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Indian Fashion Designers And Their Ventures In Interior Decor

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Indian Fashion Designers And Their Ventures In Interior Decor

Creativity Is Never Restrictive!”

According to speculated data, the country currently requires more than one lakh Interior Designers. This requirement for interior designers increased as the Indian urbanites raised expenditure on quality of life. Unlike earlier, Indians today raise exposure to exotic destinations in the global village that further deepened the need for a place that best represents their thoughts and moods. Spotting this requirement in interior design, numerous Indian designers from the fashion industry stepped up and adopted the path of interior design. There is nothing inappropriate about it, as being an interior designer, the top most aspect of staying ahead of developing fashion trends is to stay updated with what’s going on in the world of fashion. Also, as stated, “creativity isn’t restrictive”.

There is no denying that the leap from fashion trends to interior trends isn’t miles. But it can be stated that before the arrival of technology and the internet, the leap was a bit further from what we can fathom today. With technology taking up a good pace, it’s no wonder why Indian designers are taking this interior decor form of expression. The fact is the bond between the two industries(fashion and interiors) has never been more intertwined than it is today. As style and fashion trends are accessible easily, it is not taking years for consumers to correlate how they express themselves through their dress to how they express themselves through home decorating. Let’s get started with the blog, and closely witness how both the industries go hand in hand and the similarities between the two.

What Exactly Is Interior Designing? 

Interior Decor
Interior Decor

An interior designer’s role is to provide apt advice for an aesthetic yet safe environment for those who work, live, and relax within an interior space. It may look like an easy task to perform, but they design to communicate not only to decorate. They elegantly carve spaces that anticipate customer’s needs and appeal to their emotions while pulling from a broad set of skills and technical knowledge. In India, interior design had transformed dramatically since the early 20th century when it was just beginning to emerge as a profession. Interior designers today are expected to work with contractors, architects, engineers, craftsmen, furniture dealers, and businesses and homeowners. Someone with a unique sense of designing, and the skills to work within many disciplines like architecture, graphic design, decorative arts, textile, furniture, and lighting design can be an ace interior designer.

It is quite clear that fashion trends impact interior design, which can be the possible reason behind more and more famous fashion designers in India are adding interior touch to their arsenals. Numerous famous fashion designers in India are partnering with interior designers to create interior decor lines that speak to their aesthetics. These factors have dramatically impacted the market of interior design in the country.

Changes In Interior Design Market!

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Market Size Of Indian Interior Design Industry ( in US Million Dollars)

Last year, the architecture and design magazine honored two Delhi-based design principals in its 13th annual 40-under-40 awards. PankhuriGoel, and Asha Sairam, won in the interior design category at the awards that celebrates talent from Asia. This victory displayed how India is well-placed to cater to interior design globally. There is no sugar-coating here, as India has gone through dramatic changes in lifestyle over the years. The following are some of the most popular reason why there is a rapid growth in the interior design industry in India.

  1. Growth of urbanization in India- Metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, etc. has completely changed the Indian lifestyle. 

  2. The emergence of cosmopolitan culture- Gen Z aspires to stay updated with the latest fashion trends and industry. They prefer visiting a restaurant aesthetic worthy, that’s the influence of cosmopolitan culture. 

  3. Theme based Interiors- In India, people don’t wish to replicate anything they like standing out of the box. 

All these trends have led to the phenomenal growth of the interior design industry in India. From the past few years, the interior designing industry has been expanding by 30-40%. It is speculated that the market for home interiors and renovation in India will be between USD 20 Billion-USD 30 Billion. 

Following Are Some Of The Major Indian Designers! 


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Having had a life-long passion for design and architecture has now led Ravish Vohra to become one of the most famous and ace Interior Designers in India. Since 1992, Ravish Vohra has been in the luxury industry and is excelling with his true passion for interiors. His fascination for creating high-end luxury designs has helped him to reach the zenith. 

In October 2010, Ravish turned his love for architecture and interiors into his business by starting his store ”Ravish Vohra Home’’. His store showcases the best of the luxury lifestyle. The store and its designs are a perfect combination of glamour and functionality. Ravish Vohra aims to achieve the highest standards of quality, and his strategic vision is helping him to achieve it.


