. Also, it should not drives by the fact that workout clothes should be practical, efficient, and functional. 


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