Friday 26, Feb 2021, Delhi (India)


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HUL Decides To Drop The Word “Fair” From The Iconic Brand Fair & Lovely!

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HUL Decides To Drop The Word “Fair” From The Iconic Brand Fair & Lovely!

It won’t be wrong to say that the #BlackLivesMatter movement has impacted India’s obsession with fair skin. The Indian beauty industry is taken by shock as the country’s top skin-whitening brand is removing the word “fair” from their product. The beauty industry trends 2020 is reforming; the country is happy to welcome it with open arms.  

Stereotypes Need To Be Broken! 

fair & Lovely creme
fair & Lovely creme

A recent study found that more than half of 1992 men and women surveyed about product use in India had tried skin whiteners by the beauty industry, and close to half felt the need to use such products due to media and society. But things are finally changing in the beauty industry, beauty industry trends 2020 are different and healthy. 

There’s no denying that stereotypes need to be broken, especially when it comes to the beauty industry, that has been selling items by openly promoting fair skin. Recently Hindustan Unilever Limited has announced that it would rebrand its skin lightening cream “Fair & Lovely” and drop the word “Fair” from the product. Hindustan Unilever Limited has also committed that it will remove all suggestions and advertisements pointing to success being linked to skin tone or color in its communication.

HUL’s Official Instagram Post 

Hindustan Unilever Limited posted on its social media accounts, ”We’re committed to a skincare portfolio that’s inclusive of all skin tones, celebrating the diversity of beauty. That’s why we’re removing the words ‘fairness’, ‘whitening’ & ‘lightening’ from products, and changing the Fair & Lovely brand name.”

Who Led To This Major Change In The Beauty Industry? 

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The 22 years old Chandana Hiran, grew up with a retinue of skin whitening products shoved at her by pushy television and print adverts that made so call promises to make her skin several shades “lighter.” On June 26, 2020, the Mumbai based Chandana woke up a shade happier. After years of fighting against the odds, campaigning and protesting, anti-colorist activist in India raised a toast as consumer products giant Hindustan Unilever Limited decided to let go of the word “fair.” Chandana had filed an online petition against the company just two weeks ago, and it won’t be wrong to say that apart from the #blacklivesmatter she also had a role to play in this change of the beauty industry.  

It took a world backlash to give the beauty industrya push in this direction. But make no mistake, the consumers have been vocal about the need for a cultural shift regarding the sale of fairness creams in our country and contributed to this victory. After the beauty industry, even the matrimonial websites are doing away with skin color filters. This is a small step in the right direction, making beauty industry trends 2020 a lot better!

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