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In-demand Skills For Fashion Industry Professionals

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In-demand Skills For Fashion Industry Professionals

In-demand Skills For Fashion Professionals: A career in the Indian and International fashion industry is highly sought after nowadays and with the definition of fashion changing every day, the scope of it is also increasing. If you get excited at the thought of the touch and feel of the fabrics and materials. Then you have what it takes to be a part of the fashion industry.  

Check Out These In-Demand Skills For Fashion Industry Professionals

Do you dream of working side-by-side with fashion designers, helping them transform their visions into full-blown collections? Or maybe you would like to bring your own ideas to life and start your own label.

Based on your ambitions, you will need to hone skills for a particular kind of job you want in the industry. Having a clear understanding of your own skill-set is important to make a career and a name for yourself. Here’s how you can begin:

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Illustration and Sewing Skills

Illustration and sewing skills are core skills needed across the board in the Indian and International fashion industry. You will need to Illustrate to translate your thoughts and ideas down on paper. Whether you are interested in becoming a garment or accessory or footwear designer. You need to know how to sketch, cut and sew, in order to overlook the process of production.

Based on your area of interest, you will also need certain specialized skills. For example, an accessory designer might need to have a greater knowledge of different hard materials, while a shoe-designer would need to be well-versed in techniques for taming and stitching leather.


 Marketable Communication Skills

It is all about communication in fashion. Your outfits and accessories are a way for you to convey your personality to the world. For designers, this means knowing how to translate their thoughts and ideas into clear-cut design concepts.

Each piece you design and each collection you create will need to have an idea or a theme behind it, especially if you want to showcase your collections at renowned fashion weeks, shows and events.

Strong communication skills for communication in fashion are also important for specialized fashion professions. A typical fashion buyer works with clothing suppliers to make and select the proper clothing pieces for the target market.

They are responsible for deciding between the current fashion trends, as well as the classic traditional pieces which sell quite well. Keeping up with new trends and what’s working in the fashion industry will involve networking with various fashion influencers and industry professionals to stay on your game.

Additionally, buyers and merchandisers in stores need to be able to communicate between designers and different departments to settle on budgets and inventory. With good communication skills, buyers and merchandisers will be more likely to run a store smoothly.

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The Business Know-How

The fashion industry involves much more than just patterns, colors, and fabrics. To be successful, you need to know how a business operates. If a business is your strong suit and you have developed skills such as budgeting, marketing, etc. then you might be right for a career in fashion marketing or communication in fashion or a specialized career as a fashion business development manager. Both these professions are on the rise and involve the use of more technical skills, while still satiating your sartorial appetite.

These skills are just some of the essentials that are in demand in today’s business landscape especially in the Indian and International fashion industry. You can easily identify the area of your interest and talent through college projects, internships, or in-depth research.

A specialized course in the area of your interest can help you build on these skills and equip you with new ones needed to pursue your fashion dreams and help you reach your goals and ambitions.

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