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How To Dress During The Monsoon Season!

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How To Dress During The Monsoon Season!

There is no doubt that for many of you, quarantine would have meant all about being cozy. Some of you must have even folded up your vintage denim and tucked it in the very back of the drawer, thinking pj’s and yoga pants will be all that you’ll be needing for the rest of the year. Now as the lockdown lifts, it’s time you don’t overthink and dress up again. I Knock Fashion firmly believes that dressing is all about knowing and embracing your recipe. Each individual has a different body shape, and once you learn how to accentuate those curves, you can move to the next step.

That is shopping and dressing in ways that you know are flattering, and also keeping up with the latest fashion trends as well as fashion culture and seasons. Thinking of fashion culture and seasons! Monsoon is almost here! 

Who doesn’t love monsoons, after all the rainy season offers some much-needed respite from the summer heat, but it also makes it a little difficult for you to be on top of your style and fashion culture game? During monsoon, getting the flattering looks comes with the risk of dirtying your clothing and footwear from stranded water and mud. Today I Knock Fashion is sharing some of the foolproof tricks for this monsoon, follow them and keep up with the fashion industry in India and set some latest fashion trends for girls

How To Accentuate Your Figure This Monsoon? 

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How To Accentuate Your Figure This Monsoon?

Keep up with the fashion trends of 2021, give away the boring and adapt some new attire to set the latest fashion trends for girls. The classiest way is to adorn a deep U-shape scoop neckline. The deep U-shape scoop is a perfect innocent fashionable way, and a deep neckline can never fail to set the latest fashion trends for girls. If your waist is something that you love the most about your body, lift the fashion trends of 2021 by adorning a body-con dress, if you’ve had a curvy body. But if you’re looking for everyday separates for the monsoon, the fashion industry in India states it’s best to wear high-waisted trousers, just to your waistline, and a top that meets at that same point. The contrast in the fabrics will meet at the small of your waist while you’ll be good to set some latest fashion trends for girls out there. The monsoon season can be full of dirt and humidity if you want to accentuate your legs in this monsoon, drop the idea of tight-fitted denim instead wear something like high-waisted pants, that way you won’t be feeling humid. It will also give the illusion of an even longer leg. Coming to the arms, accentuate your arms by adopting a tank top or shirt that scoops lower under the armpit. This monsoon steps up the fashion trends of 2021, if you have incredibly fit arms, go for something that is high neck and sleeveless. For the ones who want to give the illusion of slender arms, adorn something with a low-cut armpit, or something that exposes more of the collarbone and chest so that there is more glowy skin to look at than just the arm.

Play With These Colours! 

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Orange Maxi Dress

As the monsoon arrives, its time to say goodbye to the whites and lights of the summer fashion culture. The fashion industry in India is all set to welcome brighter shades such as neons and oranges in the market, the colors like sunny yellow, pink, and blue are in the latest fashion trends for girls. Adorning such brighter shades will make you look cool during rains. The fashion trends of 2021 suggest that men must prefer darker shades like olive green, brown, and blue for lowers and lighter ones for the upper body. It’s better to avoid light-colored jeans/trousers, as they get stained, and transparent easily. Monsoon is the best time to wear all those bright colors from your wardrobe that you often sidelined, flaunt all the red, green, blue, indigo, yellow, and make your look out of the box. 

Preferred Fabrics And Prints! 

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Floral Printed Dress

Keep up with the fashion trends of 2021, make monsoon fashionable this year, avoid wearing light fabrics like chiffon and silk in the rains. Instead, adorn the ones, can dry out with ease, and do not require much maintenance. Opt for the ones that don’t stick to your body. Fabrics like cotton, linen, and synthetics are best friends with the monsoon, try adorning them frequently. Before stepping out in monsoon just make sure the fabrics you adorn are not see-through in any way. Prints and monsoon go hand in hand, search your wardrobe and find some printed clothes. Any printed fabric can work be it the bizarre zig-zags, linear creations, or any other off the beat print. Remember, prints can give you an incredible yet adorable look for the monsoon fashion culture.  

Appropriate Layering! 

