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How To Do Hair Spa Treatment At Home?

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How To Do Hair Spa Treatment At Home?

Rejuvenate and pamper your tresses with a hair spa session at home. Follow a step-by-step guide for a hair spa at home and get along with long and lustrous hairs. 

Want to get rid of your unflattering hair as they are arduous to deal with the basic hair care routine. Also, the everyday hustle of stressful life, dirt, and pollution can lead to hair destruction if one does not follow proper hair care tips for good hair quality. Our hair needs an extra of something to manage those frizzy and damaged locks of hair.

Haircare is an essential part of your life as apart from your skin and physical looks, hair also needs an extra dosage of care. A pampering session of Hair Spa for men and hair spa for women that rejuvenates your hair tresses, can work as an extra of something to protect your hair from enfeebling effects of hair straighteners, blow dryers, and curling rods. Your regular shampoo and hair conditioner are not enough to nourish your hair and solve the staple hair problems of hair fall, dandruff, brittleness, and frizziness.

shampoo your hair
Use a mild shampoo to shampoo your hair

What Is Hair Spa?

A Hair Spa is a hair nourishing treatment designed to lock the hair moisture, improves hair quality, and restructures your hair by making them soft and smooth. It is a perfect mantra to de-stress yourself that has lots of benefits. It is a hydrating therapy in hair care done with lots of hair creams, hair masks, hot towel treatment, and essential hair oils, beneficial for hair roots.

There are different hair spas for hair issues, like hair spa for hair fall, dryness, damaged locks, and rough hair quality. It restores the lost proteins and other nutrients and does not make your hair straight or wavy.

How To Do A Hair Spa At Home?

Everyone is fond of gleaming hair that brings an oomph factor to your looks. But what if they get damaged due to the pollutants and other reasons that make them look dull and ruined. It's time to change your hair care routine and add a special treatment of Hair Spa. The fascinating factor is that you don't need regular salon visits for Hair Spa treatment. Hair spa for men and hair spa for women are not distinguished separately. A hair spa at home can be beneficial for both men and women. One can get the best hair spa at home and start with a step-by-step guide. 

hair care Oil
Use Essential Oil

Massaging the scalp- The first step is to massage your scalp and retain the essential moisture. It starts with simple steps: 

  • Making of oil- Take a small dish and add 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil or olive oil. Warm it up in a microwave or on the stove, and be careful as it should not be too hot and comfortable to use. 
  • Massage the scalp- Take the oil and massage the oil into the scalp. Spread the oil from roots to the ends and throughout your hair. It helps to improve blood circulation. Keep it for 5-7 minutes. 
  • Get the hot steam- Take a clean towel and dip it in the warm water. Damp it by removing the extra water. It should not be boiling but warm. Wrap the warm towel around your head. Keep it for 5-10 minutes. The heat of the towel helps in restraining the oil and will open up the hair follicles. It will help in the deep penetration of oil into the scalp and make them nourished.


  1. For vastly dry hair, keep it for 15-20 minutes for better results. 

  2. If you are using extra virgin olive oil, the treatment can sit overnight.

  • Wash time- Use a mild shampoo to wash your hair with lukewarm water. It is ideal to use a sulfate-free shampoo. If your hair is dry, you can use a hair conditioner but get the extra moisturizing with the next step.

Application of Mask- Mask is a nourishing ingredient that will provide extra moisture to the hair. 

  • Prepare your Mask- Take one banana and one tablespoon of olive oil. Blend it until smooth texture. It is a deep-conditioning mask. 
  • Apply the mask- Divide your hair into different sections with the toothed comb for better application. Use a towel around your shoulders so that it does not get too messy. 
  • Cover your hair- After its application, cover your hair with a shower cap. It will trap the heat and make it more effective. Keep it for 15-30 minutes. 
  • Final Rinse - Use a mild shampoo and lukewarm water to wash the mask out. Conditioning is the next step that will make the hair smoother. 
  • Dry Naturally- Your hair dryers should be kept far away from your hair care routine as they can damage your hair. Let your hair dry naturally.

Precautions While Doing Hair Spa At Home

Hair spa at home is very easy when done with utmost precautions for better results.

  • Some people can be allergic to hair oil. Keep a check while applying it to the scalp and wash it immediately if it causes irritation or itchiness. 
  • Do not use hot water for steam as it can make your scalp dry and loses moisture. 
  • Conditioners are always applied on the hair strands and not on the scalp. 
  • Different hair masks require different resting times so ensure it before their application.
hair care tips
Hair spa gives you well nourished hair

Benefits Of Hair Spa 

Get your perfect-shine hair with hair spa sessions as it comes with lots of benefits.

1. Nourishment- Hair Spa is an effective way to keep your hair well-nourished. It let all the essential oil into the scalp and does not lead to dryness because of a hair mask and oil. 

2. Removal of impurities- It includes an effective way of cleaning your hair and removes all the dust, dirt, and pollutants from the hair, and keeps it clean. 

3. Improved blood circulation- Massaging the scalp can help in improved blood circulation. It also enhances the blood flow to the scalp and brings all the essential nutrients to the follicles and makes them stronger.

4. Reduces stress- It is a complete package of relaxation. The procedure of massaging your scalp can help in reducing stress levels. 

5. Reduces dandruff- These treatments help in maintaining the pH levels of the scalp. The ingredients used in treatment helps to fight against dandruff and dandruff-causing agents.

Aftercare Of Hair Spa 

Hair treatments do not guarantee the result after one or two services. They need regular maintenance to bring out the efficacy of the session.

  • Do not overuse hair styling products that produce heat and can damage the hair. 
  • Try not to tie your hair too tightly as loose hairs bring a little more shine to the hair. 
  • Keep it covered as much as possible to protect it from outside impurities and UV rays.
  • Try not to wash your hair frequently and immediately after the spa. Let it rest for 2-3 days for complete absorption of the ingredients. 
  • Say no to extra oiling as sufficient oil has already been retained in the scalp during the process as extra oil will not give you an added benefit.

hair spa

I Knock Fashion Desk

Hair Spa is an easy therapy that replenishes the damaged hair and removes the impurities. Doing it weekly or twice a week will restore your original healthy hair and make them look shinning. Try to stay chemical-free for your hair and get the best hair spa at home. 

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