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Indian Designer, Gaurang Shah Brings Forth His New Collection – Handloom Chiffon

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Indian Designer, Gaurang Shah Brings Forth His New Collection – Handloom Chiffon

If you’ve been thinking about handlooms as the coarse fabric of yesterday that has been woven with no expertise with blotches of dye, we ask you to think again because award-winning textile designer and Jamdani weave exponent Gaurang Shah has given an all-new makeover to the age-old ‘Chiffon’ – the elegant, sheer silk fabric with a soft and easy drape, stretch and shimmering appearance to appeal to the modern day fashionista’s evening dresses, bridal wear as well as costume design wishes. Celebrity designers like Gaurang have definitely taken center stage with helping handlooms move to a new era of glamour, bold and aesthetically pleasing designs.

Gaurang has always been passionate about handlooms and this amalgamation is a result of a series of trials and experiments. He explains the concept in a much detailed way, “A 20 denier pure silk yarn was twisted in 3 ply and 2 ply with alternate twists, and then woven by handloom weavers in the interiors of India to create the textured and wrinkled chiffons, crafted to a 50-gram textile.”

The designer states that this is a completely fresh take, a new twist to make you look refreshing and is going to be in vogue all the time. It is a merger of several dying and printing surface techniques from textile clusters across India. The very collection is a playful silken rendition of the modern-day maharani and it is surely going to be a worthy addition in anyone’s wardrobe. He later added that the new chiffon handloom range will certainly be the ‘urge-satiator’ for every fashionista’s summer fashion desire.

Over the years the designer has transformed the contemporary woman’s wardrobe drastically with his interpretation of ancient Indian textiles. His new and innovative creations have forever been a clever blend of the past and present, including his signature big border sarees or varied textures, tones and textile fusion.

Gaurang makes a promise to women who love chiffon that they’ll be surprised by the Handloom Chiffon collection which takes the chiffon invention up a notch, onto a different level of elegance, its soft drape abilities and its shimmering appearance. His Handloom Chiffon’s will come in an array of the sari to revive the lavish fashions of the 17th century chiffons lending a breath-taking experience for the wearer as well as for the onlooker. 

As they say, ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. But Gaurang gives the opportunity to women all over to adorn his fabulous creation and feel beautiful from the outside as well as on the inside.

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