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Indian Fashion Designers Donate To Fight Coronavirus In India

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Indian Fashion Designers Donate To Fight Coronavirus In India

News-Source@The Hans India

With the second wave of Covid-19 setting the new records that binge into the devastating situations, the Indian fashion designers joined their hands to fight against the crisis by donating funds in India.

Putting everything to a halt with friends and relatives getting tested positive frequently, the dystopian wave of Covid-19 in India brings the country to the wholesome of quietness and sadness, lacking medical and physical resources. But, the fashion industry, one of the most celebrated industries of the country, lead its way as a helping hand to fight against the Coronavirus in India by raising funds.

Fashion designers donate for coronavirus- Once again a substantial move by the designers as they initiate the financial help in the battle while collaborating with various foundations and NGOs. 

The leading Indian fashion designers such as Arpita Mehta, Gauri and Nainika, SWGT, Valaya Home, ArchanaArora, and Mishé put in their maximum efforts to raise funds that can bring the hope of relief towards the Covid-19 in India

1. S.W.G.T- With the tag line of 'Together we can,' in their latest Instagram post, SWGT starts with the fundraiser sale to support the Hemkunt Foundation and Food for the Hungry for their relief work in the time of crisis. By introducing a week-long sale on their official website, they aim to donate 50% of the sales revenue to the foundations and the remaining 50% to the weavers and karigars of SWGT. All the data about the amount collected and payments made to the organizations will be shared, making it a transparent act.

2. Gauri and Nainika- One of the leading fashion designers in India aims to save the lives of people who struggle for one breath by providing oxygen cylinders as they share the idea on Instagram. They have collaborated with Doctor For You( DFY- One of the leading Indian Humanitarian Organisations working on Public health issues and Disaster Relief across South Asia) and Ketto (Asia's most trusted fundraiser platform) for your little contribution. Also, 100% of it will go directly to the DFY. 

3. Arpita Mehta- The Indian fashion designer Arpita Mehta introduces #WishfulWednesday as a fundraiser to help in covid-19. She addresses it in her Instagram post where every Wednesday for the entire month of May, the Kaftans will be available at a 20% discount. 100% proceeds will be donated to different organizations that are helping in the Covid relief work. For 5th May, Wednesday, they are partners with Ripples Of Kindness, ROK, which has been working for the past year to provide relief to the affected individuals by the pandemic.

4. JJ Valaya- Joining the streak of Indian fashion designers donate for Coronavirus, JJ Valaya with the tag line 'VALAYA FOR INDIA' "commit their 20% of all the sales to 3 organizations, Hemkunt Foundation, Khalsa Aid India, and Give India."

5. ArchanaArora- Joining the latest streak of Indian fashion designers donate for Coronavirus, the designer introduces a sale to Save and donate to the covid-relief fundraising organizations. They have joined their hands with Hemkunt Foundation and The Covid Surge Impact Alliance to help the people in need. She also aims to donate 100% proceeds from the sale to the foundations.

6. Mishé- Gaining inspiration from the fashion industry where fashion designers donate for Coronavirus, Mishé joining their hands with other 5 brands, DOH TAK KEH, EastFourteen, Advait, BY AN INCH, NoiéNoié, to raise funds by 15th May 2021. They present 6 products, each priced at 6000. Also, 50% of the total amount collected will be donated to Khalsa India, and the remaining 50% to the inhouse workers. 

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It's time to put in your maximum efforts towards the help of Covid-relief fundraisers organizations in India. Let's pledge to save lives by maximum contribution to the rampant situation of the country.

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