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How To Write An Ultimate Fashion Blog?

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How To Write An Ultimate Fashion Blog?

Writing your first fashion blog can be exciting and intimidating all at once, but it doesn’t have to be scary. If you have a passion for fashion, there are high chances that you must be already following the most creative fashion bloggers and influencers on Instagram and other social media platforms. There’s no denying in this that starting a blog today is not much of a big deal but it’s hard to be recognized in this industry. To be an ace fashion blogger, one must be aware of the latest fashion news in India or whichever country’s audience they aspire to cater to. If you look forward to doing fashion forecasting but do not have an appropriate degree for it, there’s nothing to worry about as a fashion blogs can provide you with a platform to get your “out of the box” ideas on the subject, also leading to a ton of future opportunities like associating with international fashion brands in India or Indian and local brands. I Knock Fashion precisely understands that launching a fashion blog can be a little hectic and confusing, so the following are some of the major key elements you should keep in mind for how to write an ultimate fashion blog. So without further ado, let’s get started. 

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Major key elements to keep in mind before writing a fashion blog

Pick for your domain 

Fashion culture keeps on changing, its ever-evolving, and is a broader than life concept, it’s used to describe various genres of clothing and accessories. Before you step into the fashion world, it’s essential to keep an eye on the fashion forecasting and for the Indian bloggers to stay updated with the latest fashion news in India. The major point here is to select your area of expertise. The area you pick for writing your fashion blog needs to be more specific than writing a blog that appeals to women, men, teens, or kids. It should be precisely focused on a specific niche within the fashion industry. You should always hold on to this point that the area of expertise you pick will help create your marketing strategy, website design, and website URL. Do your research properly before selecting your area, you’ll find numerous ideas on the Internet to get you heading in the right direction. Just remember that the area of expertise you pick is one you’re intrigued about and would want to write about for years to come. This point is essential, as selecting an area of expertise for your fashion blog makes it easily identifiable in front of the audience you aspire to cater to.  


Select A Unique Yet Memorable Name 

international fashion brands in India
Select A Unique Yet Memorable Name

After picking your area of expertise for the fashion blog, it’s time to pick out for a unique yet memorable website URL. If you’re looking to work under a fashion company, this point won’t really bother you, but if you’re aspiring to start your own personal blogging this may hold major importance. Numerous fashion bloggers opt to infuse their URL with relevant keywords, but for a fashion blog, you must remember that the keywords in fashion come and go faster than in most industries. This fact that keywords keep changing faster than our clothes make us realize, that keeping your name relevant to the keywords won’t make much sense as you don’t want your blog’s name to appear dated. So you should focus on a name that is fun, out of the box, and memorable. Go for a series of two-four words that are easy to remember, and not too tricky to spell. You can also include your name or a series of words that sound good to the ears. Try putting relevant words like fashion and style, but let them come naturally, do not force it. Scan your Instagram and internet you’ll find numerous eye-catchy names over there, but do not copy, originality is the key.

Looks do matter when it comes to writing a fashion blog! 

Numerous fashion bloggers
Looks do matter when it comes to writing a fashion blog!

As mentioned earlier anyone can start fashion blogging but to be an ace fashion blogger one must consider various points before beginning to write a fashion blog. Fashion is all about confidence and appearance, so it’s important that you make your fashion blog like a treat to the eyes. Whether you choose a template from the Internet or have a website custom-designed- it must have a clear and clean, eye-catchy, modern and out of the box appearance. Also make sure that your website is interactive, responsive, and mobile-friendly, with the arrival of digitalization no one wants to go for heavy laptops or computers and in the world of fashion, things change in seconds. The fashion news in India keeps updating every hour, and all fashion enthusiasts want to browse their favorite fashion forecasting, fashion blogs, and the latest fashion news in India while on go. Apart from the graphic designs, make sure that you have a way of accessing images relatable to your fashion blog. Keep in touch with a fashion industry photographer or reach out to fashion bloggers, designers, International fashion brands in India and the world, and boutiques to secure copyright-free images. Before posting any picture on your blog make sure you have the copyright permission of the image. If you have an eye for photography you may opt to take photographs with your own perspective. In fact today, many fashion bloggers use themselves as the model to portray the fashions they blog about.

