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Is There Really A Need To Obtain A Degree In Fashion?

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Is There Really A Need To Obtain A Degree In Fashion?

Do you dream of working in International fashion brands In India or abroad, renowned labels, or huge fashion multinationals? Do you fantasize about having your own start-up in the Indian fashion industry or global fashion culture? Fashion degrees and courses are the only way to make your dreams into reality. Although, we’re here to tell you why should you study fashion and what are the things you can learn from a fashion degree?

Studying a fashion degree indeed has its advantages and most of the established ones out there looking for the best of graduates from top fashion colleges and distinctive portfolios and resumes. A career in the global or Indian fashion industry through these degrees can provide you with numerous opportunities ranging from a fashion designer to a buyer for a popular brand/store.

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To be a successful fashion enthusiast and learner, it is important you advance your education with a suitable degree program. While you choose your path, you’ll be faced with the challenge of choosing what type of degree you want and here is a couple where you can obtain a four-year undergraduate degree – Fashion Design, Accessories Design, Styling, Jewelry Design, Textile Design, and Marketing.

You can also progress forward and pursue a post-graduate degree, such as a master’s in fashion, fashion marketing and so on. These post-graduate programs are designed to help you take your education to a higher level. You will have opportunities to develop a professional network in the fashion industry with other fashion professionals, providing you important skills and experiences.

On the other hand, there are some colleges and institutions that also have a 2-year program or a diploma as well for students who are looking to study for a shorter duration.


As a fashion student, there are a number of courses you’re provided with a fashion degree. These courses are designed to help prepare you to someday work with International fashion brands in India or abroad and the global or Indian fashion industry. Fashion art, design, sewing, model and technical drawing, illustration, pattern cutting,trend forecasting, color and textiles, and fashion history. Of course, these courses may vary depending on the degree you’d like to pursue and the college you’ll pick.

Many such institutions also give students hands-on experiences with an internship. Internships are carefully selected and assigned based on the educational needs and skills that you possess.

Many employers are also looking for potential employees who have experience in business or marketing. A degree in fashion may sometimes not be enough to make it in the fashion industry. To help ensure you remain competitive and worthy in a fast-paced and tough industry, you can advance your education with extra courses in business, marketing, etc.

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Indeed, you need the proper education and training to pursue a career in fashion, but you also need to have certain artistic and creative skills. First and foremost, you need to have an eye and a passion for fashion. Color, detail, balance, proportion, knowledge of latest trend forecasting, and creation; should all come naturally to you. Being a certain kind of creativity can help you and your career in the global & Indian fashion industry, even today! In order to make sure that your creation is true to your vision, you must be able to communicate how the article of clothing/product should be made. In the case of clothing, sewing, and pattern making skills come in handy.

The Fashion faculty that is provided to you in your degree are all experienced practitioners in their respective fields and they will guide you through a breadth of intellectual, research and practical processes. Students will be graduating with a creative skill set fully prepared to join the challenging and fast-paced international fashion brands in India or fashion labels abroad with a clear conscience.

Whether you wish to become an independent designer, an illustrator, an artistic director, trend forecasting expert, or a personal stylist, not only is a degree designed to encourage students to follow their dreams, but also to make them an attainable reality in the global fashion industry.

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