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Is One Mile Wear The Next Sustainable Fashion Trend?

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Is One Mile Wear The Next Sustainable Fashion Trend?

The one mile wear is much talked about in the fashion industry. Comfort is the best outfit, and one-mile wear aptly sets the latest fashion trends along with comfort.  ”Dress like you're going somewhere better later.”

What Is One Mile Wear?

One Mile Wear
One Mile Wear Clothing

One mile wear is all about comfortable clothing that you can easily adorn within a one-mile radius of your home. Season after season the fashion industry keeps evolving, One-mile wear can be the latest fashion trends because most consumers today need chic, comfortable clothing to run errands, and deal with life's little moments, without any hassle.  The one-mile wear is fully functional, chic, along with a relaxed vibe. These are the perfect comfortable outfits to wander a little further from home.

One Mile Wear- Japanese Concept 

One Mile Wear- Japanese Concept
traditional clothes of japan- Kimonos

Whenever we think about Japanese fashion, the first image that pops up in our heads is of Kimonos along with a complete color palette. Japanese people have always been fond of simple clothing from early age animal skin clothes to traditional clothing such as Kimonos, Yukata, Hakama and many others made of silk, cotton and other synthetic fabrics followed by exposure to the western clothing culture due to the World War and then globalization, the Japanese have had a glorious clothing evolution. But they have never really opened up about their fashion and culture. Women of Japan have always been working be it in the house or outer world, for them comfortable clothing is the most essential, so they can further roam around freely.  Japanese have brought a unique style of clothing to the fashion industry, which is both elegant and comfortable, layering was also made globally popular by them. Japanese body type doesn’t vary much, and this is the major reason why unisex clothing is so common among them. Unisex clothing further promotes sustainable fashion breaking the gender stereotype.  After World War 2, Japan 's clothing and fashion culture saw a drastic change from Kimonos they started to choose to wear western clothes that were comfortable to work around in. The abandonment of Japanese silk across the USA shook the cornerstone of the Japanese industry at that time.  One mile wear as a clothing concept was introduced and promoted in Japan in the 20th century. The outfits that represent the idea of one-mile wear were designed to be both fancy enough to go out and comfortable enough to be considered loungewear. The Japanese want their clothes to be useful, to be worn, and to be kept. They look out for sustainability in fashion.  This thought of sustainability is partially reflected through the one-mile wear concept as it promotes less purchase and slower consumption.  

What Are The Features Of One Mile Wear Clothing?

latest western dresses in fashion
One Mile Wear Clothing

Even though this concept is not so famous yet once you get to know about it in detail, they are something to be adorned.  The definition of fashion is evolving with time, consumers now need clothes for their daily 9 to 5 work and leisure events, and they look out for options where they can get both in one, and the one-mile wear concept can be a perfect option to fulfill all of the above demands.  In other words, one-mile wear is the perfect attire for people who spend most of their time in or around the home. These attires are happily chilling on a couch but with that feature, they are just as amazing when you're getting pimped for drinks at a bar. What makes them stand out in the world of fashion is how they can be worn for dual purpose, be it a Sunday lazy morning or a Thursday brunch, the one-mile wear can be an equally perfect outfit for both the events. Following are some of the major features of one-mile wear-

  • Long-lasting clothing- The concept encourages to buy good quality clothing that can last for a long time for usage.
  • Slow Consumption- As Indian Fashion Designer Rahul Mishra rightly said: " Everything grows slow, is made slowly with hands and thus should be consumed slowly to give the mother Earth enough time to replenish". The one-mile wear concept encourages slow and longer consumption of the same garment.  
  • Chic yet comfortable- Comfortable clothing can be adorned for the whole day and comfort along with fashion is even better!
  • Limits purchase- One-mile wear limits the purchasing of clothes as now the same piece can be worn and used for various purposes throughout the day, hence the need of buying that extra pair to go to the groceries or school meets can be cut off the list. 

Is One Mile Wear A Famous Concept Across The Globe?

passion for fashion
One Mile Wear Clothing

As street fashion, luxury fashion and fast fashion are famous and well-known terms frequently used across the globe, one mile wear is still gaining momentum. Although with sustainability and sustainable fashion being recognized as a major step to create a healthier future, one-mile wear is sure to become the latest fashion trend soon. Slowly and gradually spreading from the Eastern domains to the middle and western world, The Japanese are all set to give the world much more than just names and extensions of their traditional garments. With technology bringing fashion together and breaking the limitations set by borders, stereotypes and conservative cultural thinking the world is moving towards being more accepting and experimental.   As the Japanese firmly believe in whatever they do, they are sure to influence the fashion world with their belief in finding beauty in imperfections. They have already contributed to global fashion through, Japanese motifs such as flowers, birds, dragons, waves which are usually spotted on kimonos extended to the west. This authentic Japanese outfit is still worn across the globe reflecting the expansion of Japonisme into fashion.

