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How to Choose Your Fashion College Wisely

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How to Choose Your Fashion College Wisely


How to Choose Your Fashion Design College Wisely: The theory of education today has shifted from conventional career options to innovative job choices. Creativity is breaking the monotony.

The fashion world and design colleges are offering plenty of opportunities to aspiring students. Which will help transform their zest for style into their career  These colleges offer a variety of programs with a diverse curriculum. Their aim is to nurture innovation and talent in future fashion professionals.

Choose Your Fashion College Wisely

Follow These Steps To Choose Your Fashion Design College Wisely

There are plenty of fashion colleges in India and abroad that can help you make a career in the fashion world. In order to select the one that best suits you keep in mind the following factors:

Comprehensive Research

Extensive research is necessary to make a decision and select the college you would be attending. Begin your research by drafting a list of colleges that you’re interested in and go through their websites to understand their specialties and drawbacks.

Take special note of the eligibility criteria of each. In order to make a comparison, weight the calculated risks of the institutions by asking yourself what you would gain or lose with each.

Finally, make a list of your top colleges and ensure to check the reviews given to them by famous personalities of the fashion world. Several reputable colleges hold entrance examinations, while others only conduct interviews for selection.

To help you out, some of the top names in India are-

1.National Institute of Design (NID)
NID’s are in the cities like Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Bengaluru, Jorhat, Kurukshetra, Vijayawada. Courses offered by the college are Bachelor of Design (BDes), Graduate Diploma Program in Design (GDPD), Masters of Design(MDes) and Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in Design. The college has 100 seats for undergraduate studies and 285 seats for post graduate studies. NID conducts a national level entrance exam for undergraduate and post graduate courses, the exam is known as Design Aptitude Test (DAT) or the National Entrance Examination for Design (NEED)

2.National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)
Established in 1986 , NIFT is a public institute of fashion education in India. There are 16 NIFT across India offering various courses which are Bachelor’s Degree in Design (BDes), Bachelor of Fashion Technology (B.F.Tech), Master’s Course in Design (M.Des.), Master’s Degree in Fashion Technology (M.F.Tech) and Master’s Degree in Fashion Management (M.F.M). NIFT are in Srinagar, Kangra, Panchkula, Jodhpur, Delhi, Raibareli, Chandigarh, Bhopal, Patna, Shillong, Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kannur. Each year NIFT conducts a National level entrance exam. For Undergraduate Program candidates have to give written test which includes GAT (General Ability Test) and CAT (Creative Ability Test). The college offers various Undergraduate programs-
* B.Des (Fashion Design)
* B.Des (Leather Design)
* B.Des (Accessory Design)
* B.Des (Textile Design)
* B.Des (Knitwear Design)
* B.Des (Fashion Communication)
* B.F.Tech (Apparel Production
For post graduation courses along with GAT and CAT, one has to clear a group discussion too. Various Post graduation programs offered by the college are-
* M.Des (Master of Design)
* M.F.M ( Master of Fashion Management)
* M.F.Tech (Master of Fashion Technology)

3.Pearl Academy
The institute offers various courses in fashion, media and business. Across India the institute has six centres which include -
• Pearl Academy, Delhi NCR West
• Pearl Academy, Delhi NCR East
• Pearl Academy, Mumbai
• Pearl Academy, Jaipur
• Pearl Academy, Kolkata
• Pearl Academy, Bangalore
Pearl Academy offers undergraduate courses in Fashion Designing, Fashion Communication, Textile Designing, Fashion styling etc.
Various Post Graduate Programs in Fashion offered by the college are
Master in Fashion Design, Master in Fashion Business, Master in Fashion Styling etc.
The institute includes School of Design, School of Fashion, School of Contemporary Media, School of Creative Practice, School of New Age Business.


Attending Seminars And Reading Prospectuses

Attending Seminars And Reading Prospectuses

Browse through career seminars on fashion in your city or town and attend as many seminars as possible. You should also get a prospectus of each institution to read thoroughly and evaluate the pros and cons. This helps in forming a detailed understanding of an institute’s resources, practices, value proposition, etc.