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The founding partner of an architectural company- Morphogenesis, ManitRastogi is an Indian interior designer. He and his company are involved in urban designed architecture practices. Manit is a member of the Indian Institute of Architects and The Royal Society of Arts, UK. This Indian designer is a designer with ‘Green Mission’. His efforts of moving toward sustainability have brought the attention of many people to his work. The designer has been honored with over 75 national and international awards due to his sustainable practices. Being a professional in the industry his company operates in India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Afghanistan, and UAE. 


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Rajiv Saini studied Computer Sciences but later on started his studio in 1995. His eye-catching projects include Devigarh Hotel in Udaipur, The Marriot Hotel in Goa, Restro- Bars like Senso in New Delhi, Rain and velvet in Mumbai, Fashion Store 'Carma' in New Delhi and many more high-end luxury designed homes across several countries like India, Thailand, UAE, and Europe. In 2006, to represent India, he was invited to the exhibition 'GLOBAL EDIT' by Wall Paper Magazine and Giorgio Armani in Milan. His work was shown at the IFA in Berlin and Stuttgart in 2007. His project Devigarh Hotel won several international design awards.

The Similarities Between Interior Design And Fashion! 

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Interior Design And Fashion!

Now that after the emergence of technology there are numerous mediums, which enable the consumers to access the latest fashion trends instantaneously, the thin line of what influences what has begun to diminish amongst consumers. What we are trying to say here is the famous fashion designers India and furniture designers are seeing the same thing at the same time and capitalizing on it. That means if the consumer is going Gaga over the floral collection of garments your just released, chances are an interior designer has already utilized similar patterns in his decor.

Hence the most notable similarity between interior and fashion design is that they are both the means by which an individual can express themselves freely. Both these designing aspects allow the customers to stand apart from others and depict how they feel about themselves. Be it the apt dress or sofa, the perfect neckpiece or end table, finding style and fashion trends that speak to an individual are a significant aspect of existing in today’s society.

Famous Fashion Designers Who Took The Path Of Interior Decor! 

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Indian Fashion Designers Who Are Now Successful Interior Designers Too!


1. Tarun Tahiliani

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Photo Courtesy: Architectural Digest

Being the first Indian designer to showcase his work at Milan Fashion Week, Tarun’s artistic vision is beyond one’s imagination. This famous fashion designers in India has excelled in the field of fashion designing and his contributions to the Indian fashion industry are remarkable. Not only in the fashion industry, but TarunTahiliani is also known for his work in interior design. He is known for designing celebrity homes and luxury hotels. Recently, he has designed public space luxury residences in Gurgaon. His work’s great finish, layering, longevity, and comfort make him an excellent interior designer.  

2. J J Valaya

indian fashion designers
J J Valaya

The famous fashion designer in India JJ Valaya is well known in the Indian fashion industry. The Indian designer is not only a fashion designer but is also now a known interior designer. His designing style is a combination of classic and contemporary. The Indian designer has launched his Interior brand ‘Valaya Home’. His aesthetic decor collection is loved by all. JJ Valaya’s store at Delhi has one of a kind designs. 

Sabyasachi Mukherjee 

indian fashion designer
Sabyasachi Mukherjee

The ace fashion designer is known for his bridal collection. His bridal couture collection is beautiful as divinity and is the dream of every Indian bride to adore it. The designer is well known for patch-work, fusion, and vibrant colors. The fashion designer embellishments can be seen in the field of interior designing too. His commendable work can be seen at 'The Cinema Suite' in the Taj Buckingham, London.

I Knock Fashion Desk (Conclusion) 

Indian designers
Interior Decor

According to an ace interior designer, trends in interior decor are everyday borrowed from the fashion world, such as velvets, metallics, and floral patterns. To be precise, velvet is taken from the fashion industry and both on the body or in the living room conveys opulence, decadence, and elegance. It is popularly spotted in homes, paired elegantly with plants and brown leather. Coming to metallic-like brass and gold, their small doses makes it easy to accentuate the most dead of spaces. The best part about both industries is, they are interlinked. The ace fashion forecasters are able to predict future fashion trends based on economic conditions, trend history, patterns on the runway, and more. 

The blog can be concluded by stating that the chance of you not being able to find home décor that expresses your personality is unlikely. As the fashion trends continue to evolve, interior designers are being more accepting of the notion that they must share their space with the famous fashion designer in India. So, the next time you’re looking to understand where interior design trends come from, go look to the runways of famous fashion designers India.

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