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How to style with Cotton?

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How to style with Cotton?

Cotton is one of the most ideal fabrics for summer or hot weather and also the best suitable outfit in the latest fashion trends,. Not only is it cheap and widely available, but it is also perfect to wear in the heat. Cotton is soft, lightweight, breathable and soaks up body sweat, allowing heat to escape the body and lets you stay cool. Cotton also has hundreds of different varieties and blends, consisting of different qualities. Pure cotton does get wrinkled pretty fast but the synthetic cotton mix will keep you from ironing. Since Cotton is to be majorly worn in summers, its more of a summer fabric rather than Fall/Winter because of its heat repellant properties. Although different blends of cotton have heat absorbent properties as well – like Cotton Twill (denim).

Pros and Cons of wearing Cotton

pros and cons

Pros of wearing cotton:

  • Cotton absorbs sweat from your body and allows it to evaporate into the air. It has the properties of a towel and this makes it the best fabric for athletic clothes, intimates and sleepwear.
  • Cotton is soft, stretchy and a comfortable fabric to wear. It doesn’t conduct temperature well, making it an insulator. It keeps you cool in summer 
  • Cotton is a natural fabric that doesn’t irritate the skin. It doesn’t cause skin allergies which is why they are preferred for babies and people with sensitive skin. 
  • Cotton is strong as well as versatile in the fashion industry of India. Cotton fibers are spun into a tight yarn which makes it durable. It is also known to be a stain-repellant. There are many varieties of cotton cloth – denim, corduroy, seersucker, broadcloth, calico, gingham and more. 

Cons of wearing cotton:

  • When purchasing cotton, ensure having ideas about the latest fashion trends then, pick a larger size than the actual because it tends to shrink after a few washes. 
  • Cotton is more prone to wrinkles so ironing your cotton product is a must every time whenever you wish to wear it.
  • Dyed cotton clothes bleed color and leads to discoloration at times. It also dries slowly and is more prone to lint because the fibers tend to be pretty short.
  • Since it’s a natural fiber, its more prone to damage. It can get damaged by damp and mildew and tends to fade in the sunlight.


How to style with cotton?

Cotton can be styled and inculcated in your wardrobe in a wide variety of ways. It is the easiest fabric to be styled with because of its versatile properties. You might already have a couple of cotton pieces in your closet, if not everything; for instance, a basic blue/black denim, a classic white cotton shirt, a basic cotton tee, a coverup/cardigan in a cotton knit/weave, cotton dresses for the summer, etc.

cotton style

Incorporating cotton in your wardrobe is the best thing ever. For example, you can have an entire cotton styled attire from head to toe and make it the most ideal look for the season. It’s also the easiest thing to pair and layer it up since cotton tees and denims look good with almost everything. In terms of Indian wear, a fine cotton saree, be it printed or plain is the best option to wear all year round if you don’t want your look to be too casual or too dressy. Pairing a cotton saree with a dressy contrast blouse is the perfect pick for an evening occasion and a plain cotton saree with a basic cotton blouse or even a cotton tee is the ideal option for any of your casual day outs epitomizing the latest fashion trends. Even something as basic as a cotton scarf amps up your look in an instant.

Brands offering pure cotton wear

Lately, many Indian brands have started to incorporate cotton in all their products making it easier for to know how to style with cotton?. Here are a couple of brands offering pure cotton wear:

  • Fabindia
  • Doodlage
  • Paromita Banerjee
  • No Nasties
  • Ka-Sha
  • 11.11
  • Akaaro
  • Cord
  • Anomaly
  • Lovebirds
  • Bodice
  • The Summer House
  • Nicobar, and more

Global Actresses styling with Cotton

Many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities love to pair basic cotton clothes with high street labels and accessories. For instance, recently Sonakshi Sinha was spotted pairing an all-ivory Anita Dongre suit set, Anushka Sharma in a classic white shirt airport look, Katrina Kaif in all-denim airport looks and Kiara Advani in a printed cotton suit set for travel. 


Most of these celebs sport cotton looks for traveling as it’s the most comfortable option. Even Hollywood celebs nail the Indian look with ease, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are constantly spotted wearing cotton outfits as they venture out of the Royal Palace, Emma Watson loves wearing pure cotton dresses and shirts as well, since she’s a huge supporter of sustainable fashion, along with Jessica Alba and Jennifer Aniston.

From the IKF Desk

Cotton is widely available everywhere! Whether it’s pure cotton or organic cotton fabric or cotton blends, cotton clothes are hugely popular all around the world due to various reasons. Cotton production is in huge demand and we’ve seen how it’s imported and exported to and from various countries, India being one of them. Wearing cotton clothes is one of the most accepted looks due to its major advantages. But cotton production also has a huge impact on the environment. Do we really think cotton production and the mass wearing of cotton will exist for a long period of time or will we have an alternative for the same?

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