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How To Reuse Old And Unwanted Makeup?

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How To Reuse Old And Unwanted Makeup?

Makeup means a lot to girls. It's an investment they do for themselves and try to use them until and unless they get enough worth of the product.

Makeup helps build confidence; there are several makeup ideas and makeup tricks you could learn to do effortless makeup in minutes.

Now, what if your makeup product gets over in no time and you are experiencing a certain budget crisis? We have lots of ideas for you to help you keep your makeup intact and useable for a longer time.

Makeup Leftovers And Products That Go Bad Soon:

If you enter a girl's restroom, you'll always find a leftover lip gloss used to its final drop, a foundation tube cut from its middle, to get all the foundation stuck to its covers. Girls like to obtain the product's full performance until it satisfies them to the fullest!

  • Face Compact – A face compact is the most prone makeup product that could get broken or consumed soon because of its less consistency.
  • Face compacts are delicate and soft, they need to be stored separately so that it doesn't experience any movements and avoids breaking.
  • Mascaras – Mascaras are very dry. If kept open for some time, it'll dry out. Mascaras happen to thicken your lashes, for a bolder look. But keeping it safe is a whole different task.
  • Avoid the brush to stick to the dry mascara; it can ruin the mascara brush as well.
  • Shake well before opening the cap to avoid clumping of the product.
  • Palette Lipsticks – Palette lipsticks can easily get dried out if not used regularly or kept open by mistake. Palette lipsticks if dries out, can cause harm to the lips.
  • Always try to keep the palette covered to avoid the lipsticks getting oxidized. Clean its brushes to keep away from the color mixing of the lipsticks.
  • Highlighter Palette- Highlighters can be very picky. Choosing the right bronzer shade can be tough as it comes in a huge variety.
  • Highlighters are lightweight makeup products, according to the makeup tips 2021, bronzer shades are considered an essential part of the makeup routine.
  • Because of its lightweight, it's prone to breakage. If thrashed along a hard surface, it might turn into tiny bronzer pieces.
  • Contour Sticks – Contouring is easy and it gives an edgy look to your face. But contour sticks are really hard to take care of. They are soft sticks, that can break easily if pressed tightly or if it falls from an appreciable height.
  • These sticks should be kept separately from other products.

Home Remedies You Can Use To Reuse Your Expensive Makeup Products:

  • Makeup Brushes- Your brushes are very essential for your makeup. Without those, you cannot perfectly blend the makeup on your face and it might look cakey and shabby.
  • Wash your makeup brushes once a week everytime if you’re a regular makeup girl.
  • Or at least take some time out to wash them twice or thrice a month.
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Dried mascara in hot water - Image Courtesy- @home hacks
  • Mascara – Soak your mascara into hot water for 15-20 minutes.  This is one of the most preferable makeup tricks girls use when their makeup starts to run out. This trick can give you another week to take time and get a new one.

The hot water softens the mascara inside making it fresh and new.

  • Highlighter – Highlighters take up extra time to get fixed if ruined. As they are dry and powdery, they cannot contain the hot water technique; instead, there is another solution you can try out.

beauty hacks

  • Pour 2-3 drops of rose water on the top of the bronzer coat. Cover it and store it in a dry place and let it be for 20-25 minutes.
  • You’ll get your desired quantity, after scraping the dried out rose water.
  • Palettes can also be kept uptight by putting a piece of tape over the top. You can do this with any powdered product including face compacts.
  • Lipsticks- Lipstick palettes can be very fussy, the brush that is used to apply the lipstick makes it wetter and it begins to spill out.
  • To avoid this to happen, pour a bit of rubbing alcohol over the top, and keep it in a warm dry place with the lid open.
  • After it gets dried, use a clean lipstick brush and gently remove the upper coating, and voila! Your lipstick is brand new again.

Want To Know How To Reuse Your Old Makeup? Or Make It Into A Whole New Product?

These makeup tips will help you upscale your makeup and its different uses.

There have been several makeup ideas to reuse old makeup, and some of them are listed below-

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  • Eye shadow – If your eye shadow is broken to pieces and you're looking for a way to save it somehow, pour some nail polish with the pigments of the product and enjoy flaunting your exclusive customized nail paint.
  • Lip Balms – Lip Balms are very useful, from making your lips soft, it also prevents your feet from blistering. Can be used to keep your cuticles clean and it can also fix a stuck zipper.
  • Face Oils – When your face oils get unused for a while, don't start to fret about it. Mix some sugar into the face oil and use it as a scrubber.  It will help exfoliate your skin and make it glow.

The makeup ideas of 2021 are very useful for this coming year. With all the laziness and workload, these beauty ideas can light up your makeup and skincare routine.

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I Knock Fashion Desk

The blog contains several beauty tips for recycling your unused old makeup products. Using different kinds of products to create fresh new products is a new high in this New Year. Using your free time to save money can do wonders for the unused and leftover makeup and skincare products.

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