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Appropriate Layering!

Keeping up with the style game can be extremely difficult in the monsoon, with numerous road blockings and water everywhere. The fashion industry in India understands this and promotes short lowers, 3/4th, or high waisted pants during the monsoons, so you can stroll around without having to worry about getting your dresses drenched in muddy water. Adorning outfits like mini skirts, body-con skirt, dresses, or high-waisted pants can help you flaunt your curves while ensuring that you sail through numerous road blocking’s during the monsoon. During the rains, men should try keeping it casual, and if a casual look is what you are looking for, go for shorts, bermuda shorts, and capris to save your trousers from getting muddy. For the corporates, here’s a tip avoid- tight-fitting trousers, as they tend to trap moisture. Adorning shorter bottoms rather than full-legged denim-like shorts, skirts, three-fourth trousers will serve as better alternatives to the wet borders. Full-length jeans, trousers or flared skirts are a big no-no when it comes to rainy days. 

How To Ace Your Look In The Monsoon? 

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Floral Jumpsuit

By now you know that short dresses, frocks, maxi dresses, and knee-length gowns will be the perfect choice for monsoon. Here’s another tip to keep in mind, avoid excessive fitted dresses for monsoons that makes your movements uncomfortable, why on earth would you want to make yourself more humid while you are already fighting with the humidity around. You can set some latest fashion trends for girls out there during the rainy season by adopting rompers, light material short dresses, denim/cotton capris and shorts, half-jumpsuits, knee-length skirts. All these pieces will make your look trendy as well as will keep you safe from the muddy waters. Men during monsoon should prefer thin and comfortable T-shirts in vibrant shades, and loose cotton shirts for appropriate fashion culture styling.

Deny The Denim! 

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Denim is something to avoid most during the monsoon season, it might be your ever time trending style statement, but trust us not for the fashion trends of 2021. The reason behind avoiding the denim is, it’s manufactured out of thick material which takes hours to dry. Adorning wet denim can also lead to numerous skin allergies, so it’s best to avoid wearing denim, denim jackets, shorts, and a skirt. Instead give a chance to lose fitted bottoms such as palazzos, midi skirts, trousers, and slim pants. 

Choose The Best Coordinates! 

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Crop Top And Culottes

Short and loose fits are something that will be appreciated most in the monsoon fashion trends of 2021. T-shirts and skirts will give almost the same desired effect of wrap dresses in terms of dryness and comfort. For the monsoon fashion trends of 2021, you can go for cardigans with basic tees if you can’t bear the chilliness caused by rains in the air. Use slim pants or skirts as the bottom wear. Crop tees with culottes will be the other latest fashion trends for girls in the monsoon season; culottes are loose-fitting that gives you space and comfort to roam around freely. Set some latest fashion trends for girls out there, drop the old vintage raincoats, and bring some freshness in your look by going for waterproof hoodies, jackets, and trench coats. Some people tend to feel extremely cold during heavy rains; flare sleeve hoodie can be an apt choice for them, unlike the normal hoodie, these are slightly cropped which also makes your look a little quirky. You can pair it up with midi skirts, cotton trousers or culottes. A sweatshirt and slim pants can also be a good pairing for the monsoon season. 

Footwear Styling! 

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Rubber Boots

If you live in an area where it rains heavily, pair long rubber boots with short dresses, you can also wear flip-flops or sneakers with shorts, to look trendy and cool during the monsoon. Men can go with shoes that are easily washable like flip-flops, leather sandals, and ankle-length boots.

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Monsoon Fashion Trends With Women’s Ethnic Wear!

I Knock Fashion Desk (Conclusion) 

Ultimately the blog can be concluded by saying that monsoon is all about freshness, and fun after the scorching summers. The season is a call for a good collection of dresses, especially when you love walking in the rain. Go for colors, adopt fabrics that are easy to dry, accessorize your look with beaded necklaces, charm bracelets, string flip-flops, and waterproof bags, and watch this monsoon. What will be your first monsoon outfit of the year 2021? Do let us know about the same in the comment section and stay tuned with I Knock Fashion for further fashion and beauty related updates.

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