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Is Oiling An Essential Segment Of Hair Care?

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Is Oiling An Essential Segment Of Hair Care?

Hair is considered to be one of the most important aspects of Indian beauty, people around the world love thick hair, no matter men or women. A person's hair is the first noticeable part of the look, they grace the tone of your entire look, the blog will brief you on how to take good care of your hair.

"Monday's aren't great but your hair can be"

What exactly hair care means?

What exactly hair care means?
What exactly hair care means?

Indian women have deep tied their hair for centuries, plenty of these practices rooted from the ancient times, and Hindu religious customs. Hindu religion has several different practices if talked about hair, in particular, families used to shave their child's head after months of being born, a tradition called chuda-karana, the tradition indicated a practice that cleared you from past impurities and starts fresh. The sacrifice of hair on someone passing away and making pilgrimages to temples have been age-old and considered to be a sign of devotion in the country.

The Indians are naturally blessed with thick, and healthy hair, hair care refers to keeping that hair and scalp of yours healthy and nourished. Regardless of highlights or texture, there's one thing all of us look forward to and that is hair looking like they've been through the hands of a salon professional every week. With the world moving rapidly it's often difficult for us to pause and pay attention to our hair, oiling is essential, it is one key hair rule to stick to for the happiest, healthiest hair of your life. The hair care usually includes factors like Rethinking the way you wash your hair, choosing the best shampoo for your highlighted hair, using proper hair protection, knowing how to use a blow dryer like a pro, picking out the best hair tools, conditioning the right way to keep them shining, and plenty of more steps.  

How pollution affects your hair?

How pollution affects your hair?
How pollution affects your hair?

The pollution can take a major toll on your tresses, the latest researches state how pollution can intensely harm your skin, but we don't often pay attention that the same also goes for our scalp and hair. The skin and hair are the first things to be exposed to sunlight and pollution. Particulate matter, bits of soot, dust, and other grime, smoke, and gaseous pollutants can all settle on both the hair and scalp, causing irritation and damage. That can manifest in various ways, ranging from dryness to breakage to an itchy scalp. The city-dwellers and those living close to the industrial areas are at higher risk. 

Pollution after a certain level can cause hair loss, it is stated by a study which tested the effect of dust and fuel particles on human scalp and hair. Researchers recently found out that too much exposure to pollution can cause a reduction of four proteins which helps the hair to grow. 

Pollution is particle pollutants that are tiny in size and can easily penetrate the skin of your scalp causing itching, baldness and can also lead to chronic diseases like cancer.

Can a poor diet affect your tresses?

Your hair represents your overall health, if you're not in taking a healthy diet, your hair may speak it out loud. As we talk about hair, some hereditary cards play a specific role but it does not change the fact that lifestyle choices over the years including what we eat, how often do we exercise, and how we deal with stress also play an essential role in how our hair looks.

A healthy diet, exercise, self-care, stress management, timely oiling can do wonders for your hair. Your hair is what you eat if you don't opt for healthy and timely meals no spa can give you lustrous looking hair. Nutrition is essential for hair growth, providing your body enough proteins, having plenty of water, and opting for iron and zinc-rich food can all immensely contribute to healthy and strong hair. Foods rich in Omega-3s contain oily fish like salmon and mackerel, nuts, and seeds like flax and chia seeds, along with flaxseed and soybean oils, they help with the absorption of certain botanicals.

Research states that keeping your body distanced from some major nutrition can lead to iron deficiency anemia or zinc deficiency which can further lead to major hair loss. On the other hand eating, plenty of zinc and iron-rich food like dark leafy greens, whole grains, nuts, and seeds can help prevent deficiencies and make you grow faster. No one's diet can be healthy all the time, but eating nutrition timely can help to fill in the gap and keep your hair healthy and growing.  

How are hair oiling in hair care and its importance?

How are hair oiling in hair care and its importance?
How are hair oiling in hair care and its importance?

I'm sure all of you all must have heard about the importance of applying oil to hair by your grandmother, and there is no doubt that they said is true.

Benefits of oiling your hair are numerous and a solution to all your hair care problems, from stresses to damaged ends. Oiling can be a must in your hair care as you'll witness how it has all the tremendous benefits your grandmother promised. Add oiling to your daily hair care and you'll notice the following positive things-

1. Oil strengthens the hair- Oiling your hair has a multi-dimensional effect, it starts by increasing the tensile strength of the hair, preventing the unnecessary breakage, reducing the frizziness, and making them smoother and split ends free.

2. Oiling protects the hair from scorching heat damage- In a country like India, where half of the region faces scorching summer heat, just a tiny layer of oiling can prevent it from the heat damage. Oil forms a protective layer for the hair shaft, it is essential especially for the people who often blow-dry and apply other hair appliances regularly. Frequent blow drying can make your hair highly brittle and fragile but weekly oiling can condition your hair.

