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Is A Transition To Different Job Profiles Within The Fashion Industry Easy?

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Is A Transition To Different Job Profiles Within The Fashion Industry Easy?

Truthfully, it isn’t that easy transitioning from one job position to the next within the fashion industry. Indeed, it involves smart work more than hard work, and a little bit of luck for things to go right. Having years of experience in a particular field in fashion makes you a specialized professional. In the course of your career, you also gain skills that can often apply to other sectors. With this being said, every field has its specificities which means, that even with years of work experience on your resume, you might be back to square one in some regards if you decide to make a transition.

Everyone’s path is different and changing careers to work within the industry is risky but ultimately rewarding. Here are some steps to help you make a switch smoothly:

1. Take the time to think about which side of fashion you like the most. Document your favorite parts of your job read interviews with fashion professionals and look for any information you can find on the different professions in fashion. Some of the questions you can ask yourself before deciding on a job change are-

  • What is your favorite thing about fashion and the industry?
  • What are the pros and cons compared to your current position?
  • Are positions for this job available at your existing place of employment?
  • Is the income comparable?
  • What new skills will you need for this new job?
  • Do you possess any transferable skills you can sell to prospective employers?
  • Are people in this field generally successful?

2. Go to events as much as you can. You never know the kind of people you end up meeting with; who probably are on the same career path as yours or are looking to hire someone with a diverse skillset. A lot of fashion events attract people desiring to change their career or in transition. Making a professional switch can be stressful so knowing people in the same situation will make you feel less alone.

3. Do you really know the job role inside out that you wish to be in? If not, talk to the people who do your dream job, research how they got their start and what a day in their life really looks like. Not to mention, these contacts will be priceless when you’re ready to secure a job in the field you love.

4. Once you’ve made your decision to leave your current job, be strategic and responsible about it. It might be essential to take a short course initially, do an internship, or take hands-on training before you start the real deal. Be sure to leverage the contacts in your current industry, you’ll be shocked to know-how industries interconnect, especially in fashion. Once you start to learn and gain experience, keep tailoring your resume accordingly. Further, make sure to maintain your network and keep making contacts efficiently.

A job switch is frightening, really. But the reality is at some point we’ve all considered whether or not we’ve taken up the right career path. Ultimately, it’s important to love what you do and it should feel that your creative needs match up to the job you do. It should inspire and motivate you to do better each day. Just think about it. Does that 9-5 job desk job really offer you the creative freedom you want? Are you confident enough to make the right decision?

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