Is One Mile Wear Sustainable Fashion?

One Mile Wear Sustainable Fashion
Advantages & Disadvantages of One Mile Wear Clothing

Sustainable fashion or eco-fashion is defined as the clothing and other fashion accessories that are manufactured, marketed and used most sustainably in both environmental and socio-economic aspects. Today, sustainable fashion is a highly debated and covered topic by the media as the fashion industry is the second-largest agent of pollution. Most of the companies are trying to modify their factories to cause less harm to the environment. Sustainable fashion aims at generating minimal carbon emission in its manufacturing processes. It helps in improving the lives of artisans and also provides better products for the consumers. It is making its way into the global fashion industry rapidly.  Most of the fashion brands are paying their artisans fairly and are moving towards natural fabrics and dyes. To mention that one-mile wear is a sustainable method would be in-correct, the concept does talk about using the same garment for various purposes and limiting purchase. But it does not reflect upon the whole system involved in manufacturing, procuring and buying of the garment. It does not support or contradict slow fashion and handmade clothes.  Hence, it would be fair to say that one-mile wear is a concept that can act as a bridge between fast fashion and sustainable fashion but cannot be called as a completely sustainable concept.  However with the fashion industry releasing an alarming 10% of all of humanity's carbon emissions, 85% of textiles ending up in the trash every year, pilling up like a mountain of non-biodegradable waste, further damaging the earth. If we opt for one mile wear we would be making some difference in these ratios.  

How Can We Inculcate One Mile Wear In Everyday Living? 

While the fashion industry brings on collections after collections promoting the latest fashion trends, one-mile wear is that part of your wardrobe that can hang on with you for long. A few basic color t-shirts, trousers, jumpsuits, shirts, tunic dresses, oversized shirts and sweaters, comfortable shorts and cotton plain shirts. These can be great starters to build the Japanese concept wardrobe. Just mix and match the lowers and uppers and you are set to travel within a mile's range of your home.

One Mile Wear The Indian Way!

Slow Fashion V/s Fast Fashion
Slow Fashion V/s Fast Fashion

While India has always believed in comfortable clothing and sustainable fashion, this concept has lasted in India for ages. Whether it be the old school sarees or salwar kameez and suits that could be worn both indoors and outdoors or the retro fashion glorifying men's oversized shirts and t-shirts (cleverly named as boyfriend's t-shirts now), India has comfortable clothing embedded in its culture.

next in fashion
One Mile Wear The Indian Way!

Although there is always scope for Indian fashion brands and designers to create and fuse a collection of Indian and Japanese one-mile wear, giving it the Indian touch which will make the consumers relate with the concept. Most of the fashion world is anyway coming around to this Japanese concept and also embracing it with ease.

Who Are The Designers Who Make One Mile Wear Clothing?

Spring fashion 2020

One mile wear is not well known across the globe, but here are some brands you can look forward to-

  • NRBY- Jo Hooper the founder of NRBY, graced the fashion industry with an expertly created collection inspired by the Japanese concept of “One-mile wear", the collection had shirts, tunic dresses, jumpsuits, and knitwear. The founder aims at getting into your wardrobe as your favorite, the clothing you can always grab your hands on.
  • EVERLANE- The fashion brand creates high quality, affordable pieces, perfect for mixing and matching. The collections they create are shared in the light of a one-mile wear concept with wrinkle-free and breathable fabrics, perfect for the daily hassle.

Apart from the brands, the following are some of the global icons who were spotted adorning the Japanese conceptualized outfit-

fashion and friends


  • HARRY STYLES- The celebrity singer and songwriter, was once spotted wearing trendy pajama look on stage at the O2 which looked familiar with the Japanese concept. 
  • SELENA GOMEZ- The American singer, was spotted wearing such pieces for a shopping trip in Paris. 
  • JAMIE & JOOLS OLIVER- The renowned couple posed with their offspring in matching rainbow-striped Pyjama’s. 

IKF Desk (Conclusion) 

With the latest fashion trends revolving around the concept of sustainable and comfortable fashion, one can imagine the Japanese concept of one mile wear to gain new heights and appreciation in the fashion industry. It can be called out as the natural next step for Western fashion. Do you still have any queries about one mile wear?  Do let us know in the comment section, and stay tuned with I Knock Fashion for further updates.


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