3. Timely oiling hydrates the hair- The oils rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids like castor oil and olive oil, create a physical barrier around the hair cells, preventing moisture loss which further leaves your strands looking dull, dry and even starts splitting from the ends.

What are the different categories of hair oil in India?

What are the different categories of hair oil in India?
What are the different categories of hair oil in India?

Mainly four categories of hair oils are found in India -

1. Coconut Oil- It is the most demanded hair oil in India and especially in South India.

2. Amla Hair Oil- Amla hair oil market is the urban driven market. The oil is highly demanded in North India.

3. Light Hair Oils- This market has shown significant growth in recent years.

4. Cooling oils- These oils keep the scalp cool during summers. 

Types of organic oils

Types of organic oils
Types of organic oils

Is there any right way of oiling?

Is there any right way of oiling?
Is there any right way of oiling?

Oiling in the right manner is a matter of concern, beyond the product itself what matters is the technique used while applying oil. Massaging the oil appropriately in your hair stimulates the circulation of blood to the scalp, which helps in getting the nutrients to the scalp, which ultimately nourishes your hair. Massaging appropriately also works as a stress buster further leaving for no hair fall. Following are the hair care tips to keep in mind while oiling your hair-

1. Avoiding combing your hair right after oiling as it could lead to hair loss and breakage. 

2. Don't let the hair oil sit for more than 6-8 hours as it gathers dirt and mixes with your scalps natural oil. 

3. With oiling limited is good, as too much of oil would require more shampoo and this can strip your hair of its natural moisture.

4. Don't tie your hair up too tight after oiling this will lead to pressure and further cause split ends. 

What is the market size of hair oil in India?

What is the market size of hair oil in India?
What is the market size of hair oil in India?

According to, the market for hair care in India is

  • Revenue in the Hair Care segment amounts to INR 73,05,955.78 in 2020. The market is expected to grow annually by 6.9% (CAGR 2020-2023).
  • In global comparison, most revenue is generated in the United States 

According to the data collected by hair oil market size in India is pegged at around Rs 8,000 crore with coconut-based oils accounting for 46 percent. No coconut or perfumed oil segment has a market size of Rs 4,283 crore. 

Hair Oil Brands available across India 

Many hair oil brands are available in the market to add to our bags. Some of them are-

1. Biotique Hair Oil
2. Lotus Herbals Oil
3. Himalaya Hair Oil
4. Trichup Hair Oil
5. Sesa Hair Oil
6. Bajaj Almond Hair Oil
7. Hair and Care Fruit Oil
8. Finn Natural Organic Castor Oil
9. Khadi Global Red Onion Hair Oil
10. WishCare Premium Cold-pressed Castor Oil



Hair oils not only keep your hair nourished but also solve several hair problems providing us with numerous hair care tips. But choosing a suitable hair oil can sometimes be problematic when you see plenty of options to choose from. So why not make your hair oil that can solve all your hair problems and get healthier hair. Here is a list of oils to be made by your own for different hair issues-

1. For treating Dandruff Refreshing citrus hair oil can help you overcome dandruff. To make this oil you will need orange and lemon peel powder, and coconut or olive oil. Method

  • Prepare orange and lemon peel powder by drying and grinding them or simply buy readymade powder.
  • Heat carrier oil (coconut or olive oil) in a pan and add a tablespoon of citrus powder to it. It would be better to use cold-pressed oil.
  • Turn off the heat when oil starts to fume.
  • Your oil is now ready to strain it and store it in an airtight container. 

Massaging your hair with this oil 2-3 times a week on your scalp especially and you will get rid of dandruff.

2. For Regrowth For regrowth, you should try Hibiscus oil as it is rich in amino acids and vitamin C which are essential for hair growth. Making this oil requires Hibiscus flowers and leaves, and carrier oil. Method

  • Make a smooth pulp by crushing Hibiscus leaves and flowers.
  • Heat the carrier oil and add the smooth pulp to it. Here to prefer to use cold-pressed oil.  
  • When the oil starts to fume turn it off and strain it.

Applying this oil to your scalp 2-3 times a week can show you good results.

3. To Prevent Hair Loss

Amla is beneficial for hair and can prevent hair loss. So let us see how we can make amla oil to prevent hair loss. For preparing this oil you will need amla powder, cold-pressed coconut oil, and water. Method

  • Add amla powder to water and boil it until it is reduced to 1/4th of its original quantity. 
  • Cool and strain it to get amla water.
  • Form a consistent paste by diluting the rest of the amla powder with water. 
  • Add this paste and coconut oil to the amla water and boil it.
  • Boil it until you are left with just amla powder and oil.  
  • Strain it and use it twice a week to see better results. 

For further detailed hair care tips read on the blog by I Knock Fashion-

hair care tips
hair care tips

IKF Desk (Conclusion)

Give yourself and your hair a treat by timely oiling it, choose the right oil according to your scalp type. Stay tuned with I Knock Fashion to get all the beauty and skincare tips. Looking for more information on Haircare and oiling?, Comment below.

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