Sort your marketing strategy  

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Sort your marketing strategy

As with any other business, before starting a fashion blog it’s important to create a marketing strategy. There are hundreds and thousands of methods in which you can market your fashion blog, so you will first need to sort your mind about what methods you will manage yourself first- and which are the ones you will outsource. There’s no denying that your primary focus will be to learn how to write intriguing and compelling content for your fashion blog, but you must also consider distributing content elsewhere on the internet to drive traffic back to your website. Today online is the best source for marketing, you can consider under mentioned online marketing strategies- 

⁃ Email Marketing 

⁃ Website optimization 

⁃ Mobile marketing 

⁃ Paid advertising in the online publication 

⁃ Banners 

⁃ Weekly or monthly fashion newsletters

⁃ Guest blogging 

⁃ Networking online and offline both 

These are just some of the most common marketing strategies to take into consideration. Ensure that you maintain a high social media network because the attention of fashion blogs is most gained and developed on social media platforms. In numbers, social media and blogs account for around 24% of Internet user’s time spent online. Make sure that you have a strong marketing strategy, with a strict timeline in accordance before launching your fashion blog. You can definitely outsource some of your marketing, but no matter what, you will be responsible for a proportion of it, until the time you have a large marketing pocket.

Fashion blogging and social media 

Fashion blogging and social media
Fashion blogging and social media

With the coming of globalization, online fashion blog writing has become widespread, the internet has created a strong ability to reach the wider masses. Social media has given fashion bloggers the individuality and the freedom to represent their point of view. The social media platform has become an important channel of the new media today. The fashion bloggers with the help of social media have a wider and more appealing space to broadcasts the ideas and thoughts on this glamorous world of fashion. You should always know how to find fashion news appropriate for the targeted online audience, and master writing techniques, which includes story narration, fashion show reporting, and effective interview techniques, you can do social media lives and fashion broadcasting. Master techniques like digital editing, data generation, and infographics as these factors could attract more audience to your blogs.

All you need to do 

launching your fashion blog
All you need to do

Making your fashion blog an ace in the fashion industry will require you to find a way to make it financially lucrative. The key rule of the fashion blog is that the more traffic you generate to your website or blog, the more profitable it will be. You must be wondering how to make your blog profitable, so following are some of the important methods from which you can monetize your website-  

⁃ Collaborate with fashion designers, fashion bloggers, and boutiques to sell the items you blog about on your website. 

⁃ Allow fashion designers and boutiques to place paid advertisements on your fashion or beauty related blog or website. 

⁃ Charge fashion designers and boutiques for blogging and helping them advertise their clothing and accessories.

⁃ Charge for adding shopping links from the fashion designers and boutiques in your blogs. 

– A lot of international fashion brands also look into collaborating with bloggers to promote their products. Go on the look for them too!

Always remember an ace fashion blog is the one that generates a steady stream of revenue. Ensure that your fashion blog does not feel sales centered, but instead informative, intriguing, creative, and of course closely related to fashion forecasting. 

I Knock Fashion Desk (Conclusion) 

I Knock Fashion
How Much Can You Earn Through Fashion Blogging In India

Originality is definitely the key, but there’s nothing wrong in looking at the already successful fashion blogs. In fact, it is one of the most efficient ways to make your blog succeed in the fashion industry, look out for the already successful fashion blogs and try to implement the qualities that you believe can turn out to be good for your fashion blog. Once you start with your fashion blog start noticing what your readers often like to read, later opt for a blog theme that’s the most responsive. There are numerous opportunities for earning money through your fashion blogs initially just focus on your writing and gaining an audience. Later you can earn through- 

⁃ Display Ads- With your blog becoming successful you can use GoogleAd service or any other advertising network. 

⁃ Affiliate marketing- Start placing links to paid products, if someone makes a purchase through your link you can ask for a commission. Very common with international fashion brands in India and fashion boutiques. 

⁃ Brands/ boutiques promotions- As mentioned earlier connect with fashion designers and brands, help them enhance their sell through your blogs. 

⁃ Sponsored posts- Write yourself or allow other fashion designers and boutiques to write about their clothing and accessories on your blog page. 

⁃ Classes- If you ace your field you can start with seminars or coaching. 

Keep these key points in your mind before writing a fashion blog or jumping into this field. Following these points will lead to a fully functional blog website, which will help you carve your presence in the fashion culture. Keeping these pointers in the head will help put your blogging business on the map, and will attract new clients. All these factors mainly included how to make an online presence but do remember making an offline audience is also essential, try networking and socializing within the fashion industry as much as possible. Was this blog helpful? 

Do let us know in the comment section and stay tuned with I Knock fashion for further fashion and beauty related updates.

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