Choosing  A Course

This is an important step as the course you select will help prepare you for a specific career in the global fashion world. There are plenty of streams in fashion like-

Fashion Designing- Being a fashion fanatic you must be familiar with the widespread fan following of the course fashion designing. The course covers the creativity of designing unique apparel and fashion accessories. It looks up to the celebrated designers collections and the culture of time to show students how beautiful the study of fashion can be. Under this course students are prepared to create apparel’s that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing to the fashion followers. The designers have to study their craft well in order to touch different heights in the International as well as the Indian fashion industry. It teaches the basics of designing, and further provides a foundation for future study in the field. Now with world becoming digitalized you can opt for the course online as well.

Rohit Bal

Fashion Technology- Bachelor of fashion technology is an excellent course option, the course promotes a superb amalgamation of craft creativity and technology. In the recent years fashion industry has evolved tenfold and so have technology. With new machinery cams new methods to produce latest fashion garments and accessories. The course looks forward to provide students with essential insights of the techniques, methods, and instruments used in the contemporary fashion industry. Including the technical aspect fashion industry the course also introduces students with the management aspect of the industry. After completing this course students can deal with conceptualizing, designing, managing, and even marketing fashion products.

Fashion styling- Fashion styling is one of the most celebrated and emerging career option across the fashion industry be it International or Indian fashion industry. With the emerging growth in fashion industry, the demand for a fashion stylist is touching new heights. The course briefs and provides aspirants with professional training about fashion styling which is mainly concerned to creating the entire look according to the theme, event, latest fashion trends, etc. It focuses on design, personal grooming, image makeovers, commercial styling.
The course aims at developing the hands of professionals who are in the fashion business and are celebrated for a designer’s collection, creating latest fashion influencers in collaboration with various magazines, brands, export-import, production houses and also for creating new fashion trends.

Fashion photography- Fashion photography- The course is considered to be one of the most celebrated, as there’s a boost in glamour and fashion industry from last few years. This course is created in a way to provide essential skill sets and knowledge for a promising career in the world of the fashion industry and fashion photography.
This course can be a door for both professionals and amateurs as it mainly focuses on seeding students photography skills and introducing them to the latest techniques and styles of fashion photography. The course and institute provides the students with an amazing opportunity to attend workshops, associate them with several makeup artists, fashion models, fashion designers, art directors, makeup artists, influencers etc.

Identify which stream you interest the most and want to take up in the future. While it’s never a bad idea to keep your options open and take a general course over a specialization, if your heart is set on something – definitely pursue it.

Luxury brand management- The course is favoured by a huge audience lately, it is for the students that posses innovation, creativity along with the skills in media, product design, brand experience etc.
The graduated from this stream play a major role in the brand market, analysing the brand’s relationship with its customer.

Footwear designing- The footwear industry in India is witnessing a rise as new and quirky designs are being welcomed by the masses. The students who are moving towards learning footwear designing analyse trends, manufacturing process, material knowledge, and technical skills along with people management.
Any student who has completed their class 10+2 level education can apply for the course.


Getting In Touch With Alumni

Talking to people working in the field you want to enter, or consulting the alumni of the college for advice is an important aspect of research.  

Approach the alumni to ask questions and clarify doubts regarding the college and career prospects. You can get in touch with them through LinkedIn or other social media platforms.

Career Placements & Job Opportunities

Career Placements & Job Opportunities

Have a vision for your professional future in the fashion world after the completion of your college. You will need to take steps in advance to excel in your work prospects after the completion of your academics.

Get in touch with the career placement cells of your institutes and reach out to your teachers to get internships. Learning is an ongoing process in the fashion industry but you should stay one step ahead and start looking for the best opportunities beforehand.

Fashion Design College Fees And Budgeting

Find out about the fees and other expenditures that you will have to incur during the course of your studies and make a tentative budget. The cost can be high and it’s important to find out which colleges are budget-friendly, based on your own expenses.

Be clear with all these factors before choosing a fashion college. Once you are on your way to the right college, you will have made your first big step towards a career in fashion. But, that’s not the end of the road.

Stay curious, persistent and willing to learn throughout the timeline of your college education and even after. Success in the real world does not just follow knowledge. It depends on your ability to use that knowledge to function with mindfulness.

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